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EV's and IV's

EV's-After battles with certain Pokemon you will get effort values. Effort values increase how much your stats increase when you level up. Its good to train Pokemon on ONLY Pokemon that give out EV's because not all Pokemon do. Here are some examples:

HP:Marill (Petalburg)
ATTACK:Sharpedo (East of Mauville[super rod])
DEFENCE:Graveler or Clamperl (Many B1F Victory Road[rock smash])(Clamperl anywhere underwater)
SPECIAL ATTACK:Spinda (East of Fallabor Town)
SPECIAL DEFENCE:Tentacruel (Surfing anywhere on the right side of the map)
SPEED:Linoone or Manectric. Linoone(Routes 118-121, and 123,Manectric(Route 118)

IV's are a little different. They are based on a random # between 0 and 31. IV's can't be controlled obtained or changed. Every IV gives you one stat point.
EX: An alakazam's max special attack is 403 with 31 IV's.But Special attack IV is 0. You would subtract 31 from 403 to get a max special attack of 372.

Good EV Training
-Use macho brace, it doubles the EV's you get in a battle.
-Give them drugs-each drug(Protien, Carbos, etc.)gives them 10 EV's.[can give them a max of 10 drugs per-stat.]
-DON'T USE RARE CANDIES!!!!! You get no EV's!!!

PokePawner out...

Added 7 Aug 2008, ID #12309, by PokePawner88
Ask.com and get

Best pokemon to beat the elite 4

chosse mudkip as starter Pokemon or trade from a friend don't evolve it untill it's lv. 42 so it learns hydro pump (if you want). Have a swampert lv. 84 have it know ice beam, surf, and earthquake. Use surf on mityana, absol, all of Phoebees Pokemon, aggron, armaldo, and claydoll. Icebeam on cacturne, shiftry, all of drakes Pokemon and skarmory. Earthquake on sharpeado all off gacias Pokemon and metagross. Make sure to give swampert the sea insense. Please Rate. Hope it helps. Use 5 zigzagoons for rare candies and the day care mud slide cheat to get that but kicking sawmpert!

Added 5 Aug 2008, ID #12307, by ardsmaster

Great Pokemon League Team

If you have any Pokemon that need some quick leveling up and you have a level-100, or at least very high-level, Blaziken as well as any high-level Pokemon with dragon type moves, this hint will help you. I prefer to use Milotic's twister, but my Milotic is also at level 100. I suggest having your battling Pokemon at level 100 so that the Pokemon holding an Experience Share will get the full helping of Exp. Points rather than just half, since a Pokemon at level 100 doesn't collect hit points anymore.

Be sure to equip an Experience share to a Pokemon in your party that needs training before you enter the first fight.

You can easily go through the Pokemon league with those types of Pokemon. I've never tried with the other types, but my Blaziken is at level 100.
Its attacks:
Fire Punch
Flame Kick
Sky Uppercut
Double Kick

Fight with Sydney:
Use the fire moves against Shiftry and Cacturne. It'll be very effective. Use the fighting moves against all the others.

Fight with the ghost trainer:
Use the fire type moves if you don't have a Pokemon with an advantage over ghost types (if there even are any). They won't be called Super Effective, but if your Pokemon is at a high-enough level it'll usually end up being a one-hit knockout.

Use only the fighting moves against Glacia. Beware that if your Blaziken has poor speed for some reason, the Ice Pokemon may be able to use water type moves against it before it gets to hit.

Against Drake:
This is where your Pokemon with dragon-type moves come in. Dragon attacks somehow have an advantage over other dragon type Pokemon, so just keep using them. You may not get one-hit knockouts all the time, but you'll definitely be able to win.

Against Steven:
Use Blaziken's fighting moves to beat down his Pokemon that are part Ground type. Use the fire moves for those that are part Psychic type. (Fighting is weak against Psychic, and Fire is weak against Ground)

This should get you past the league easily, and it'll get a nice helping of Experience points for your weaker Pokemon.

Added 2 Aug 2008, ID #12294, by PokemonQueen99

secret secret bases

All you have to do is go to rustboro and go to the route above and go to the left and surf up. Pass up the girl running in place. If you go left a bit and go up more, there will be an island I guess, it has alot of secret bases, the tree one is pretty good ( if you enter it on your right ).

