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Pokemon Ruby Pack Shot

Pokemon Ruby

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telling how to get legendaries cheat for Pokemon Ruby

telling how to get legendaries

Ruby only!!!!!

after game (elite four) search everywhere but have wobbafett on level 40 and continusly throw time balls

cave of orgin don't use master ball get him to red health and throw ultra balls

after elite four go to pacifidlog surf west and there will be a hole sirf through it see sky pillar at the top theres rayquaza yull need the mach bikeuse ultra balls if not master ball regis thing:surf east from pacifidlog in the ocean current use dive at dive spot again at end at the not under water holes use dig and have wailord and relicanth with you

registeel east than north from lilycove use fly in the middle of the chamber regice north from dewford one point east press a at the dots wait 2 mins regirock in the bottom of the desert enter the chamber go 1 step down 2 sideways and use strength for all regis ultra balls

hope I helped good gaming

Feb 9th 2009, ID#12605


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Oct 25th 2014 Guest
I don't care for these horrible disgusting nasty really really bad cheats PS(The hole is in your room of your house and when you go in front of it a shiny charizard level 125 (it will have no attacks but when you catch it,it becomes cooler than raqauza level 1000)(the hole is in your wall)!
ID #463066
Mar 17th 2014 Blastoise9999
Were is the hole to sky pillar
ID #365183
Jul 28th 2011 Guest
that guest is wrong!!! u can catch regi pokemon w/out beating the elite four,,[size=12][/size] [color=red][/color]
ID #61938
Jul 7th 2011 Guest

To catch the regi's it's alot more complicated than that and here i'll tell you how.

Warning: do not rename these pokemon. If you plan on trading to pearl to make a certain pokemon you will need these three pokemon with their ORIGIGAYNAL names.What you need:-The Elite Four beaten

-Plenty of Ultra balls
-some timer balls (for when the ultra balls run out)
-Some Dive balls



You can catch a relicanth underwater but they are rare. I would recommend a pokemon that can put to sleep and using dive balls.
Wailords can be found on route 129 whilst surfing. Althought the internet will tell you these can be caught at levels 25-30, i found mine at level 36. i did this by getting a pokemon at level 35, putting this in first place, and then using a max repel. this way you will only find the desired wailord.

Now fly to Pacifidlog town and surf west until you find an area where you can dive. head through the door and to the end of the tunnel where there is some brail. now use dive again to surface in a cavern.

Here walk to the back wall and stand in the middle of the brail and use dig. A door will appear. Go through

In this cavern place your relicanth in first place and your Wailord in last place. There will be an earthquake and you will be told a door has opened far away. Now it's time to go and catch some Regi's! you will not need your relicanth or wailord again.

Fly to Lavaridge. Walk east and then north into the sandstorm. to the south of this sandstorm is a large rock with a door in. Go in! walk up to the brail and read it. From the middle of the brail walk two steps right and two steps down. Use strength. A door should have opened. Go in!

Press A on regirock to battle it. Simply work it's health down low and capture with one of your many ultra balls you brought along. (I know it is tempting to go into battle unprepared but i got this pokemon down to a tiny slither of health and put it to sleep and it still took me more than 30 ultra balls to catch.)

Fly to Dewford. Surf north along route 106 onto route 105. on the west edge of route 105 is an island to cross. surf north to find the large rock with a door in. Go in! read the middle bit of brail and wait for two minutes without moving. the door will open. (some websites tell you to go out and back in or to walk around the edge of the room or to read all three sections but if you just read the middle one and wait it will open.)

Then just catch Regice.

Fly to Lilycove. Walk west past the safari zone until you reach some steps. Walk through the grass into a rainy area with a large rock with a door in. Go in! go and read the brail. From the middle of the brail walk 4 steps down. This should be the middle of the room. Use fly. The door should open. Go in!

Press A on registeel to battle it. Simply work it's health down low and capture with one of your many ultra balls you brought along. (this pokemon is VERY hard to catch. harder than the other two regi's by far. i had to turn off my game boy when i used all 50 of my ultra balls and still hadn't caught it. it was asleep at this stage. i should have used timer balls.)
Regigagas capture the other three and when you walk in grass it will appar to you at level 100

Note: You don't have to beat the Elite four, all you need to do is at least beaten the 7th gym and obtain Dive.

ID #55729
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