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unlocking the SECOND door of the REGI caves!!! amendment!!!

The way to unlock the regis is different in Emerald, so I have put the way to unlock them in the hint pages for that game! Go... Find!

This is an amendment to my previous hint on how to unlock the regis. This just tells you how to open the caves they are in... (after diving west of pacifidlog and using relicanth and wailord...) it just tells you how to unlock the second door in the 3 regi caves... You have to have already unlocked the first door...

Regirock (in the desert): read the braille. Go two steps right, two steps down and then use Strength.

Regice: (route 105, north of mauville on a sandbar) read the braille... Just wait. Don't move... Even if it takes a couple of minutes. Don't press any buttons. Then the door will open.

Registeel: (Route 120,west of Lilycove city) read the braille. Head to the exact center of the room and use fly.

By the way, another amendment... In Ruby/Sapphire, when you dive west of Pacifidlog, and use relicanth and wailord... Put Relicanth in 1st place in your party, and Wailord in 6th place... In Emerald, it's the other way around!


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Added 24 Jan 2008, ID #11720, by mitsu
Ask.com and get

Lower Stats

I hate how everyone is saying that If you put a Pokemon in the Daycare and run up and down that slope forever they get to level 100 faster or just Give it Rare Candies.It works but there stats are lower than if you just train them the old fashioned way.People are just being to lazy to train.

Added 18 Nov 2007, ID #11513, by GameMasterDMB

How to catch the Regis

Ok, First of all, you will need to catcha Relicanth and a Wailord. Once you have them you can open the paths to the Regis. Firstly, go to route 134. If you search the bottom part of the route, you will eventually find a place where you can dive. It may take a while to find. Once there, dive down and follow the passage. At the end, you will find a block with some braille. Stand right in fron tof the braille and then surface. If you've done it right, you will find yourself in the sealed chamber. Go to the far end and then have any of your pokémon use Dig. A new path will then open. Follow it into a new room. Now pace Relicanth in the first slot of your party and Wailord in the sixth slot. Then read the braille at the very end of the room. This should cause the caves where the Regi's sleep to open, but it's not over yet.

Regirock has very high physical defence. Pick on the special defence to weaken it but avoid super effective hits as you might KO it by accident. A good status attack such as Spore, Hypnosis or Thunder Wave will also help you out

While Regirock had high Defence, Regice has high Special Defence. hit it will physical attacks. Avoid Rock, fighting or steel, as you'll likely KO it. A good status attack such as Spore, Hypnosis or Thunder Wave will also help you out.

Both Registeel's Defences are about equal and very high. It will be a lengthy battle. You may need to use haze if it starts to curse. Being a steel type, it has numerous resistances. Try using moves of the electric and water type, since Steel types don't resist them,but are not weak to them either. A good status attack such as Spore, Hypnosis or Thunder Wave will also help you out.

Added 10 Nov 2007, ID #11485, by chazyjayhead123

Mirage island is extremely difficult to get, but do not be fooled by people the only Pokemon on the island are Waknuks (which is Wobbuffets first form) there is no other Pokemon on the island althought the Waknuks levels range from 2-50 if I am not mistaken.

Added 22 Oct 2007, ID #11412, by winterburn

Hey maney people do no this but if you don't then well here it is after you defeat the elite four a new place comes avalible to go to it's called the sky pillar it is located north east of Pacifidlog town at the top of the sky pillar there will be Rayquaza he is a very powerful rare Pokemon you can only battle him once so save before entering the battle (you will see him at level 70)

Added 22 Oct 2007, ID #11409, by winterburn

When I was younger I geuss I would had been about 10 mabe 11 I started playing Pokemon ruby. I started with torchic. Not long after I let my friend barrow the game, he "Accidentally" saved the game, so not to long ago I made a new game and I sarted with treecko and I would deffinitly recommend starting with treecko in my opinion it made things much easier. Also at the end most people have trouble catching latios or if your like me you som how missed the master ball hahaha. But to catch latios I would suggest using wobbufet because he has a special effect to that the opposing Pokemon canntot escape so just use him at about level 50 or so and you'll be fine just make sure you have a abotu 20 to 30 ultraballs, good luck.


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Added 22 Oct 2007, ID #11408, by winterburn

Catching Latios and Latias

First go to route 126 and surf around and eventully latios will appear and I hope you saved your masterball because he will flee from battle. Latias is on sapphire version and just do the same thing. On ruby you can catch latias to but you have to have the eon ticket (alvailable through a nintendo event or gameshark or action replay. The same thing applys to sapphire.


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Added 1 Sep 2007, ID #11289, by mikeman1994

1200000(12lacs)EXPERIENCE POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Put 2 Pokemon at the day care man you want to raise and go to a mussy slope (which you can climb with a mach bike)with a acro bike put a heavy thing on the up arrow key and leave it for 10 hours do this for 10 days and you will get a Pokemon of a quite high level(80-100 maybe)

Added 31 Aug 2007, ID #11287, by bhramesh

An easy way to catch latias and latios

All you need is ether a golbat with mean look or a trapinch because trapinch has arena trap.alot of repels and ultra balls and timer balls.all you do is put golbat or trapinch at the top of your party then when you come across latias/latios use mean look or trapinchs arena trap will stop it from running.weaken it so it's on red hp then throw the ultra balls if you don't catch it with them then use the timer balls and you should b able 2 catch it easy I will post more on how 2 catch and get to the regi's chaimbers find out more later on.