Added 27 Jul 2008, ID #12266, by 1122andyozz33

catch kecleon WITHOUT the devon scope

Thats right, you can catch a wild kecleon WITHOUT the devon scope. Heres how:
Go to fortree city and go to route 119 on the left side. Go to the firs thing of grass you see on the right, hes rare to get so just keep on trying

Added 20 Jul 2008, ID #12236, by 1122andyozz33

How to catch Feebas

How To Catch Feebas

First of all one Feebas can only be found in 6 out of 400+ tiles in route 119

1.) Go to Dewford town then change the trendy phrase to BEAUTIFUL FEEBAS
By changing the trendy phrase FEEBAS will easily appear in route 119.
2.)Go to Fortree city then go to route 119 near the weather institute
3.)Use surf in the area near the waterfalls when you do that go to the most southern part until you reach a dead end.
4.)Use any kind of rod(most preferably old rod)in one of the tiles 5 times.
5.)If you want to save time put a Pokemon that has the ability of "SUCTION CUPS" to fish more easily(I recomend LILEEP or CRADILY)

And thats the end of it(hope it helps)

Now if you want to evolve your FEEBAS to MILOTIC just simply feed it with a lot of blue pokeblocks or any pokeblock that will raise it's
Beauty to max(i recommend you to use GANLON BERRY)

Added 14 Jul 2008, ID #12219, by bp143

Easy way to catch Latios

First get alot of max repels 99 to start. Second get a lvl 39 wobbuffet and a bit higher lvl wobbuffet like 50-60 third go to route 101 use a max repel and wal run or ride a bike through the grass untill you get latios make shure you have alot of great or ultra balls mabey even time balls they would preaty well. Being that wobbuffet has the skill (shadow tag) latios can't escape. This methed works because latios in the whild is lvl 40 and max repel repels Pokemon that are a lower lvl that you have set as your first pokemon. It may take awhile but trust me this methed works. The heigher lvl wobbuffet is for back up incase your lvl 39 wobbuffet faints. Good thing is when you get in a battle you will know that it is latios as long as you have a max repel on.

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #12174, by itachi0413

how to beat magma leader.

You need to start this battle with 4/5/6 super potions, depending on your level.
When he uses mightyena, a steel Pokemon isnt a bad isea, or a Pokemon with inner Pokemon to stop flinching( can't rember if you can get a Pokemon with it bby now so don't spend too long looking, but most poke with it are fighting type I think.) this will prevent flinching from bite as it seems to inflict it more often than usual. For camerupt a water poke is a good idea, obviously. Lasly, for golbat , just about any poke reasonably strong can take him out.

Be warned, he does use super potions alot, so you might get a bit frusrated, but after you beat it,the results are well worth it. I reccomend any poke you intend to use are about lvl 23 at least. After the battle take the meteor and take it to the profs house that you found in the falls,and he will give you tm 27 return.

Please rate!

Added 18 Jun 2008, ID #12128, by darkzero

easy training

Another way to train your Pokemon easily is to get one of your Pokemon to lvl 100 and teach it surf, waterfall, dive, and strength, then if you have an exp. Share, give to the Pokemon you want to train, then go fight the elite four and steven, and viola, you will train your Pokemon fast. I got a delcatty from level 25 to level 50 in like a half hour...

Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #12108, by darth_moto88

How to catch Pokemon easier:

1. First teach one of your stong Pokemon False Swipe, or use one that already know it (if you decide to foget a move it might help if you foreget one that you can teach back, via your bag/move tudor). False Swipe is a great move for catching Pokemon because is won't kill them (the worst it can do is leave the Pokemon on 1 health).

2. Next encounter the Pokemon you wish to catch. Thaen use False Swipe on it, if you've picked a strong Pokemon (say about 20 levels or higher than the Pokemon you wish to catch) the wild Pokemon should be on low health (probably 1 health). If not you False Swipe again, and keep repeating the prosess until your sure the Pokemon is on 1 health.

3. Finally try to catch the wild Pokemon with a Poke ball of some sort (if the Pokemon hasn't been caught after 5 Poke balls, try to put it asleep or paralyze it, then try again).

