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Tons cheat for Pokemon Ruby



Hey I have a ton of stuff for you guys!!!

-Find the poke'block case in the contest hall in slateport city.

-Find the sun stone in mossdeep city.

-Here are all the TMs and HMs:
Hm01= cut
Hm02= fly
Hm03= surf
Hm04= strenth
Hm05= flash
Hm06= rock smash
Hm07= waterfall
Hm08= dive
Tm01= focus punch
Tm02= dragon claw
Tm03= water pulse
Tm04= calm wind
Tm05= roar
Tm06= toxic
Tm07= hail
Tm08= bulk up
Tm09= bullet seed
Tm10= hidden power
Tm11= sunny day
Tm12= taunt
Tm13= icebeam
Tm14= blizzard
Tm15= hyper beam
Tm16= light screen
Tm17= protect
Tm18= rain dance
Tm19= giga drain
Tm20= safeguard
Tm21= frustration
Tm22= solarbeam
Tm23= iron tail
Tm24= thunderbolt
Tm25= thunder
Tm26= earthquake
Tm27= return
Tm28= dig
Tm29= psychic
Tm30= shadow punch
Tm31= brick break
Tm32= double team
Tm33= reflect
Tm34= shock wave
Tm35= flamethrower
Tm36= sludge bomb
Tm37= sandstorm
Tm38= fire blast
Tm39= rock tomb
Tm40= aerial ace
Tm41= torment
Tm42= facade
Tm43= secrect power
Tm44= rest
Tm45= attract
Tm46= theif
Tm47= steel wing
Tm48= skill swap
Tm49= snatch(spelling)
Tm50= overheat

Thats in for now later!!

Added by: spads Jan 25th 2004, ID#1482


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