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Best Team To Beat Pokemon Elite 4 cheat for Pokemon Ruby


Best Team To Beat Pokemon Elite 4

These are the 6 Pokemon I used to beat the Pokemon league

Tropius Level 59
Swampert Level 66
Sharpedo Level 59
Torkoal Level 64
Swellow Level 62
Aggron Level 64

Or use the following 6 Pokemon which is easier to beat the elite 4

Exploud Level 60
Flygon Level 64
Salamence Level 61
Blaziken Level 67
Gardevoir Level 58
Armaldo Level 59

Added by: PokemonMasterx234 Feb 11th 2008, ID#11768 and get
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Swampert Lvl 60ish
Absol Lvl 60ish
Machamp Lvl 65ish
Dodrio Lvl 60ish
Raichu Lvl 60ish
Walrein Lvl 65ish

My team^

Added 20th Oct 2013, ID #315402

What I used is just Swampert with:
Ice Beam

In lower levels, it might assistance, but when it gets above 80, it will be strong enough.

Added 15th Mar 2013, ID #263896

lol its weird but i used just a medicham.. lvl like 83
high jump kick for dark, ice, and steel. then i used heart scale to teach it ice punch for the dragons and basically for the ghost elite i powered through it with psychic

Added 9th Feb 2013, ID #252365

Guys, unless you cheat or did a trade you can't get Rayquaza before the Elite Four.

Added 15th Aug 2012, ID #176369

Manectric (I like Pikachu, but you only get him in Safari Zone and at a lower level)

Thunderbolt; you get stab, it might give the opponent paralysis, and it's great. Thunder, I know it hasn't got the greatest accuracy, but it never failed me. Shock Wave; you get stab, never misses, and it isn't that weak. For the last move, I did Bite. I don't know if you can teach him Crunch, you should if you could though. If you can teach him Rain Dance (I know it sounds weird, but some Pokemon have opposite moves. Like a Dragon Type with Ice Beam or something). Rain Dance gives Thunder 100% accuracy. Oh, and make sure you have Static Ability. Any Physical move (like Tackle or Body Slam) that touches a pokemon with static ability the opponent with be paralyzed.

Gardevoir (or Alakazam, but Gardevoir is easier to get by far)

Psychic, if you didn't give Gardevoir Psychic in the first place... Well, it's amazing and has stab. Future Sight, it's a nasty surprise for all the other Pokemon. You use Future Sight it doesn't attack right away. You need to wait a few turns, but if Gardevoir faints after she uses Future Sight a few turns later and it still attacks. And you get stab. Hypnosis you need if you want the powerful Dream Eater. Hypnosis doesn't have good accuracy, but it's not horrible so you should put it on. Oh, and the trace ability is pretty cool and useful if you know how to use it.

Aggron (He's awesome; I taught him Ice Beam so he could defeat the dragons and Steven's Cradily. I also taught him Brick Break for the Ice. I put a Quick Claw on him so he could fight them without being OHKO first though.)

Brick Break for the ice types. Earthquake for the fire types that will be effective because of his steel. Iron Tail, not too good accuracy, but it has great attack power. Flamethrower for the ice types as well (wow, I hate ice types don't I?). And a Filler. Maybe Sandstorm because you can't get effected by it and it hurts everything else.

Walrein (This one is important.)

Level Walrein up level 61 or more. Teach him Sheer Cold (it has low accuracy depending on the level, but it's a one hit knock out move to anyone who gets it, even fire types I believe. Teach him Hail. Why Hail? Because Hail heals Walrein 1/4 health if Walrein has ice body (an ability you need to make him all powerful). Hail also makes Blizzard have 100% accuracy and stick a powerful Ice Beam on him to make all pokemon weak or not weak to Walrein shiver with fear.

Salamence (Or Flygon, though Salamence has a monster attack.)

Dragon Claw to get a stab move. Teach him Fly. I know it's not that good, but you get Stab and the opponent usually misses and wastes a move when trying to get you. Double-Edge. He learns it at 93, but a girl in Sootopolis City Pokemon Center teaches any pokemon with it. Make sure Salamence has the Rock Head ability because Double-Edge takes tons of health in recoil and Rock Head prevents that. Oh, and then you can stick a filler of whatever you like. It's a shame Salamence can't use Overheat, though.

Sixth Pokemon; people would usually do a legendary. If you do want to do a Legendary I would suggest Groudon, Regice, Registeel, or Regirock (since those are the only ones you can catch in Ruby before the Elite Four because sadly Rayquaza isn't available before then). Groudon and Registeel are your best choices for a legendary. Both have great defense and offense and can be super effective to at least a couple Pokemon each. Registeel's SuperPower move can knockout any Ice Pokemon and can do well against Steven. Groudon is amazing and can do well against Steven. I mean Earthquake can just sweep them all up. I strongly suggest Groudon or some other fire type. Ninetales is alright.

Now, which pokemon for which person?

Dark - Aggron, Manectric (Brick Break)
Ghost - Salamence, Manectric (Why? Because he has an amazing attack and to tell you the truth the longer you fight against the ghosts the harder it gets and you want to knock them out fast. Manectric has good attack and speed and can learn bite.)
Ice - Manectric (Most Ice Pokemon fortunately double with Water, but Gardevoir will do fine)
Dragon - Walrein, Aggron, and Salamence (If you decided to teach Aggron Ice Beam; if Salamence has a good speed it will defeat them easily. Oh and Gardevoir again just to help)
Steven - All Pokemon except for Manectric.

Yeah, you really need a good fire type pokemon. If you don't want to use a legendary because you like difficulty then don't use Groudon. Use Ninetales, please. Steven's Aggron knows SolarBeam so unless you knock it out it will knock out Groudon. It also has Thunder, but Thunder doesn't always hit so you might get away.

And bring a lot of HP items.

Added 15th Aug 2012, ID #176368

what i used was a sharpedo lvl 48 , sceptile lvl 53 , groudon lvl 54 , wailord lvl 45 , armaldo lvl 50 , and swellow lvl 47 and that's it

Added 4th Aug 2012, ID #172214

breloom level 55 sky upercut giga drain headbut flash swelow level 54 return fly steel wing aerialace aggron level 56 rock smash thunder iron tail stength absol level 54 perish song slash shadow ball thunder bolt baziken level 58 double kick overheat blaze kick slash walrein level 57 blizard waterfall dive surf and thats it

Added 17th Jun 2012, ID #153728

All you need is a rayquaza lvl 80 or higher with fly extremespeed outrage and hyper beam

Added 6th Oct 2011, ID #78656

oh yeah?? what about a blaziken lvl.1oo and a rayquaza lv. 80 and up?? thts all I need.

Added 10th Sep 2011, ID #73825

i used
altaria lv57
gyarados lv56
weezing 57
raichu 58
claydol lv56
toarkal 58

Added 28th Aug 2011, ID #70820

i just used swampert grounden and the three regis all at lvl 55 n kicked some but with 20 revives and full restors

Added 15th Jul 2011, ID #58126

ik deed het met 4 pokemon :
aggron lv72
swampert lv 76
grouden lv 82
wailord lv 75

Added 19th Jul 2010, ID #5128


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