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How to catch Pokemon easier:

1. First teach one of your stong Pokemon False Swipe, or use one that already know it (if you decide to foget a move it might help if you foreget one that you can teach back, via your bag/move tudor). False Swipe is a great move for catching Pokemon because is won't kill them (the worst it can do is leave the Pokemon on 1 health).

2. Next encounter the Pokemon you wish to catch. Thaen use False Swipe on it, if you've picked a strong Pokemon (say about 20 levels or higher than the Pokemon you wish to catch) the wild Pokemon should be on low health (probably 1 health). If not you False Swipe again, and keep repeating the prosess until your sure the Pokemon is on 1 health.

3. Finally try to catch the wild Pokemon with a Poke ball of some sort (if the Pokemon hasn't been caught after 5 Poke balls, try to put it asleep or paralyze it, then try again).

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Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #12105, by Heatblast
Ask.com and get

If you beat a articuno, not trying to, is there anyway it will come back again

Added 5 Jun 2008, ID #12078, by kjwooten

Leveling up starter

Ok for all you people who have been wondering how to get easy EXP here is what I would do, if you start a new game or just bought it then when you go to the town with the daycare center put your starter in Daycare. Every step you take the Pokemon gets one exp point. So once you get to the town that you may travel to island 1-3. Go to the fan club talk to the man and he will give you some dumb bike thing then go to the bike shop and he will give you a free bike. Then when you go get the poke flute in Pokemon tower play it by the snorlax in front of the cycling road then he will battle you. Beat him or catch him I don't care. After that ride down the cycling road like 50 times and go back to the day care dude and your starter would have grown a lot. P.s every time you here your starter's cry he has leveled up.p.s.s this hint is good and bad, cuzz it is good because it levels up and bad cuzz the Pokemon has bad stats.

Added 1 Jun 2008, ID #12067, by nate_dawg

Don't be fooled (for all Pokemon games)

ANY cheats that contain ANY of the following, are utter nonsense, designed to destroy your game:

- "Save the game but turn off your gameboy while it is saving"

Result: Corruption of your file - All saved progress destroyed.

- "release all of your Pokemon etc etc, and then save"

Result: You've just thrown away all your Pokemon.

- "U, D, L, L, SELECT" or anything like this. Pokemon, apart from when unlocking the the 3 Regis/ when inside the Lost Cave, doesn't have cheats like this.

Result: Waste of time - you feel like a plonker.

- "Release all your legendaries, save, turn off, turn back on and you'll have Jerachi!!!"

Result: Just no. You're never seeing those legendaries again.

Added 29 May 2008, ID #12057, by RubyMaster91

Exclusive pokemon

Here is a list of Pokemon exclusive to the game and not found in Fire Red.

Sandshrew,Sandslash,Magby,Magmar,Bellsprout,Weepinbell,Victreebell,Vulpix Ninetales,Remoraid,Octillery,Mantine,Sneasel(in Icefall cave),Azurill,Azumarill,

There are many other exclusives in Fire Red neededto finsih the Kanto Dex like
Electrabuzz or Scyther and Psyduck but Leaf Green has more exclusive Kanto

Added 28 May 2008, ID #12052, by DarienBas

Game Corner facts

These are some things I'm going to be pointing out in the game corner.

1.The slots really have different odds.Meaning there are better slots to use.

2.Just buy the coins instead of wasting time.Playing slots? Too long and boring.

3.It is the only place you can get a porygon.

4.It houses the team rocket Hideout.

5.Some kind people will give some coins to you.

6.There are also tms here not found anywhere else.

7.There is a machine that lets you take a picture thus chaning the look of your Pokemon trainer card.

Added 27 May 2008, ID #12048, by DarienBas

Altering Cave

This cave will be home to many Pokemon if you have an E-Reader.you can find houndour here and other rare pokemon.it is hidden in the Sevii islands.

Added 27 May 2008, ID #12047, by DarienBas

Legendary dogs

The dog you get from the game depends on the starter you chose.
Here is the list:

Squirtle = Raikou
Charmander = Suicune
Bulbasaur = Entei

PS: when a dog uses roar , don't save cause it will never come back.

Added 27 May 2008, ID #12046, by DarienBas

Starter ultimate moves

In order to get the ultimates you must have that certain starter to love you to the max. The moves are Grass:Frenzy Plant,Water:Hydro Cannon,Fire:Blast burn.The location is at cape brink in the Sevii islands.

Added 24 May 2008, ID #12035, by DarienBas

Pokemon Raising tips & unlimited money

1. If you choose Squirtle you will be fine for most of the parts of the game because when you fight the electric gym you wont have much of a hassle.in the grass gym use the latios you obtained since it it ice type.

2.always make your level higher than the opponents because if they have an element advantage you are in for it.in order to avoid being pawned raise your starter to Lvl. 10 when still in pallet town.

3.The secret of the daycare is it gives a Pokemon 1 exp per step you make thats why always use the bike so you wont have to run to make Exp.

4.Dont skip the gym fighters because they give you More ep than the Leader alone.Although you can skip it if you like but I suggest not skipping.PS: there are some gym trainees that can't be skipped.

5.Use machobrace to help your Pokemon develop.It can be found with item finder where giovanni whas standing.

6.When in Cerulean city,The team rocket trainer will give you a nugget .Lose to him and talk to him again.Keep repeating to get unlimited nuggets. PS:when you beat him he will never give you nuggets again.

7.When you have the Vs seeker,you practically have unlimited cash and experience.Use it on rich trainers and use amulet coin for cash.

Added 23 May 2008, ID #12034, by DarienBas

What Starter to Choose

I know many will disagree, but I would have to say that picking Charmander will pay off the most in the long run. Except for the first gym, he dominates.

