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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town


O.k I seriously need help I saved over my old file..

gamer_mad asks: Added Jun 20th 2005, ID #31017

Question for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

O.k I seriously need help I saved over my old file accidently and had to start over

I need to know where popuris heart events are

Where the rival heart events are

The locations of the jewel of truth
(i have four already and I know you buy one of won but I can't get enough money)

Could you also please tell me how many times you can upgrade your house i've upgraded mine once now

I have the kitchen and some utensils I only know how to make toast and moon dumplings can you give me more recipes

How many hearts do your chickens need to give you better quality eggs

When does your horse grow up

How much does it cost for saibara to make the makers for you and what level of the winter mine do I get the ore for it

I know I have a lot of questions but could somebody please, please answer them a.s.a.p as I really need them

Thank you very much

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the1youluv answered:
Added 20th Jun 2005, ID #59455
1. Sorry, I only know the Rival Events.

Get other people married. I have everyone married except the harvest goddess because she can only marry you. They have to have had all of there heart events happen. After the last heart event the wedding will be in 7 days. If you are good enough friends with the groom you will be invited. That will cause you to loose the day but nice enough. If you arent invited you can go anyway and they will have alot of message errors and the groom will try to make up an excuse as to why you weren't invited. Also you will get to party with them if you are finished with your work.

For ann if your her heart is black for you then

In the Inn go to the second floor
Spring (first year) is better, Summer ONLY FIRST WEEK, Autumn,
Time: 6pm to 9 pm

Only if her heart is black or blue.
Spring, or summer only. NOT in Autumn
Rainy day
At the Church
Time: 11:00am to 4:00pm
Any day except Saturday.

Anns heart can be black blue or green
Saturdays only, between 10am and 1pm
Any season, and I don't think that weather matters
At the Inn, as you enter
This event happens only happens if cliff is in the village after first year (only if you invited him to the 1st year autumn event at
The winery!)

Ann can have any color heart except red.Orange or below.
You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
In the cellar of the winery shop, where Cliff spends some of his time
Any season
Time: between 10am and 1pm
Any day of the week, except for Saturdays

For Elli
At the clinic
Any day, except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays
In the first year and after
Time: Between 9 am and 7 pm.
First year and after
Ellen's house
Time: Mondays only, between 9am and 7pm.
Only in year 2 of the game and after
At the Clinic
Thursday between 9am and 7pm
You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
At the beach, on a sunny day
Time: Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 10:00pm only

At the hot spring (harvest Goddess pond)
In the first year and after
The weather MUST be sunny
Time: Wednesday to Saturday, 11:00am to 6:00pm.
To trigger this event you have to enter the Hot Spring (HG pond)
Screen FROM THE SPRING MINE. And you can't have anything in your hand.
First year and after
Outside Gotz's house (in the field behind the house)
Weather needs to be sunny
Time: Mondays and Sundays from 11:00am to 6:00pm.
The event will NOT trigger in Spring
Cant becoming from the spring or your farm.
Only in year 2 of the game and after
At the hot spring (harvest Goddess pond)
To trigger this event you have to enter the Hot Spring
Screen from the spring mine again. Sunny days only
Time: Wednesdays and Fridays only from 11:00am to 6:00pm
You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
At the Poultry Farm, on a sunny day, only
Popuri has to be married(either with Kai, or with you)
Time: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm

At Saibara's blacksmith shop
In the first year and after
The weather MUST be sunny
Time: Mondays only, 10 am. To 1 pm.
First year and after
At the Library
Time: Any day except Mondays, from 1.00 pm. To 4.00 pm.
Green(this one took me awhile)
Only in year 2 of the game and after
At the summit of Mother's Hill
Sunny days only
Time: Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, only between 7am and 10am
You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
At the Library
Weather or season do not seem important
Time: Fridays and Saturdays, from 1.00 pm. To 4.00 pm.

