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Follow the dark path or use the light
Zoids: Legacy Pack Shot

Zoids: Legacy

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Pulse's Emotion hint for Zoids: Legacy

Pulse's Emotion

After you have destroyed the BD Headquarters, go to the lab in Sandstorm. Apparently Dr D is there. You will get Fiona's Prayer through the short clip. After that, if you go and talk to Dr D again, he can help you increase Pulse's four emotion colours by adding 5 points each time you talk to him, to a max of 99.

Added by: freezeivan
Oct 12th 2007, ID#11381


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Oct 11th 2012 Guest
Pulses emotion changes his color, but in the large post above describing him and his skills is a detailed list of what it does. Also if you go to status then pilot then zeru and press a twice, you get a status for pulse. There is a description for the builds at each level for if his emotion is one color or another. I don't remember the exact numbers for each but basically it's to define how he levels up so pick a color for how you also build zeru to compliment his stats and get the best effect from pulse.
ID #194795
Sep 19th 2011 Guest
How do I change his color to black?
ID #75470
Sep 3rd 2011 Guest
do you make the color change or does it change on its own
ID #72346
Jan 21st 2011 Guest
Organoid Skills
Organoid Skills (appears from values 01 to 19 in the addresses 020278C2
to 020278CB)

Combat Ability Enhanced = First Combat Weapon AT Power doubled after Fusion

Anti-Air Combat = First Combat Weapon Attack after fusion against Flying Type
Zoids will have 20% accuracy and 20 AT Power Points.

Armor Damage Added = First Combat Weapon attack after Fusion will have
DF Damage effect -10 DF added.

Armor Piercing Attack = First Combat Weapon Attack after Fusion will DF-Ignore
Attribute effect added.

E-Combat = First Combat Weapon Attack after Fusion will have an Freeze
Attribute effect added.

Berserk = Combat Weapons AT Power is doubled after Fusion, but causes the zoid
to act on its own control.

HP MAX UP1 = 100 to HP MAX after Fusion

HP MAX UP2 = 200 to HP MAX after Fusion

HP MAX UP3 = 300 to HP MAX after Fusion

Self-Repair1 = Auto-heals 50HP after Fusion

Self-Repair2 = Auto-heals 100HP after Fusion

Generate Healing Field = All other ally Zoids will recover HP equal to 1/2 the
HP Stat of the Organoid, in proportion to their own
Zoid HP, during Fusion.

EP MAX UP1 = 10 to EP MAX after Fusion

EP MAX UP2 = 20 to EP MAX after Fusion

EP MAX UP3 = 30 to EP MAX after Fusion

GEP UP1 = 1 to GEP after Fusion

GEP UP2 = 2 to GEP after Fusion

Generate E-Shield = Creates an E-Shield after Fusion

Extreme Reaction = 500 to IV

Extreme Acceleration = 500 to SP

Extreme Evasion = 50% Attack Avoid, but uses up 2 EP when attack evaded.
However, the Zoid acts on its own control, once attack is

Male Roar = Cause Freeze Status to one random Enemy Zoid during Fusion.

Repeated Attack = Only when the pilot has Multiple Ranged Attack skill,
increase number of Shooting attack by one after Fusion.

ZOS = ZOS 1 after Fusion. Number of actions per turn increase by 1.

ZOS2 = ZOS 2 after Fusion. Number of actions per turn increase by 2.

Additional notes
Note: The actual values from the Skills will be affected by the Stats of the
Zoid Pilot, etc, so the values added may be more.

Note: Some of these Skills are in the same Skill Set. It is possible for one
Skill in the Skill Set to overwrite those Skills in the same Skill Set.

(E.g ZOS and ZOS 2 are in the same Skill Set, GEP UP1 and GEP UP2 are in the
same Skill Set.)

