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choosing the right pokemon

Ok so it's me again and this time, I'm here to tell you about how tochoose the right Pokemon team... Well of course the basics include that you must have at least 6 Pokemon in a team. Well listen to this. You may choose a Pokemon that looks cool or a Pokemon with amazing moves. But the real way to decide is by thinking what YOU think tht is your favorite. Besides... Is anyone going to choose Pokemon for you? Well, either your sis/bro is going to but what about the only-child? I think that is pretty sad if you tell me. So what is the perfect team you might ask? Well the best strategy is to have a grass type, a water type and a fire type. That means you already have 3!!! Well the other 3 is on your own. You can have rock, ice,steel,flying,electric,pshchc.ghost anything you want.. Well anyways I prefer charzard but thats me... You might be wandering what is my team...i have numerous teams but for the eilte 4... I use my ledenary. Heres me team arrrr... I have a kyogre (100) hydro pump,thunder,water spout, and ice beam. Groudon (100) solar beam,eruption,fire blast and earthquake. (i traded my ruby Pokemon to my leaf green because my brother wanted to start a new game. So requiza(spelling lmao) lvl 100 moves outrage, fly, thunderbolt and extrem speed. I have a moltres lvl 100 moves flamethrower, heat wave, sky attack and fly. Ihave a mewtwo moves: future sight, pshchc, recover and earthquake. Well I know that I have some fire types. Ahh but who cares? Well ill be posting more hints, tips, and walkthroughs... (this hint is for all Pokemon games by the way.) ok seeeee ya... Chow

Added 22 Aug 2009, ID #12890, by 1005pker
Ask.com and get

how to get all tm's

Ok, so this is my on-going hints about getting all the tm's in Pokemon leaf green. So this is my continued part on how to get surf... Yet however I messed up on the other one. This is the real one. Ok so the tm:surf is located in fuchsia city. Home of the saffari zone. Surf, is located in the saffari zone and you need it to complete the game. Also youll need another item to get another tm, strengh, which is also located in the saffari zone. So ok when you get in the saffari zone, I will tell you which direction to go and how many steps... Ok so here we go.take 2 steps north and 16 steps east(right) then go up 12 steps and turn right and enter.go 9 steps east and go down a step.go east again and 19 steps east.(again!)go up 4 steps. By the way, if you havent seen my first one about how to get cut... You can find it here. Also do NOT follow my first hint about how to get surf... This is my second and my perfected one... So anyways... Take 6/7 steps west and go down.go west 6/7 steps. Go up 13 steps and go up the cliff.go 7 steps east.2 steps down and 4 steps east. Go up 5 steps and go west 17 steps. Go down and go west and enter.go 17 steps east and go up 8 steps.6 steps east and go up 17 steps. Make a right turn and go 13 steps east.go 4 steps up and go left 19 steps west. Go down 8 steos, 4 steps left and 18 steps south.and enter.4 steps down and read the sigh. Itll say find golden teeth for the warden.dont worry. Go south again and pick the pokeball. It's the teeth lmao. Ok go back to the sign and keep going left till you see a big house. Go inside and someone will give you surf as a contest prize. Ok so when you come out of the saffari zone, go to the pokecenter and just across from it(east) youll see a house with a mailbox... Go inside and talk to the man. Hell give you strengh... So there you have it. How to get 2 tm's in one hint... Ill make more so thank you all and have a good day.

Added 12 Aug 2009, ID #12872, by 1005pker

how to get all the tm's

The second tm is surf, where can be found at fuchsia city. Surfcan be found at the saffari zone. Ok... So heres where you find it... Once you enter the saffari zone,spray a repel. Take 8 steps north, then head east, 15 steps into the trees. Take 6 steps up then turn east and head to it. Take 9 steps east. 1 step down and take 19 steps east. Go up 4 steps. Go 6 steps west and 2 steps down.take 8 steps west and 13 steps up.3 steps east and go up.go to the other side. Step at the metel part.1 step down and 5 steps east. Then go up 5 steps. Go left19 steps. Go down to the middle road.go west and enter.( optional) take 17 steps left. Then go 8 steps up and4/5 steps left.go down 5 steps and go left 3 steps. Go 3 steps up and 6 steps left and down.( srry forgot that you could go down and left.... Don't follow the steps after the word optional) take 20 steps down and 8 steps left and 3 steps up. Go 5/4 steps left. (to be continued)
don't worry ill make the continued one. See ya later. Also see my first hint to find the first tm: cut. K buh bye!!!