Black(takes place inside kai's shop)
In the first year and after
The weather MUST be sunny
Time: Sundays only, from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
Blue(takes place inside kai's shop)
First year and after
Weather must be sunny
Time: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, from 9:00am to 7:00pm
Green(takes place inside kai's shop)
Only in year 2 of the game and after
The weather MUST be sunny
Time: Sundays only, from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
You have to be in year 4 of the game or later
At the Poultry Farm (inside the farm)
The weather MUST be sunny
Time: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, from 9:00am to 7:00pm

On the dog house at your farm.
2nd floor of Mary's Library --- Middle of the three shelves ---
In your horses stable, look in the trough
50,000G in Won's Shop
The lamp post between The Church and Rose Square
Play the New Years Game Show in the Town Cottage --- Town Cottage costs 100,000,000 ---
Drops from the Calendar in the Mountain Cottage --- Mountain Cottage is given to you by your wife after 50 happy years together! ---
In the Mayor's refrigerator when you the other 8 in your Rucksack

You upgrade your house 2 times --- You have to upgrage both times to get married ---

Mayonnasie (s) = Reglar Egg + Oil + Vinegar + Whisk
Mayonnasie (m) = Good Egg + Oil + Vinergar + Whisk
Mayonnasie (l) = High Quality Egg + Oil + Vinegar +
Mayonnasie (g) = Gold Egg + Oil + Vinegar + Whisk
Mayonnasie (p) = P Egg + Oil + Vinegar + Whisk
Mayonnasie (x) = X Egg + Oil + Vinegar + Whisk /////
Mayonnaise (s) +
Mayonnaise (m) + Mayonnaise (l) + Mayonnaise (g) +
Mayonnaise (p)
X Egg = Regular Egg + Good Egg + High Quality Egg +
Gold Egg + P Egg
Milk (x) = Milk (s) + Milk (m) + Milk (l) + Milk (g) +
Milk (p)
Cheese (x) = Cheese (s) + Cheese (m) + Cheese (l) +
Cheese (g) + Cheese (p)
Wild Grape Juice = Wild Grape + Wine + Purple Grass +
Pickles = Cucumber + Salt
Salad = Cucumber + Knife ///// Tomato + Knife /////
Carrot + Knife /////
Cabbage + Knife
Curry Rice = Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot
Stew = Flour + Milk (s) + Salt + Pot
Miso Soup = Miso + Salt + (ANY VEGATABLE) + Pot
Stir Fry = Cabbage + Oil + Soy Sauce + Knife + Frying
Fried Rice = Rice Balls + Oil + Egg (s) + Frying Pan
Savory Pancake = Cabbage + Oil + Flour + Egg (s) +
Frying Pan + Knife
Sandwitch = Tomato + Bread + Knife ///// Cucumber +
Bread + Knife ///// Cooked
Egg + Bread + Knife
Fruit Juice = Apple + Mixer ///// Apple + Grape Juice
+ Honey + Pinapple + Milk
(l) + Sugar + Mixer ///// Strawberry + Mixer
Fruit Latte = Fruit Juice + Milk (s) + Mixer
Veggie Juice = Cucumber + Mixer ///// Cabbage + Mixer
Mixed Juice = (ANY FRUIT) + (ANY VEGATABLE) + Mixer
///// Fruit Juice + Veggie
Juice + Mixer
Mixed Latte = Milk (s) + (ANY FRUIT) + (ANY VEGATABLE)
+ Mixer ///// Milk (s) +
Mixed Juice + Mixer ///// Milk (s) + Fruit Juice +
Veggie Juice + Mixer
Pickled Turnips = Turnip + Vinegar + Knife
French Fries = Potato + Oil + Frying Pan + Knife
Strawberry Jam = Strawberry + Sugar + Pot
