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LV UP faster CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. If you get exp.share put it on a Pokemon then use the Pokemon that has it on you get double the exp from the Pokemon that your vs if you don't belive me vs a roseala a wild roseala give your Pokemon 250.

Added 5 Nov 2006, ID #9622, by R.T.Sdrgn
Ask.com and get

Don't use the daycare for your main pokemon!

Most of you probably don't realize that Pokemon will not be as strong if you raise them mainly by daycare. The daycare teaches the pokemon's gained-by-level moves randomly, and it's best if you chose them instead. Also, a Pokemon will not evolve in daycare. When a Pokemon doesn't evolve, it may not learn moves that it should've learned at it's evolved forms. So basically, it's ok to train a Pokemon in the daycare, but they may be weaker than usual. Be wise with your Daycare choices,

Added 2 Nov 2006, ID #9590, by AddictedToZelda

Catching Latios Or Latias(sp? And I forgot which was on each gam

Well, To catch one of the birds easily, Is by encountering it once around where sootpilis city(sp?) and where you face the elite four. Once you do that, Latios Or Latias keeps changing for every step you make, So just pull out your pokedex and search for it in the search system thingy.

Hope this helps,


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Added 25 Oct 2006, ID #9527, by Tyraness

How to get Shedinja

Well some people might not know this Pokemon but this is how you get him well all you have to do is catch a nincada and have at least one pokeball and five Pokemon in your party. Then when you evolve your nincada you will get ninjask and the shedinja. Well there you have it that is how you get him hoped I helped some body.

Added 23 Oct 2006, ID #9517, by clue less 07

Ball cheats

Ok heres some cheats I have tried:

Hold ab... does not work..... hold b and tap down works very easy tap b the a the push kindy of slow up right down left it takes a some time to master but works every time hold a does not work press l1 or r1 does not work...!

The easiest one to do is to hold b and press down by nightwing.


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Added 16 Oct 2006, ID #9494, by nitghwing

Elite 4

The elite 4 is very easy to beat, if you can't beat them I would suggest using a lvl. 60 groudon


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Added 11 Oct 2006, ID #9457, by cafe


Trade a bellossom to someone in pacifidilog

Added 6 Oct 2006, ID #9420, by tristan45457


I have quite a few berry tips. Here they are:
Berry Tip #1-I hate when I run out of pp durring a battle, don't you?To prevent this grow LOTS of Leppa Berries.
#2-When you plant a berry, keep on watering it for 5 minutes every hour for 2 hours. When you are able to pick it you should have a large amount.
#3-Whenever you see a berry bush pick them and plant more.Do like berry Tip #2.
#4-A good tip is if you have more than one berry you want to plant(ex.Leppa Berry x 2)plant 2 of them right next to each other.You will get more this way.

If These tips helped you please rate this cheat.

Added 6 Oct 2006, ID #9419, by bagon99

How to get to Rayquaza easily

Okay, this is how it works. It's not hard at all. Go to the Sky Pillar after you crush the Elite Four, (there not as elite as you!!!) go to the second story, and use TM28 Dig!!!! It will take you straght to Rayquaza!!! I did this on my Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Added 1 Oct 2006, ID #9344, by apple from pallet

Catching Rayqaza Glitch

When you try to catch Rayqaza make sure you have atleast one or two Pokemon spots open on youre team, and 50 ultra balls. If you have that Raqaza will be easier to catch.


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Added 1 Oct 2006, ID #9342, by blackshadow

Easy rayquaza

When you encounter Rayqaza in the sky temple, here's a glitch that makes him
(or her) easier to catch. When you see him make sure you have one or two spots on youre team, battle him and mak his hp go really low,then throw from five to twenty ultra balls, if done corectly you will have a rayqaza, and you wont have to spend all youre ultra balls on one pokemon.


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Added 30 Sep 2006, ID #9331, by blackshadow


There is no way anyone can get bonsly, lucario, or mime jr. Otherwise there would be extra space in the DEX and if there was the only way to get it would be action replay which is nearly impossible to find the code.


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Added 24 Sep 2006, ID #9289, by rafizzle6


You can do mystery event but you have 2 go 2 petalburg city and into the Pokemon center. There'll be a guy nexto the PC and hell ask 2 see you're profile. Say yes and then edit it then type in:


And you'll get it. You have 2 use link cable for it. And you can get msterballs in there but you have 2 win the lottery in Lilycove city. Trade a lot and u'll have a bigger chance of winning.

your welcome.


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Added 23 Sep 2006, ID #9283, by rafizzle6

No can do

Lots of people ask if they can get two master balls easy without cheating. There is no way that can happen unless you have a action replay. Crystal has it were you can win one at the radio tower.

Added 19 Sep 2006, ID #9258, by zhangziyi777


A bunch of you are probably wondering:
I've heard about mystery island, but just HOW do I get there?
Its easy.
There is no cheat for Mystery Island, unless it's Gameshark.
Trade with as many people as possible.
Then get traded Pokemon in your party.
Go to the old man in the house in Pacifidlog ( for those who don't know where it is, surf south of Sootopolis and go West)
And see if he tells you if he can see Mystery Island.
If he can... YAY!!! You've got a rare berry and a buch of Wynauts!!!
If he doesn't... AWWW! Too bad! Try tommorow... Or the next day ... Or the next day...
Because the guy is assinged a 2 digit number daily and if it matches any 2 digits touching in any of your pokemon's ID number, Youve got Mystery Island... If he doesn't... Remember, you'll get it eventually. ( I still haven't, a friend told me this and it works)

Added 18 Sep 2006, ID #9253, by kapital

How to get all 3 starting pokemon!!!