Added 11 Aug 2009, ID #12870, by 1005pker

how to get all the tm's

Ok, if you read my last hint about how to get the first tm: cut, heres another... The second tm is called surf, which is very very important. Surf is one of the tm's that helps you beat the game. Surf can be located in the saffari zone in Fuchsia city. I had this game for 2 years and I know everything about it... Well anyways if you are new to this game and you get to this city, go to the saffari zone located north of the poke center. If you have repels spray them when you first touch the grass.when you take your first step into the saffari zone, go north east. Go through that. While your are in the saffari zone, you have a time limit. More like a step meter... If you do not know what that is, press start. Also you may find a lot of items and tm's that can only be found there. Go up the cliff thing and exit to the other side. Then go up and turn left....

Added 11 Aug 2009, ID #12869, by 1005pker

where to find all the tm's

the first tm is: cut, which is found in vermillion city. When you are there, ( you may vs the trainers ) if you fight the trainers, on the first floor, to the right, 2nd to last door is a person who heals your pokemon. On the boat, however, you have no choice to vs your rival, Gary (or watever you named him/her) when you beat him, remember this is optional, go to all doors and vs them. I think there are items people give you but anyways.... Got to upstairs again and you'll find a door. Open it and there will be a sailor. Talk to him and he will give you cut.

Added 11 Aug 2009, ID #12868, by 1005pker

infinate nuggets (no cheats)

Alright on nugget brige in cerulen city before you fight the rocket grunt lose to him and when you go back he will give you another nugget. To lose faster in the Pokemon center in front of Mt. Moon buy the magikarp and swich all your Pokemon out and only use the magikarp. Hope this helps.

Added 31 Jul 2009, ID #12856, by p00kemon master

easy exp without training forever

After beating the elite four their Pokemon seem to get stronger so when trying to train take a high lvled electric/fire/grass and give the low lvled Pokemon an exp shared. Fight the elite four lorelei and die before you beat her.if you keep fighting her over and over again a lvl 5 will be lvl 50 in 3 days..i did it with a lvl 5 Bagon now it's a lvl 50 salamence

Enjoy this wonderful hint and remember

Pokemon LeafGreen is the best (with it's grapics)

Added 30 Jul 2009, ID #12854, by thingy

easy exp for flying and psychic

When you have 1 island andthe vs. Seeker you go up the trail until the spa. Outside there are up to four battles you can do. The people have up to lv.55 Pokemon and it gives the same amount of exp. As the eliete fours bruno, and if you get hurt you can heal between the battles by healing at the spa.(p.s. This also is on firered.

Added 8 Jul 2009, ID #12824, by pokecheese1

How To get Sevii Island

1st.. You Need A Tri Pass .. Okay Go To Celio(Celio In Pokemon centre next to machine) In Island 1.. He Will Ask you To Get A gem. The Question Is Where To Get The Gem? People ask. Go To Mt.Ember.. Do You Know Where Is Mt Ember? Ok Mt Ember Is Near The Water Side .. U Use Surf Until U Get Mt ember.. U Go In And Out And In Again.. Then U Will See A Guy Infont of you always. Go right then you go And U See Team Rovket Grunt.. After A Battle finish The Will Run Off Like A ( scaredy Cat ..) When U go The Very END U Will See A Pokeball Take It And Go Back To Island 1. Go To Pokemon centre Give Celio The Gem then U Can Go To Island 4-7.. Celio Is the Next to machine.
Best Regards

Added 31 May 2009, ID #12768, by PokeMadness

Best elite four team on earth!:
Blastoise Lv. 70+ hydro cannon,hydro pump,surf,bite
Moltres Lv.65+ flamethrower,fire blast,fly,arial ace
Zapdos Lv.65+ thunderbolt,drill peck,thunder,shockwave
Articuno Lv.68+ ice beam,blizzard,mind reader,sheer cold
And last either a dewong Lv.63 with aurora beam and sheer cold or Lapras Lv.65 with surf,ice beam,perish song, and confuse ray

Added 18 Apr 2009, ID #12706, by pokemonmaniaccam8

Pokemon Combos

This combos are all invented
The untested combos are marked *

The magmar combo*
Use smog to poison the foe then fire punch to damage the foe if the foe is not down try using flamethrower of fire blast
The flygon combo
Use toxic to poison the foe and then use hyper beam to damage the foe that will take a lot if the foe is not down try using double-edge
The mr. Mime combo
Use encore so the foe will use his last move then use psybeam to confuse the foe then use psychic to have a mega damage then if the foe is not down try using again the psybeam
The alakazam combo
Want to steal items from your foe just make sure that the opponent was holding an item and you are not use future sight then trick then use psychic if the foe is not down use any of your alakazam moves then after that turn the future sight will hit the opponent.