Added 11 May 2008, ID #12009, by Pokeman44434

how to catch legendarys

This cheat helped me catch zaptos, moltres, aticuno, mewto, and raiko.
When you throw a pokeball preflibly a ultra ball as soon as you click the ball press the b button and up but don't hold.
Then when the ball opens press and hold a,b,down and left.
There is a 80% chance that you will catch that pokemon.
Be asured that it only helped me catch the legendarys not any other pokemon.

Hope you like this cheat

Added 16 Apr 2008, ID #11919, by boogie monster

Best Starter

There is no "best starter" because choosing a starter depends on your type preference and skill. I have listed the types to help you choose.

Fire: High attack, flexible, slow to start but is reliable afterwards.

Water: Quick start, not very flexible, multiple weaknesses, unreliable in late game.

Grass: Quick start, easy to raise, slightly flexible, more strengths than weaknesses, moves usually include absorb ect, mild reliability.

Like I said, no starter is the best.


Added 1 Apr 2008, ID #11887, by Arceus24

Easy Way to Beat First Gym if Starter is Charmander

If you chose a charmander as yout starter Pokemon and are having trouble defeating the first gym then go to Viridian City and go to the left onto Route 22. If you walf around in the grass there for a while you should come across mankey. Catch it and train to around level 15 and then the gym is easy if you use it's fighting moves.

Added 15 Mar 2008, ID #11843, by torchwhogirl

Locations on legendary birds & how to catch them!

Moltres is on top of one Island Mt. Ember. You will need Surf to get there and Strength to solve the puzzle. Once you get there, save in case you accidentally kill it. Now, time for tips on catching Moltres!
I recommend using Rock or Water types for this battle. Keep using either Surf or any strong water type attack.If you use rock types for this battle, I would recommend using Rock Blast, etc.Once the HP of Moltres goes into yellow-red zone, use a status problem. DO NOT use poison or burn as it will lead to fainting.I prefer using Spore as it is very accurate. Once it's asleep or paralized, chuck Ultra balls. Obviously you should not use Master ball.
Time for Zapdos. You'll need surf. Then go Rock Tunnel. Go up and you'll see water
That is surfable. Surf until you reach land. Beat the guy who challenges you and move on.The PowerPlant itself is an easy puzzle. Just run around till you reach Zapdos. Same thing with Moltres, do not poison or burn it. If your stupid enough to do it, then you do not deserve to catch it. Anyway,I suggest using Vaporeon for this one but if you don't have one, use your Lapras that you got in Silph Co.
Keep using Ice Beam, Aurora Beam any move that is ice. But don't use Sheer Cold as it is a one hit KO attack. Again, when it is in yellow-red zone, chuck Ultra Balls till you catch it. That's all for Zapdos.
Now for the final legendary Bird, Articuno.Articuno for me was quite easy. I used Charizard. Two Flamethrowers were enough for it to go to deep-deep red zone.
I just used two Ultra Balls and found it as enough. You could use any Fire type you like, just don't overdo the fire-power. Once you catch it, Voilla! You have all three legendary birds! But don't use them for Elite Four okay?

Added 16 Feb 2008, ID #11784, by xx2xxluqman

where to find a ditto? and how to get lots of rare candy's

I'm looking for a ditto so I can breed sum Pokemon and I was wondering if ne1 knew where I can find one...also I would appreciate it if someone told me how to get alot of rare candys or even better unlimited

thank you,
~Jack Maxwell #21~

Added 29 Jan 2008, ID #11731, by jack21

Getting the national Pokedex and rainbow pass

To do it go and beat the elite 4 then catch over sixty DIFFERENT Pokemon then go to prof.Ocks lab and he will say a bunch of stuff ang give you the national dex.then your rival will say try going to island 1 go there and talk to ceilio he will say ''can you do me an important favor'' say yes he will say got to the mountain in that island head there and the 2 team rockets will mutter somthing like the first pass in the rocket warhouse then he'll say sumin about you snooping so you battle both [lv.35] lol then enter the cave get the ruby and get the hell out of there returning it thus getting you his ranbow pass to the sevii islands.

Added 21 Jan 2008, ID #11703, by elite4Terry

Best starter?

Alot of people can't decide but this is what I think

Charmander,he is hard to deal with in the beginning and really the worst of the three.He will give you the upper hand occasionally but really not good at all

Squirtle,now theres the better one of the three he is much better to pick since in the beginning of the game you won't have a big problem until you get to the 3rd and 4th gym which won't be that hard since you should allready have a good party by then

Bulbasaur is a close second,he is also good in thebeginning and very easy to train

Added 16 Dec 2007, ID #11575, by guy in oakland


The best thing about Charizard is that your rival will choose Blastoise and when you battle him in Silph Co. His level will be about 55 I think. if your Charizard is at the right level (65) one Flamethrower will faint it easily.

Added 14 Dec 2007, ID #11573, by pokejack

Daycare Centre and Rare Candies

This some advice that I suggest you take, do not use the daycare centre unless you need an egg.Why, you ask? Because if you put say a level 5 in there and waited until it was level 100 it would still have level 5 stats! Also do not use your rare candies because they make your Pokemon weaker than their full potential! Say a level 50 Slowbro gets to level 51

Level up using Exp Share or batlling=Hp+5 Atk+2 Sp Atk+5
Level up using rare candies=Hp+3 Atk+1 Sp Atk+2
Level Up in Daycare=Hp+0 Atk+0 Sp Atk+0 etc etc

So thanks for reading my advice and hope it helps

Added 1 Dec 2007, ID #11552, by jamiebolanisrollin
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