Important note: you will need two gameboys, two game cartridges and a link cable for this

First start a new game on both gameboys on one of the gameboys play through the story untill you get to oldale town go into the Pokemon center and up to the top and wait by the trade person.

On the other gameboy play through the story (choosing a different starting Pokemon to the one you chose on the other gameboy) until you get to the part where may (or brendan) gives you 5 pokeballs go out and catch two Pokemon then go to oldale town go into the Pokemon centre and up to the top to the trade person.

On both gameboys talk to her (make sure you have your link cable in!!) then on the gameboy you only have your starting Pokemon on trade it with another pokemon(apart from the starting pokemon) thenturn off your gameboy.

(The one with only the one Pokemon on) and turn it on again do the same as before but this time choose the last pokemon(the one you didnt choose on both gameboys).


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Added 13 Sep 2006, ID #9203, by adzie234

Mudkip is one of the Best!

Forget all the people who say 'Torchic is the best starter'. Sure, Torchic evolves into one of the best, in my terms, but what about the other two?

This is all about Mudkip. People say Mudkip is okay, but trust me, Mudkip is best for those who want a challenge. It turns into a Water/Ground Type, good against Electric types. And I believe it is one of the only Pokemon to learn Muddy Water (the animation is like surf, only, well, muddy). My Swampert, aptly named Sango, from the Inuyasha series, has a Brave Nature with high attack but low speed.

Mudkip gains the ground type when evolving into Marshtomp at lvl 16. I easily defeated the first Gym with only Mudkip, before I evolved it. The second Gym, I weakened Brawly's Pokemon with my Flying types Taillow and Wingull, then sent in Sango for the rest. I took out Wattson with the help of Mudshot, a Ground type move that lowers Speed sometimes. I suggest teaching it Ice Beam, and now Swampert has no enemies from the Grass types. I also handled Norman by training hard with Sango. Flannery was no problem, and so was Winona with Ice Beam at disposal.

So before leaping for the other two, think about the cute little Water type that gains powerful assets!



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Added 28 Aug 2006, ID #9097, by latiasfinder

Side jump with the acro bike

If you want to jump by side just follow these instrutions:

1. First use the acro bike
2. Press start
3. If you are looking right or left, hold the up or down button and if you where looking up or down, hold the right or left button
4. Press B button and then you will jump by side

Added 28 Aug 2006, ID #9094, by c j


Take your Pokemon from Fire Red/ Leaf Green such as : Blastiose,Chardzard, and Vensaur. Put one of these Pokemon in with a ditto an you will get the first elove of one of these Pokemon. I got all three. Me in my brother.


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Added 27 Aug 2006, ID #9093, by Jayj jet

The Best Pokemon Catcher- Shroomish/Breloom

YES. Shroomish (or Breloom) is the best Pokemon catcher ever.

First, you need a male Zangoose that knows False Swipe (an attack that will leave at least 1 hp) and a female Seedot. Put both of them in a Daycare center and wait until they lay an egg.
After the egg hatches, it should be a "MALE" Seedot with a False Swipe. If it's female, breed again.
Once you get a male Seedot with a False Swipe, now get a female Shroomish and breed them. Now you have a Shroomish with a False Swipe!!
*I recommend you keep breeding the Seedot and Shroomish until the Shroomish has a good personality. Bold is not good.
Bold personality raises Defense and decreases Attack when it levels up. Look at the personality chart available in Upnetwork.net for more info.

Now you need to get your Shroomish to level 54, WITHOUT evolving it.
(Let it hold Exp. Share and run through Elite Four)
Shroomish tries to evolve into Breloom once you get it to become level 23. *If you let it evolve, it will not learn Spore!!*

Once it has reached level 54, it will learn Spore - 100% of causing sleeping.
Now you can let your Shroomish evolve. I recommend that you do since Breloom gets alot of attack points whenever it levels up.

There you have it. Your own Breloom with False Swipe and Spore.

Let me explain a bit more.

Say you're catching the Regis.
Get your Strong Pokemon out and reduce the Regi's HP less than half.
Now get your Breloom out and use False Swipe until you leave it with 1 Hp point. Now use SPORE! It's not like Sing, or Hypnosis with has a poor chance of causing sleep. Spore, unlike them, has 100% of causing sleep excluding having accuracy points down or your enemy raising it's evasiveness. Now your Regi has 1 Hp point and it's sleeping!
Use Whatever pokeballs, and you catch it!

Breloom with False Swipe and Spore is the Ulitmate Pokemon Catcher there is. Make one yourself!

Here are attacks I prefer;

Giga Drain
Brick Break
False Swipe

Some people say it's better to teach it Focus Punch since you have Spore, but I just like to have Brick Break..

You can let it have any attack and remember not to delete Spore and False Swipe!
You can also take your Breloom to the Move Tutor with Heart Scales and see if you can teach your Breloom Sky Uppercut and stuff.. I'm not sure if you can. ;;

There you go. E-Mail me if you have any other questions. It is q12p6@yahoo.com

Reasons why Breloom is better than Zangoose, or any other pokemons:

Breloom has a SPORE & a False Swipe.. Enough said.


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Added 26 Aug 2006, ID #9092, by bagon99
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