Added 15 Mar 2009, ID #12654, by red_zter

Beedrill moves

A beedrill can learn brick break! They are no longer horibble!

Added 31 Dec 2008, ID #12556, by mysterycheater

Legendary Dogs Guide

Pretty simple but might as well if people are confused...

Moving on, Entei/Suicune/Raikou can only appear AFTER you get the National Dex, your starter that was chosen defines the starter (by their weakness).

Bulbasaur = Entei

Charmander = Suicune

Squirtle = Raikou

This is similar to Latios/Latias in R/S/E, they thrive around KANTO (not the Sevii islands). The best way to do this is have the following.

X1 MASTER BALL (if not, you're stuff UNLESS you do the cloning glitch in Emerald, google that, I'm not bothering on that part).

A Level 50 Pokemon that can Sleep (Paralysis is OK as well) and also Quick Claw (just in case).

Heaps of Max Repels (I mean HEAPS).

It is going to be a pain finding them without knowing where the hell they are. In this case, try and find a route that links to another (if not then it's going to be a bit more difficult). Make sure your 'Level 50 Pokemon' is in the first slot. Activate Max Repel, walk through the grass, if nothing for some time, go to the other route, do the same thing, then so on... Eventually, the dog will appear. BTW, the dogs are all Level 50.

It will be pointless using Mean Look, etc. On Entei and Raikou due to it's Roar, though with Suicune you will be fine. Otherwise I'm not sure. If it flees, don't worry it records the areas in the Pokedex every time you alternate Route/City/Town.

Well, good luck catching it!

Quick Guide by Feenicks

NOTE - This is all my work that has came purely out of my knowledge, I never intend to plagiarize peoples work.

Added 19 Dec 2008, ID #12527, by Feenicks


If you complete the Kanto pokedex, you will be able to see a diploma.

Added 5 Dec 2008, ID #12499, by christiankid

gold nuggets

Go to nugget bridge have an extremely weak Pokemon fight the last guy who give's you a nugget have one Pokemon about level 3 and lose as much as you want and keep doing that!see ya peace hope I helped

Added 28 Oct 2008, ID #12437, by donkeyykong

Effort Value Hotspots

These are good EV hotspots if you want some very quick EV training:
Pokemon / Effort yield / Location
Dunsparce : HP : Three Isle Port
Paras : Attack : Mt.Moon
Gastly / Haunter : Sp.Atk : Pokemon Tower (Duh!)
Tentacool: SP.Def : Anywhere Surfable
Ditto : Speed : Ditto's cave

Added 27 Oct 2008, ID #12433, by DarienBas

If your looking for Hold Items (like Upgrade, Dragon Scale, etc.), you can find some laying around the whole Kanto region. Or you can get them at the Pokemon Trainer Tower. Beware though. If you go after you beat the Elite Four and Champion once, the trainers Pokemon are all at Lv. 73. And if you go to the Tower after you beat the Elite Four and Champion a second time, the trainers Pokemon become Lv.100. Hope this will help someone before they go charging into the Tower to early. (Like I did!)

Added 3 Sep 2008, ID #12363, by jbird92

level up over night

Ok go to the Pokemon day care and put Pokemon in go to the TEAM ROCKET base and go to a level with arrows on the ground that make you spin back make shure that you a stop so you can do it again and again. Get your charger and put it in and get somthing to hold your moving thing on your game boy and run in to the arrow
Have the thing run and get spun back and run in to the arrow again make shure the thing that you put to hold your moving thing held to the place were th arrow is again and again it will hit the wall and spinn back and do it again go to bed wake up go to the day care and you will see ^_^

Added 16 Aug 2008, ID #12334, by N.U.

Using Rare Candies Correctly

Believe it or not, there is a correct time to use Rare Candies. It all has to do with really technical stuff like EVs, but the bottom line is, around 95+% of the time, Using Rare Candies on a LV 70+ Pokemon usually has no negative effect.

Added 12 Jul 2008, ID #12215, by pyrotempestwing

eevee evoultions

To get all the eevee evolutions make sure you have a ditto.then someone in celadon gives you a eevee.go to 4 island and go straight up to a house. Go in and talk to the lady and put in ditto and eevee.make sure you have room for at least one pkmn in you're party.then come to the front of that house later and go to the right if the man is standing out talk to him he will hand you an eevee egg.it takes longer to hatch than others for some reason.then do this`again and evolve them all with different stones(leaf stones wont help eevee evolve).

Added 19 Jun 2008, ID #12131, by blastoisethe13th
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