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Harvest Moon: A wonderful life Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: A wonderful life

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Recipes for Harvest Moon: AWL cheat for Harvest Moon: A wonderful life


Recipes for Harvest Moon: AWL

Here is a list of all the recipies in the game. It's a long list here we go:

Note: RT# indicates second generation hybrid trees. You must have Tartan the hybrid plant to get these. More information on him can be found in the cheats section. Here is also a website link for good info on Tartan: http://hmotaku.net/?m=g&g=awl&p=hybrid

Soups: /=Can be either ingredient EX: Tomato/Turnip
Earth Soup: Potato and Carrot
Fish Stew: Carrot/Turnip, Potato, and Fish
Stew: Potato, Carrot, and Milk
Yam Soup: Sweet Potato
Tomatoma Soup: Carrot and Tomato
Good Soup: Turnip, Bashota, and Fish

Light Pickles: Turnip
Tomamelo: Tomato and Melon
Marinade: Turnip, Mugwort, and Fish
Tomacarro: Carrot and Tomato
Fruit Salad: Tomato, any fruit, and any OTHER fruit
Good pickles: Trady and Cady
Pickles: Cabber
Red Salad: Tomato, Trady, and Tomaca
Potemelo: Potemelo and Fish
Mellow Salad: Melotoma, Dhilon, and RT#2

Hors d'oeuvres
Melon Pie: Melon, Egg, and Butter
Strawberry Pie: Strawberry, Egg, and Butter
Grape Pie: Grape, Egg, and Butter
Sashimi: Any kind of fish
Sashimi S: Any fish and any OTHER fish
Fried Mushrooms: Tomato, Mushroom, and Butter
Smooth Veggies: Turnip, Carrot, and Potato
Tempura: Sweet Potato, Mushroom, and any herb
Red Hot Pie: Butter, Egg, and RT#6

Strawberry Cake: Strawberry, Egg, and Butter
Fruit Punch: Any fruit, any OTHER fruit, and ANOTHER DIFFERENT fruit
Ice Cream: Brown Milk and Star Milk
Pound Cake: Milk, Egg, and Butter
Carrot Cake: Carrot, Milk and Egg
Rich Juice: Strawberry, Banana, and Star Milk
Kashry Ice Cream: Kashry, Brown Milk, and Star Milk
Veggie Cake: Tomato, Egg, and Milk
Cocktail: Berrytoma and Phuju
Sweet Cocktail: Oraphu and Gehju
Love Cocktail: Watermelon and Grapes
Phurum Jam: Phurum
Magenge Jam: Magenge
Peach Tart: Peach, Butter, and Egg
Dhibe Cake: Dhibe, Milk, and Egg
Grilled Yam: Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato, Butter, and Egg
Good Juice 1: Carrot/Tomato, any vegetable, and Orange/Apple/Grapes
Good Juice 2: 2 DIFFERENT fruits and RT#5/RT#7
Pulp Tart: Butter, Egg, and RT#1
Sour Cocktail: Grapes, and RT#9
Tropical Punch: RT#4, RT#5, and RT#7

Curry: Carrot, Potato, and Ruby Spice
Mushroom Curry: Carrot, any mushroom, and Ruby Spice
Mushroom Gratin: Any mushroom, Milk, and Butter/Cheese
Omelette: Egg and Butter
Gratin: Milk, Butter,and Cheese
Meuniere Set: Butter and Fish

Whew! Thats all the recipes in the game. Sometimes they don't work for some reason, so try again but don't run out of ingredients!

Added by: Darkrai 1994 May 19th 2007, ID#7605



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8 comments, latest first.
Jul 3rd 2014 Guest
is thiis for another wonderful life too?
ID #411499
Mar 10th 2014 Guest
For the guy that can only get soup and salad is because ur not far enough in the game for the rest. And for only 1 or 2 ingredients just press start
ID #362744
Aug 7th 2013 Guest
Hey i cant make any more than soup or salad. I will not let me. And when i just go head and use ingredients for a different dish, it turns out rotten!
ID #303241
May 27th 2013 Guest
How do I cook with only one or two ingredients? What button do I press to skip using a second or third ingredient?
ID #285762
May 13th 2013 Guest
thank for the recipes !!!
ID #282277
Jan 13th 2013 Guest
[size=16][/size] what mushroom do we use for Fried Mushrooms?
ID #242214
May 2nd 2012 Guest
My recipe options: Salad, Soup, Hor's d Oeuvres, Entrees and Desserts Disappeared. I made a lot of Sashimi though so maybe it snapped.... About 1000 more or less as I sold it at an awesome price.
ID #138852
Jun 15th 2011 Guest
strawberry cake is actually Strawberry, milk, egg
ID #49478
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