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Braille puzzles for regis

Registeel: fly in the middle of the room.
Regice: Wait,but don't go in when it opens, just go out then in again and go in.
Regirock: Go Right,Right,Down,Down then use strength.

My friend told me to go out then in again on regice, i'm not sure if it's true.

Regis for me were all level 40 and regirock took most balls to catch, regice was hardest to harm and registeel was balanced between both.

Added 5 Feb 2007, ID #10250, by boney100 and get


Activate a cheat from the opposite version (Saphire to Ruby and vise virsa) on vol. 1 for Pokemon in PC and a Bad EGG will appear instead of the Pokemon chosen.

It will only eat Pokemon if you have or put a Pokemon in slot 1 of box 1. This might work, if it doesn't. Then it can't be helped.

P.S. Usually the first one obtained will have Pokerus.


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Added 28 Jan 2007, ID #10225, by S.T.U.L.F.Cheatachao

No starter Pokemon is best

All three were made so you can choose what you like best, NONE of them are the best because different types are better against different Pokemon, all 3 are good.


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Added 23 Jan 2007, ID #10195, by boney100

Easy free stuff

An easy way to get free items on Pokemon ruby(don't know if it works on sapphire too)is to catch a zigzagzoon at the beginning of the game as soon as you get the chance and keep it in your party. If you walk around a lot and check back often then he\she will most likely have items on it. You cannot equip anything to them if you want this cheat to work, but you can get anything from pokeballs to super potions this way. And a side note. It doesn't matter if your zigzagzoon evolves if the cheat worked in the first place. It will keep picking stuff up at random.

Added 16 Jan 2007, ID #10160, by HellCat16

Truth about national dex completion

You don't get anything special for completing your pokedex or national dex you get a piece of paper saying you completd your national dex and the same thing for your hoenn dex.


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Added 9 Jan 2007, ID #10138, by greg#25

Wild Pokemon Items

I've organized a list of items you can steal from wild Pokemon with Thief or Knock Off

Blue Shard- Clamperl (1/48, give or take)
Yellow Shard- Chinchou (very rare)
Green Shard- Relicanth (rare)
Red Shard- Corsola (rare)

Heart Scale- Luvdisc (uncommon)
Dragon Scale- Horsea (rare), Bagon (rare/very rare)
Rawst Berry- Numel, Vulpix (sometimes)
Sun Stone- Solrock (rare/sometimes)
Moon Stone- Lunatone (rare/sometimes)(Lunatone are not found in Ruby)

Locations of above Pokemon:
Clamperl,Relicanth,Chinchou: all three are found outside the underwater entrance of Sootopolis
Corsola,Luvdisc: top of waterfall by Evergrande PokeCenter (fish)
Horsea: route with strong current west of Pacifidlog (fish with Good Rod)
Bagon, Solrock: Meteor Falls
Numel: Fiery Path and grass near it's ends (i think there's more)
Vulpix: Mt.Pyre (outside)

Added 1 Jan 2007, ID #10082, by PurpleLugia

Awsome attack

If you have groudon and you have solerbeam teach him solerbeam because his special power makes it sunny out and allows him to use solerbeam, an attack with 120 power and 100 accuracy with no downside to be instant intead of a two turn attack (this is especially usefull for when your opponent uses a water type pokemon).


Where to find Bagon

Because I see this question so much, I'm going to post it here.

Bagon is found in a small room deep within Meteor Falls on Rte 114. It's also where you get TM02 (Dragon Claw). Bagon will appear at Lv:25, Lv:30, or Lv:35. You will need Surf and Waterfall to get there.

Added 22 Dec 2006, ID #9970, by Master Volthawk

For all you feebas wanters, feebas only appears on six tiles out of hundreds of tiles. Its best to use a super rod.Catch about 5 Pokemon then move on.

Added 21 Dec 2006, ID #9954, by chaizard16

Battle loads {repeat cheat}

There are t.v interviewers that give you fight on route 111 on the othere side of the rocks there names are gabby and t.y once you battle them you can do it again by going to mauville city and going left from the Pokemon centre and surfing accross.