Strawberry Milk = Strawberry + Milk (s) + Mixer
Tomato Juice = Tomato + Salt + Mixer
Ketchup = Tomato + Onion + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar +
Popcorn = Corn + Frying Pan
Corn Flakes = Corn + Rolling Pin + Oven ///// Corn +
Rolling Pin + Frying Pan
Baked Corn = Corn + Oven
Pineapple Juice = Pineapple + Mixer
Pumpkin Pudding = Egg (s) + Milk (s) + Pumpkin + Sugar
+ Pot + Oven
Pumpkin Stew = Pumpkin + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Pot
Happy Eggplant = Eggplant + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Miso +
Frying Pan
Sweet Potatoes = Butter + Egg (s) + Sweet Potato +
Sugar + Pot + Oven
Baked Sweet Potatoes = Sweet Potato + Oven ///// Sweet
Potato + Butter + Stone
+ Sugar + Salt + Oven
Greens = Spinich + Soy Sauce + Pot
Scrambled Eggs = Egg (s) + Oil + Frying Pan
Omelet = Egg (s) + Oil + Milk (s) + Frying Pan
Omelet Rice = Egg (s) + Oil + Milk (s) + Rice Balls +
Frying Pan
Boiled Egg = Egg (s) + Pot
Pudding = Egg (s) + Milk (s) + Sugar + Pot + Oven
Hot Milk = Milk (s) + Sugar + Pot
Butter = Milk (s) + Mixer
Cheese Cake = Cheese (s) + Egg (s) + Milk (s) + Sugar
+ Whisk + Pot + Oven
Cheese Fondue = Cheese (s) + Bread + Pot
Apple Pie = Apple + Egg (s) + Butter + Flour + Sugar +
Knife + Pot + Rolling
Pin + Oven
Apple Jam = Apple + Sugar + Pot
Apple Souffle = Apple + Frying Pan ///// SUGDW Apple +
Frying Pan ///// HMSGB
Apple + Frying Pan ///// AEPFE Apple + Frying Pan
Bamboo Rice = Bamboo Shoot + Rice Balls
Grape Jam = Wild Grape + Sugar + Pot
Grape Juice = Wild Grapes + Honey + Salt + Mixer /////
Wild Grapes + Salt +
Mixer ///// Wild Grapes + Honey + Sugar + Mixer /////
Wild Grapes + Sugar +
Mushroom Rice = Mushroom + Rice Balls
Truffle Rice = Truffle + Rice Balls
Sushi = Sashimi + Vinegar + Rice Balls
Jam Bun = Apple Jam + Bread ///// Strawberry Jam +
Dinner Roll = Bread + Butter
Raisin Bread = Bread + Wild Grapes
Curry Bread = Bread + Curry Powder + Oil + Frying Pan
Toast = Bread + Oven
French Toast = Bread + Egg (s) + Sugar + Oil + Frying
Sashimi = Fish (m) + Knife ///// Fish (l) + Knife
Grilled Fish = Fish (m) + Oil + Salt + Soy Sauce +
Frying Pan
Chirashi Sushi = Scrambled Eggs + Sashimi + Vinegar +
Rice Balls + Knife
Pizza = Cheese (s) + Flour + Ketchup + Rolling Pin +
Noodles = Flour + Pot + Knife + Rolling Pin
Curry Noodles = Noodles + Curry Powder + Pot
Tempura Noodles = Tempura + Noodles + Pot ///// Flour
+ Tempura + Pot + Rolling
Pin + Knife
Fried Noodles = Noodles + Oil + Egg (s) + Frying Pan
Buckwheat Noodles = Buckwheat Flour + Egg (s) + Knife
+ Rolling Pin + Pot
Noodles w/Tempura = Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles + Pot
///// Buckwheat Flour +
Tempura + Pot + Knife + Rolling Pin
Fried Noodles = Buckwheat Noodles + Egg (s) + Oil +
Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce
+ Frying Pan
Buckwheat Chips = Buckwheat Noodles + Pot
Tempura = Flour + Egg (s) + Oil + (ANY VEGATABLE) +
Frying Pan
Mountain Stew = Carrot + Mushroom + Bamboo Shoots +
Sugar + Soy Sauce + Knife +
Moon Dumpling = Dumpling Powder + Sugar
Roasted Rice Cake = Rice Cake + Soy Sauce + Oven
