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Get the Regis cheat for Pokemon Ruby


Get the Regis

This is a long process. First you need a Pokemon that knows dig(at lv.45 nincada and at lv.41 trapinch can learn dig.Don't evolve it until they learn it.)a wailord,a Pokemon that knows dive,a Pokemon that knows surf,and a relicanth.Go to Pacificdlog town with a relicanth,the Pokemon that knows dig,and wailord.Use surf and go to the bottom of the of current.DON'T GO IN IT YET! Once at the bottom of the current(this isn't underwater by the way)go into it. Keep getting off at the bottom of each island until you get to one with no rocks,sand,and doesn't let you surf at the middle. If you stayed at the bottom of each island until this one you're doing good. Now walk to the end of the island going towards the left side in the middle(in other words walk straight towards the end).Use surf.You should be on top of a spot you can use dive in.Use dive.

Once underwater go down to the spot where there's dots(that's Brail by the way). Press B. You will be in the Sealed Chamber.Go to the front and press A on the spot in the center and then use Dig and a hole in the wall will appear and go in it.Now put relicanth in the front and wailord in the back of your party and go to the front of the room and press A. The ground and you will hear three doors opening. Registeel-go to route 120 near Lilycove and once you get inside the Ancient Tomb go to the center and use fly and a hole will open in the wall. Regice-go to Dewford town use surf at the top of the town and go to the left until you have to go up.Stay on the left and go up. Once there press A on the Brail in the middle and wait two minutes. Regirock- to the bottom of the desert and once inside press A on the middle of the brail and go two steps to the right and two steps down and use strength. Pack lots of Ultra Balls!

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Jul 3rd 2014 Guest
Cant get past the second room...
ID #411171
Oct 12th 2013 Guest
The power of the Regis are ice, steel and rock. They also all know ancient power~
ID #314065
Mar 1st 2013 Guest
got any short cuts?so long......
ID #259676
Jan 29th 2013 PokeShinysLord12
were the island???????????????
ID #247467
May 14th 2011 Guest
whats the power of 3 regis
ID #42828