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How to get Arcanine

Go to route 7. Run around in the tall grass until you see a Growlithe. Cach it. Then go to the Celadon Dept. Store in celadon city. Buy a fire stone from the lady at the back of the 4th floor. It cost $2100. Use the fire stone on your Growlithe, it should evoulve to Arcanine. Hope this works!

Added 29 Jan 2011, ID #13362, by Guest
Ask.com and get

How to get your weak pokemon stronger

ok first you have to put your weak pokemon at the top of your party.Next have your strongest pokemon somewhere in your party. Then fight someone way stronger then your weak pokemon but weaker then your srong pokemon. When its your turn to fight switch your pokemon to your strongest and knock out that pokemon. After that your weak pokemon get a share of the overall points gained fromt he battle

Added 18 Dec 2010, ID #13301, by Guest

how to get mewtwo

first beat the pokemon league and get the national dex and return the ruby and sapphire to celio and then cerulean cave will be unlocked go in find mewtwo in the last floor

Added 7 Dec 2010, ID #13292, by elitetrainer523

pp max

pp max can be found at two island near the waterfall(in the pond), there is a small plot of land, use the itemfinder

Added 23 Nov 2010, ID #13282, by counterpain

Lv.50 pokemon Fast

When you get the HM Surf go to the Rock Tunnel don't go inside instead go to right go up and go pass the grass come prepared with (Ultra and Great Balls and Lv.23-37 pokemon) also some Super or Hyper Potions ok after you go into the water and surf go down until you reach the Power Plant go inside go through the maze find zapdoes and catch it.

Added 16 Sep 2010, ID #13220, by Guest

how to get unkown in fire red

First go to island 7 go to the left and you will see a patch of grass. keep going down until you see a small cave called Tanoby Key. Go inside and you will see boulders an these dots on the ground. Put the boulders on the dots and their will be a loud noise. A text will appear and it will say that there was an echo far away. Head to the Tanoby chambers and go inside. Run aroun a few times and an Unkown will appear.

Added 8 Sep 2010, ID #13211, by Guest

EASY TRAining as starter

For your pokemon, to train pikachu, go to the area, straight below mount moon entrance.
to train nidoran and weedle/... go to viridian forest ,and bulbasaur, go to the patch below viridian city

Added 15 Aug 2010, ID #13191, by Guest

getting suicine

before you try catch suicine i suggest u have a pokemon who is fast and has mean look or areana trap (dugtrio has areana trap but is too slow) (but maybe haunter is good because it hasmean look and kinda fast)good luck :>

Added 31 Jul 2010, ID #13165, by natty01

Starter Difficulty

This is a hint for any Pokemon game.

Grass type=Easy
Water type=Regular
Fire type=Hard

Hope this helps!

Added 1 Jun 2010, ID #13086, by pokemonrox

Easy EXP. (No Cheats)

An easy way to get EXP, is when you get farther enough, keep facing the Elite 4. This is only for Pokemon higher than 50+. If not, then it will be hard.

Added 29 May 2010, ID #13081, by hatershateme

How To Get LAPRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To do this you must go to silph co where you get the master ball. First you need to obtain the key thing. Then open every door til you find the guy that gives you a phr33 lapras! To do this you can't have obtained the master ball yet..

Happy Birfday!

Added 16 May 2010, ID #13061, by Pokemon 0wn5

Easy Catching Moltres

In Pokemon FireRed, there is 3 legendary bird, and one of them is Moltres.
When I battle it, I found a easy way to catch it. Now here is how:

1. You need a (eg. Flareon, Ponyta)
2. Then get a lot of great/Ultra balls
3. Find Moltres and Battle it
4. Use the Pokemon that has ability Flash Fire
5. Weaken it
6. Throw those balls on it

Added 20 Feb 2010, ID #13010, by Buneary


You can find magmar in the grassy area in the top left area of mt ember

Added 18 Feb 2010, ID #13008, by kamren3213

starter type

Here a good reasons for starter chosing

Charmander:if you chose charmander the first two gyms will be harder since charmander is fire type and the first gym is rock and the second is water charmanders biggest weaknesses but the rest of the gym's are easy

Bulbasaur:I would pick bulbasaur because like I said the first two gym's are rock and water those are weak against bulbasaur but on the 7th gym is fire type but by the time you get to the 7th gym you have to have a water type by then just to get to the island

Squirle:Squirtle would be good for the first gym then tie at the second then it's tough at the 3rd gym since your going up against raichu a lightning type

There are all my tips for starter Pokemon and please rate thanks

Added 30 Dec 2009, ID #12963, by bigeasyboy

Get FREE game corner coins!

Go to celdon city and go to the game corner and use the item finder and you will get free game corner coins!

Added 15 Oct 2009, ID #12928, by gamer.

Easy Way To Level Up Your Pokemon

Start off by leaving the Pokemon you want at the Daycare Center.
Next, make sure you have the Acro Bike. Head To Route 111 and find the place you need a Mach Bike to ride up. Since you have the Acro Bike, everytime you try to ride up it you slide back down before you reach the top.

Stand right in front of it and put some kind of weight on the Up button and leave it on over night while riding the Acro Bike.
Because the Up button is being pressed constantly, you keep going up and down, again and again. And since you have no service in the desert, you wont have to worry about anybody calling you!

Added 8 Oct 2009, ID #12915, by Gothic89

Celadon Game Corner Free Coins

There's free coins on the ground everywhere in the game corner! Usually near people who give you coins if you talk to them. The biggest prize is 100 coins 1 step back from the photo booth. If you stand in front of the booth and take one step back, your standing on them! Take 1 more step back to take them.

Added 4 Sep 2009, ID #12900, by muffins2464

4'th starter sort of

In both games you only have the choice of 3 Pokemon but if you catch the most valued Pokemon of them all at viridian forest(pikachu)and raise it as your starter it will be exepted as so because it can learn volt tackle from the old lady but your real starter still makes you have that whole decision thing with the legendary dogs.
I hope that this helped at least one of you.


Added 23 Aug 2009, ID #12892, by helichu

Good training

After you have defeated the Elite 4 and colected at least 60 different Pokemon
You need to talk to prof.Oak. When you do he will give you a rainbow pass alowing you to go to the Sevii islands.

Once you get this you need to go to 7 Island and start heading south.

There will be alot of trainers but there are 2 who give you a great amount of Exp in every battle.

You will first cross over the bridge and there will be a grassy area.
There are 2 pokerangers there battle them and then continue on.

Once past them you will need to go up the steps, at this point there will be 2 more pokerangers. Battle them and keep moveing.

Once past this you will see a rock use rock smash on this and then move up the steps on the other side.

At the top of the steps you will see a man dressed as a blackbelt trainer, but he will not battle you. Keep moving until you see 2 more pokerangers standing side by side.

These two are the ones you want to battle.
But more specificly just the girl.

She has a chansy and it's very strong.

Defeat these two and then go forward more you will go down another set of steps and you will see a house go into the house and talk to the man inside, he will then heal you with the chansy dance.

Once this is done go back to the girl with the chansy and use the Vs seeker to battle her again. Repeat this until you are at your desire level.

Added 20 Aug 2009, ID #12886, by Insane dude

infanite nuggets (no cheats)

Alright on nugget brige in cerulen city before you fight the rocket grunt lose to him and when you go back he will give you another nugget. To lose faster in the Pokemon center in front of Mt. Moon buy the magikarp and swich all your Pokemon out and only use the magikarp. Hope this helps.

Added 31 Jul 2009, ID #12857, by p00kemon master
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