Toasted Rice Balls = Rice Balls + Soy Sauce + Oven
Rice Gruel = Rice Balls + Salt + Pot
Tempura Rice = Rice Balls + Salt + Tempura
Egg Over Rice = Egg (s) + Rice Balls + Salt + Soy
Sauce + Pot
Candied Potato = Sweet Potato + Honey + Sugar + Pot
Potato Pancakes = Potato + Onion + Egg (s) + Oil +
Flour + Salt + Knife +
Frying Pan
Fish Sticks = Fish (m) + Salt + Mixer
Cookies = Flour + Egg (s) + Butter + Oven + Sugar +
Rolling Pin
Chocolate Cookies = Flour + Egg (s) + Chocolates +
Butter + Sugar + Oven +
Rolling Pin
Ice Cream = Milk (s) + Egg (s) + Sugar + Whisk + Pot
Cake = Butter + Flour + Egg (s) + Sugar + Whisk + Oven
Chocolate Cake = Choclates + Butter + Flour + Egg (s) +
Sugar + Whisk + Oven
Pancakes = Flour + Oil + Butter + Egg (s) + Milk (s) +
Honey + Sugar + Whisk + Frying Pan
Relaxation Tea = Relax Tea Leaves + Pot
SUGDW Apple = Apple + HMSGB Apple + AEPFE Apple
HMSGB Apple = Apple + SUGDW Apple + AEPFE Apple
AEPFE Apple = Apple + HMSGB Apple + SUGDW Apple
Bodigizer = Honey + Orange Grass + Black Grass + Red
Magic Grass + Pot
Bodigizer XL = Bidigizer + Blue Grass + Mixer
Turbojolt = Honey + Orange Grass + White Grass + Red
Magic Flower + Pot
Turbojolt XL = Turbojolt + Green Grass + Mixer
Relax Tea Leaves = Red Grass + Orange Grass + Yellow
Grass + Green Grass +
Purple Grass + Blue Grass + Indigo Grass + Weed +
Frying Pan + Knife
Elli Leaves = 6 Different Types Of Burnt Food +
Bodigizer XL + Turbojolt XL +
Knife + Frying Pan + Oven + Sugar + Pot + Salt +
Vinegar + Miso + Soy Sauce
Spring Sun = Blue Magic Grass + Red Magic Gass +
Moondrop Flower + Pinkcat
Flower + Toy Flower
Summer Sun = Fish (s) + Fish (m) + Fish (l) + Fossil
Of Ancient Fish + Pirate
Autumn Sun = Cheese (x) + Mayonaise (x) + Egg (x) +
Milk (x) + Wool (x) + Yarn
Winter Sun = Alexandrite + Diamond + Emerald +
Moonstone + Pink Diamond +
Mythic Stone + Sand Rose

I think that they need 3-4 hearts to get them to make better eggs --- Also, if your chickens make High Quality Eggs, if they win the Chicken Festival they can make Golden Eggs! This can happen with the Cows and Sheep too only they will make Golden Wool and Golden Milk! ---

It takes about 1 year for it to become an adult. If it loves you enough ((( 9-10 hearts))) Barly will let you keep the horse. --- When it is an adult, it will help you harvest!!! You bring shipable items to the horse and press the A button! And it will ship them for you! WARNING! --- If the horse doesn't have a music note above his head when you give him the item, you just through it on the ground.

I think it costs 20,000G but it is soooo worth it! You can find the the ore for it on level 12 or 13 in the Spring Mine. After you get him to make you it, you can have Mayo, Cheese and Yarn! It sells for more Money $$$ and you can have Ellen Make you a Sock for Winter 25th, You know what that means! PRESANTS!!!

I am happy to help you after you accidently re-set it!
By the way..... I coppied and pasted some of that info so thank you to anyone who wrote some of that stuff!

Your Welcome!

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