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Added 30 Aug 2007, ID #11284, by masta 1333

Tips on Contests

--The Following will show you the Berries That will make the PokéBlocks for the Shown Contests. They are Individual conditions only. Find out the rest for yourself Because that's the fun of the game--

COOL: No.01 Cheri Berry

BEAUTY: No.02 Chesto Berry

CUTE: No.03 Pecha Berry

SMART: No.04 Rawst berry

TOUGH: No.04 Aspear berry

Once you have made the PokéBlocks make sure they have a Level of 12 and a Feel of 21 at LEAST or you will not be able to max out the condition of you Pokémon. Also only work on one Condition for each Pokémon or you will not be able to max out any Conditions.


-- The following will show the number of PokéBlocks needed to win the contest--


SUPER: 3/9

HYPER: 6/9


Once you have entered the Contest be sure never to use the same Move twice unless it says in the Description of the Move: 'Can be used twice without boring the JUDGE'.

If you win the MASTER RANK at any Contest, when you come out of the Contest, an artist will walk up to you and tell you that he has painted a really good painting of the Pokémon that just won the Contest you just entered. To see it you have to go to the Lilycove Museum and go to the bottom floor. You will only see one Painting of a Pokémon per type of contest won at MASTER RANK level.

E.g: If a Blaziken won Coolness at MASTER RANK the artist will paint a Painting of it. However if ,say, an Azumarill Won a Coolness Contest at MASTER RANK the artist would paint a painting of Azumarill and put it over the Blaziken.

Hope the above Helped you Loads


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Added 22 Aug 2007, ID #11262, by Mega_Hint_Guy72

Best team

The best Pokemon team is
Blaziken level 60
Shiftry level 60
Pikachu level 60
Salamence level 60
Aggron level 60
Walrein level 60

Added 1 Aug 2007, ID #11194, by blaziken101

Infinte money for time

If you want alot of money then get your Pokemon levels up and continuesly fight the two reporters that appear north then west of madeville and west of the town where you fight the bird gym leader..put a..... I think it's called a golden amulet on the lead pokemon...so you get double money...keep doing that and you get experience and money

Have fun



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Added 22 Jul 2007, ID #11145, by shadowmaster1332


First you have to beat the Pokemon league and after you do your parents will talk to you and then the tv comes on. The news person will say that there has been a blue coloured Pokemon been flying around the hoenn region. Then by alot of max repels and surf around in route 128. I hope you still have your masterball because it will run away.

Added 18 Jul 2007, ID #11113, by mikeman1994

Bad egg

Do not get the bad egg it can screw up your game.

Added 30 Jun 2007, ID #11027, by mega mew

Strong pokemon

After catching Groudon Slash, and Earthquake. Teach Thunderbolt to it, making Then, go to the Safari Zone and get Solarbeam. Make it forget the move that is aint Earthquake, Fire Blast and Thunderbolt, and give it Solarbeam. Your Groudon now knows four of the most powerful moves in the game and they are all of different types. Get it up to level 70 and it aint goin lose

Added 22 Jun 2007, ID #10975, by Palkia_Master

Mirage Island

When you go to pacificidolog go in a house I forgot which one but I do kno it's on the east or right side and a man should be looking out of the window and if he says I can see mirage island surf the way he is looking out of the window I think you are supposed to go north (up) east (right) northeast to mirage island

Added 20 Jun 2007, ID #10959, by Big-Time

2 Master balls

Forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure you can get 2 master balls without action replay or gameshark. But I'm not exactly sure because I haven't gone all the way through the game in a while. I restart mine once I get bored with it. I may be wrong but I know for a fact there is 1 in magma hideout(aqua on sapphire) and I think you get one for beating elite four but like I said I haven't beat elite four in a while because I restarted my game.

Added 18 Jun 2007, ID #10946, by Mr. Grimm316

Noomaster is right!

The hint where Gameinmaster543 says that dragon type Pokemon aren't weak against other dragon type is wrong. The thing is though that unless you have an extremely powerful dragon Pokemon that can survive super effective attacks it's pointless. Because Drake's dragon Pokemon also know dragon type atacks that are super effective your dragons. So your better off usong ice like you said cus unless your dragon Pokemon can survive super attacks he will most likey get KO'ed anyway. So like he says, it is better to go with ice.

Added 18 Jun 2007, ID #10945, by Mr. Grimm316


People should stop posting who is best starter. THERE IS NOT A BEST STARTER. Each has advantages and weaknesses. The only thing that is determined by the starter you choose is May's Pokemon cus you can always catch Pokemon to make up for your starters weaknesses.


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Added 18 Jun 2007, ID #10944, by Mr. Grimm316


The brail in the chamber to open the three Regi's starting from the top of the room down says:

First comes relicanth lasts comes wailord

In this cave we have living...

We owe all to the pokemon...

But, we sealed the Pokemon away...

We feared it...

Those with courage, those with hope...

Open a door. An eternal Pokemon waits.

The first room is just the brail alphabet.

The Regi caves say:

Registeel- In the center you shall soar above the rest (use Fly in the middle of the room).

Regirock- Three steps down, two to the right to find the strength you need(or something like that)(3 down, 2 to the right and use strength).

Regice- Be Patient and the door you seek will appear.(go to the back wall press A and just WAIT, seriously don't do a thing. Just press A once and WAIT).


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Added 1 Jun 2007, ID #10849, by pkmnfreak
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