Please rate

Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #12106, by Heatblast


Torchic is a great starter Pokemon which has the best moves:

1. Sky Uppercut (may cause 1 hit KO to ALL the PokeMon of the first and third members of the Elite Four and to the Champion's PokeMon, depending on level)

2. Blaze Kick (the best for the second member of the Elite Four and good to use for the Champion's PokeMon, depending on level)

3. Slash (good for the Elite Four's PokeMon but NOT TO PHOEBE)

4. Fire Punch (same as Blaze Kick, only has little difference in power...)

Well, this is just a suggestion, don't take it to seriously... I just want you to have a great gaming experience... Don't just rely on those GAmesHArk codes or anything, if you can fiNish the game without these cheats, you'll feel the REAL experience of the game and you'll truly feel that your a real PokeMon Master!!

-HAppy GAming!!!

Added 1 Jun 2008, ID #12064, by renren20

Earn Quick Money

To earn quick money follow this:
After you defeat Norman, the petalburg gymleader, go to your house & talk to your mom. She will give you an 'Amulet Coin'. Let your stronger Pokemon hold it and put that Pokemon in first slot. If you want to simultaneously level up other Pokemon, let those others hold Exp Share. Now that your first slot Pokemon holds Amulet Coin, fight the reporters or anybody or even gymleaders, you get Double the money you are normally supposed to.
I hope this hint is helpful.

Added 2 May 2008, ID #11975, by superwinner86

Exp up easily

If you want your Pokemon to get there exp up easily is to get the Exp share, Give it to the Pokemon you want to level up. If you have got a couple of high level Pokemon (lvl 60-100) put them at the front of your party then battle the Elite 4. Your Pokemon should grow very easily.

Happy Gaming


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Added 28 Apr 2008, ID #11962, by googly02

berry wife code...

Talk to the berry wife&when shes talks&never shuts her mouth,when shes done select yes&then type:MYSTERY EVENT IS EXITING CAUTION:you must have another gameboy with mystery event to compete one another.


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Added 25 Apr 2008, ID #11948, by mattheavenh

dont buy 2 many ultra balls!!

Don't buy 2 many ultra balls. I bought 150, but I caught regice with 3, and regirock with 4, I havn't caught registeel yet.

Added 28 Mar 2008, ID #11881, by Articuno is cool21

Easy way to catch Latios

This is how you can find Latios in an easier way. First, you have to beat the Elite Four. Then, when you are at your house after you beat them, your mom and dad will talk to you and then click on the TV and it will say that a blue Pokemon has been flying around Hoeen. After that, if you do not already have one, train one of your Pokemon so that it is level 80 or higher(I don't know if you need to do this, it always works for me). Then, Fly to Pacifidlog Town and Surf to the left of the town(don't go in the fast water) and search there for about 3 or 4 Pokemon and if he doesn't show up, go to the right side and do the same thing(don't change routes on the right side). Repeat this over and over and he will eventully show up(hope you saved you Masterball, he's hard to catch).
Good Luck!
-Latios Master


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Added 25 Mar 2008, ID #11870, by Latios Master

great balls and great balls

Okay,I got this tip on using ultra balls when trying to capture a legendary pokemon.first of all,don't always use ultra ball.second,whenyou keep on using the ultra balls it may not work.try using great balls.it worked when I was trying to catch groudon.

Added 13 Mar 2008, ID #11838, by ven598

how to get a shiny tailow

Hey guys check it out

This is the hint where you can find a shiny tailow

Just move up in the rustburo town

At the area that where can you find a skitty..

It will take a long time to find

But I'm sure that you can find 1 shiny tailow because I just got 1

And it's my first level 100 pokemon

And it's HP is about 501

It is amazing. No one can

Kill it with just sp. Attack skill.

So if you want to try catching 1 of the shiny tailow just go at the

Area that where you can I find a skitty and try searching out...

Added 1 Mar 2008, ID #11814, by kapitanbasa

Starter Pokemon

Well I started with a Teecko and it's a level 83 now and you can beat all of the elite four with just that pokemon. It's moves are Leaf Blade(Good against the ghost and ice pokemon) Slam(Good against all except ghost) Quick Attack and False Swipe. I hardley had to use any potions. My Treecko managed to defeat all elite four's Pokemon and one of Steven's pokemon.


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Added 15 Feb 2008, ID #11775, by MadAboutMew


Well I have tried every starter and I have 2 say that there is no best starter.but I actually think mudkip iss the best but they have advantages and disadvantages.everybody thinks blaziken is the best but my friend started with him and he can't even get up 2 glacia (in the elite 4). So if you think there is a best starter go ahead but I know there is no a best starter.



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Added 27 Jan 2008, ID #11728, by darkrayquaza52
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