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Quick Exp. cheat for Pokemon Sapphire


Quick Exp.

Quick Ways to Get Good EXP

Its a bother trying to get your Pokemon onto a higher lv. Dont cha just HATE all that work and getting almost no exp.? And the further up you go the less the exp. Is worth. This is my trick. It is useful before or after defeating the Elite 4, even though it is handy to have defeated them before.

Firstly, have a SUPER strong Pokemon, I used a lv. 71 Swampert to help evolve my wailmer into a wailord (yes, to get the regis) Anyhoo, It is a simple technique that you may have used.

Sidney used dark type Pokemon, so you might need a fighting or bug type or use a ice move.
So, firstly put the Pokemon you want to lv. Up in the first slot. When you begin, swap it out for your super strong Pokemon and smash it to smitherines. Do this with every pokemon. Both of the Pokemon will get exp. Points so it's a win/win. Just go as far as you can till all of your Pokemon are dead and keep trying. For one Pokemon battling sidney I got 900 exp., and the higher up you go, the more exp. You get.


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Jul 19th 2014 Guest
However there is the even simpler combination of both suggestions first pokemon with exp share is the one your training then swap out with the higher level tada a additional boost b combining the two suggestions.
ID #421705
May 14th 2011 Guest
id rather exp share with my lvl 100 sceptile so i get al the exp for the weaker pokemon
ID #42852
Apr 16th 2011 Guest
I prefer using exp.share rather than swapping...
It's Waste time and we will get hit after swapping...
ID #37665
Aug 16th 2010 Guest
Or you can just use the pkmn that you want to lvl and switch out to your strong pkmn which (I would suggest) is a lvl 100 so your pkmn that you want to lvl gets all the EXP Hope I helped!
ID #9089
Jun 11th 2010 Guest
Yeah Exp.share is alot better, you get it from Mr.Stone in Rustoboro city when you deliver the letter to Stephen in Dewford. Also if you play double battles with one pokemon holding the exp.share and the other one not then the pokeon holding the exp share will get 3 times as many exp points as the other pokemon. I did this with my magicarp and now I have a wicked Gyrdos!
ID #276
Jun 10th 2010 Guest
um... or just use a. exp share... much easier than swapping. and while you're at it give the first pokemon in ur party an amulet coin. then you can double your money while amping your pokemon!
ID #132
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