And they will be there. Another time you can fight them is on route 120

It worked for me it's easier to raise Pokemon if you like to battle all the time.


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Added 21 Dec 2006, ID #9953, by rozza1234

Advice on changing name

If you have a code to change your players name, catch Pokemon with one name, and raise them with the other name, this way they will be getting boosted experience.


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Added 20 Dec 2006, ID #9944, by atlbraves13

Shiny Camerupt

1. Bring a Pokemon that know sweet scent(eg:oddish)
2. Go to fiery path
3. Go in front of the second boulder you met
4. Use sweet scent untill you found a grey numel
5. Train it to level 30+

Added 13 Dec 2006, ID #9905, by Dotaitos vs Enperuto

How to get entei,suicune,rikou,tyranitar,hooh and more

You can only do this if you have Pokemon colosseum a gamecube and a connecter to connect your gameboy to your gamecube now you can trade any Pokemon you want as long as they are not shadow Pokemon if you have it you know what I'm talking about you can also battle each other but thats something else you can only get hooh if you you purify all the shadow Pokemon you have

Added 11 Dec 2006, ID #9900, by brianodv

The best team

Start with mudkip and train him up 2 a good level.
Also catch a poochyena and evolve him to michyena, train him good to.
Do the first gym then catch a aron in the cave in dewford. Train him to about level 25.
Then go to slateport and do the stuff there
Catch a zangoose when you can and train him
Thwn catc a trapinch and evolve him to flygon
Catch groundon but done use master ball so you can replace the weakest of the above with reyquazza

Do it lol


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Added 10 Dec 2006, ID #9892, by the_fat_man

The Daycare Center

Let the truth be known, it's easy to walk around and work up a pokémon in the Daycare center, but there is a downside to the hole Daycare all together, one reason is they don't teach your pokémon moves, they let them level up without deleting what you want gone of course, but some may thing it is easier, maybe it is, but if you want your pokémon the way you want it, work it up yourself, the Daycare isn't the correct choice, but it is alright to just mate your pokémon there, say you have a Ditto, place a pokémon with it and you get a egg, and then take out the pokémon that isn't a Ditto. It will do the Ditto no harm since all it learns and knows is Transform.

Added 3 Dec 2006, ID #9795, by Aeon-Flux

Only in Ruby

The following appear in Pokemon Ruby but not in Sapphire:

Latios (w/o using Southern Island)


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Added 1 Dec 2006, ID #9785, by Master Volthawk

Get Corsola w/o losing your precious Bellosom

Corsola can be caught by fishing on Rte. 128 and in the water in Ever Grande City with a Super Rod. If you're lucky, you may get one holding a Red Shard, which can be traded for a Fire Stone. If you're EXTREMELY lucky, you might even find a Blue Corsola!

Added 28 Nov 2006, ID #9757, by Master Volthawk

How to get master ball

Go to team magma base then keep worping untill you find 4 pokeballs.2 will be eletrodes,1 will be master ball and the other 1 will be pp max.
Works on ruby,sapphie and emerald.

Added 27 Nov 2006, ID #9747, by dansawdust

How to catch rayquaza without master ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To catch rayquaza without the master ball I got him in the red zone health then I got a Pokemon with a move that raises your chances of your opponent missing E.G. Double team,sand attack Etc,Etc.then I waited a couple of turns then I used a Timer Ball which you can get in rustboro city.I had to buy 10 though.i also saved before hand. Good luck future Pokemon Masters.P.S. I'm not lying because I used Master Ball on Groudon by accident.

Added 23 Nov 2006, ID #9723, by Grandia expert 1995

How to easly catch registeel

This "cheat" worked for me but unless you do it pricesley it will not work.
Catch groudon and don't train it or it's attacks become to strong, battle registeel and use earthquake.

If done right this should make ta hp level of registeel barely unseeable and hopefuly it will use it's superpower (weakening it) enough that you can catch it with one great or ultra ball.

Congrats you have a registeel.

P.s: preferably a great ball.


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Added 15 Nov 2006, ID #9683, by pokeclue
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