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Pokemon Ruby Pack Shot

Pokemon Ruby

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The best matchups against the gym leaders hint for Pokemon Ruby

The best matchups against the gym leaders

The best way to haeve little trouble with the gym leaders is to utilize the following Pokemon while taking full advantage of their special abilities.

ROXANNE: this will be the easiet gym ever because your up against rocks which you can win with treecko, combusken, or mudkip. Shroomish, beautifly, makuhita(obtained through trade w/ a slackoth in rustboro), or lotad/lombre.

BRAWLY: He's harder but he should be overwhelmed if you use a lv. 15 beautifly, a taillow lv. 18, or sableye. Sableye is the easiest because he's part ghost so most of brawly's attacks except the makuhita's knock off, which isn't much of a problem.

WATTSON: His magneton is the only real problem. A graveler, combusken, marshtop, breloom, or hariyama should take care care of him. Graveler and marshtop are the best because wattson's shockwave can't can't hurt them at all

FLANNERY: Flannery's hard only because the torkoal doesn't die. If the following Pokemon you use are females then you should be ok (torkoal will use attract if it's a male). Marshtop/swampert, graveler/golem, numel/camerupt, wingull/pelipper should do you good.

NORMAN: another hard gym leader but with the following Pokemon you should be ok. Graveler/golem, combusken/blaziken, breloom, hariyama, machoke/machamp, or marshtop/swampert.

WINOA: The altaria is the hard one, but with proper Pokemon skills you should be able to take her down quickly. For the swellow, manectric, lairon, graveler/golem, pickachu/raichu, girafarig, or rhyhorn/rhydon. Peliper will fall to any electric pokemon. Skarmory will be taken down easily with any fire or electric type. For altaria you can use any thing with ice beam and high sp. Atk or you could use gyarados or even if your persistent about it, Flygon.

TATE & LIZA: hard but with high special attackers, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Sharpedo, any evolved ghost, sableye, swampert, sceptile, flygon, lairon/aggron, mightyena, cacturne, crawdawnt, absol, shiftry any water type. But it's easier said then done.

WALLACE: simple, but you may have some difficulty with the milotic. Use the following: groudon w/ solarbeam, kyogre w/ thunder, sceptile, any grass type, any lightning type/ anything w/ a lightning move.

And that should get you through the gym leaders with minimal problems.

Added by: Tyranitar080592
Feb 2nd 2009, ID#12592


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