(Note: For Pulse, HP MAX UP skill can sometimes revert. You can have HP MAX UP3,
and much later, it may be overwritten to HP MAX UP1. This is due to the skills
gained from Colour Points during Level up. The newer HP MAX UP Skill will
overwrite the older one. If the newer HP MAX UP is lower, it will just assume
that level, even if the older one is higher. The same will also happen for
other skills like EP MAX UP and GEP UP. This is because the skills are in the
same Skill Set. The newer skill in the Skill Set will overwrite the older one
in the same Skill Set.)

Organoid Pulse

Pulse starts at Level 1. Pulse will level up whenever Zell levels up.

Pulse starts at the following stats, and his stats gain at level up will be
dependant on his colour, here as follows:

| Base Stats | White | Red | Blue | Black |
| HP : 50 | 5 | 1 | 1 | 1 |
| AT : 30 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5 |
| SR : 30 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 |
| SP : 30 | 1 | 1 | 5 | 2 |
| DF : 30 | 2 | 5 | 1 | 1 |

Pulse's colour will be the Emotion Colour with the most points.
If a colour is tied for the highest, then the colour top-most colour will take
White > Red > Blue > Black

At each level up, skills can also be learned. The skills learnt will be
determined by the Colour Points that Pulse has. Upon gaining more points, the
skill will be gained at the following Level up.

In is the Colour Points affect the skill learnt. The present Emotion Colour
does not affect that. The present Emotion Colour will only determine the stats
gained at level up. Colour Points will determine the Emotion Colour and skills

The Maximum the Points can go to is 99. Points can only add up, not deduct.

These are the skills that can obtained once the points are reached. The skills
will be obtained at the next Level Up following the Colour Points gain.

| White |
| 5 = HP MAX UP2 |
| 6 = EP MAX UP1 |
| 9 = Self-Repair1 |
| 10 = EP MAX UP2 |
| 11 = HP MAX UP3 |
| 13 = Generate E-Shield |
| 15 = Self-Repair2 |
| 20 = Generate Healing Field |

| Red |
| 5 = Anti-Air Combat |
| 7 = Armor Damage Added |
| 8 = HP MAX UP2 |
| 9 = Armor Piercing Attack |
| 10 = Combat Ability Enhanced |
| 11 = E-Combat |
| 13 = EP MAX UP1 |
| 15 = GEP UP1 |
| 25 = Berserk |

| Blue |
| 5 = Extreme Reaction |
| 6 = Extreme Acceleration |
| 7 = GEP UP1 |
| 8 = HP MAX UP2 |
| 9 = EP MAX UP1 |
| 10 = GEP UP2 |
| 13 = Repeated Attack |
| 15 = Male Roar |
| 20 = Extreme Evasion |

| Black |
| 5 = HP MAX UP1 |
| 6 = EP MAX UP1 |
| 7 = Self-Repair 1 |
| 8 = Male Roar |
| 9 = E-Combat |
| 11 = Generate E-Shield |
| 13 = Combat Ability Enhanced |
| 20 = GEP UP2 |
| 30 = Berserk |

| Default Skills |
| Initial = HP MAX UP1 |
| Initial = EP MAX UP1 |
| Plot Event = ZOS |
| Plot Event = ZOS2 |

Some of these Skills are in the same Skill Set. If a Skill of a Skill Set already exists, and a new Skill of that Skill of that Set is Learned, the older Skill will be replaced by the newer Skill of that Set.

Note that it is possible for a lower version of a Skill to overwrite the higher version of that Skill.

(E.g. ZOS and ZOS2 are in the same Skill Set. HP MAX UP1 and HP MAX UP2 are in the same Skill Set.)
(E.g. You already have HP MAX UP 2. You later gain HP MAX UP 1. The newer one will overwrite the older one, even though the older skill is higher.)

Pulse can only learn 10 Skills at the most. He will not learn any more new Skills after he has learnt 10 Skills.

Also refer to the Secrets section for effective methods to level up Pulse.
ID #26216
Jan 13th 2011 Guest
1)white is recover power
ID #25265
Aug 12th 2010 Guest
What do the different emotions do?(what does blue,red,white and black do or are they just to make pulse look good? Or do they affect Z.O.S?)
ID #8518
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