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How to beat the elite four! hint for Pokemon LeafGreen


How to beat the elite four!


LEADER: Lorelei
Pokemon TYPE: Ice
Pokemon: Dewgong lv. 52 ; Slowbro lv. 52 ; Lapras lv. 54 ; Cloyster lv. 51 ; Jynx lv. 54
HOW TO WIN: Zapdos is the Pokemon to use here. Use thunder on Dewgong, thunder on slowbro, thunderbolt twice on Lapras, thunder on Cloyster, then switch to Moltres (or Charizard if you have him) and use flamethrower on Jynx. When you win, you get a little over $10,000 for winning. Then move on to Bruno after you do necessary healing, switching etc. Switch your leader to Dragonite then head on to Bruno's room.

Pokemon TYPE: Rock/Fighting
Pokemon: Onix lv. 51 ; Hitmonchan lv. 53 ; Hitmonlee lv. 53 ; Machamp lv. 56 ; Onix lv. 54
HOW TO WIN: Using your Dragonite, surf on both onixes, they will go down in 1 shot. Use wing attack on the remaining 3 pokemon. Machamp will require 2 wing attacks. You will get your money after defeating Bruno. Use necessary potions and put Alakazam in the leader slot.

LEADER: Agatha
Pokemon TYPE: Ghost/Poison
Pokemon: Gengar lv. 54 ; Golbat lv. 54 ; Arbok lv. 56 ; Gengar lv. 58 ; Haunter lv. 53
HOW TO WIN: Use psychic on the Gengars and Haunter. Don't even mess around with the Golbat and Arbok. Use Zapdos's thunder on them to kill them in one shot. They can poison you and that's not good at all. Use necessary potions and switch your leader to Zapdos.

Pokemon TYPE: Dragon
Pokemon: Gyrados lv. 56 ; Aerodactyl lv. 58 ; Dragonair lv. 54 ; Dragonair lv. 54 ; Dragonite lv. 60
HOW TO WIN: This guy is hard. Kill his Gyrados in 1 shot with a thunder from Zapdos. Kill his Aerodactyl by using Kadabra/Alakazam's shadow ball until Aerodactyl is at about half life. Then use Psychic and he should be through. I don't know what to say about the Dragon types, but to use brute force and knock them down little by little. Don't use a fire type for the dragonairs because they know surf. But I suggest using a hyper beam when you get the Dragonite down to half life. You should be able to get by with thunderbolts and thunders on the Dragonairs. Lance will admit defeat and almost crown you Pokemon League Champion. Then he mentions that someone did it before you and his name is GARY! You're not done yet, you have one more challenge. Use potions as needed and prepare yourself for the hardest battle yet.

Pokemon TYPE: All/Against you
Pokemon: Pidgeot lv. 61 ; Rhydon lv. 61 ; Alakazam lv. 59 ;
IF YOU HAVE A CHARIZARD: Blastoise lv. 65 ; Exeggutor lv. 63 ; Arcanine lv. 61
IF YOU HAVE A BLASTOISE: Venusaur lv. 65 ; Gyrados lv. 61 ; Arcanine lv. 63
IF YOU HAVE A VENUSAUR: Charizard lv. 65 ; Gyrados lv. 63 ; Exeggutor lv. 63
HOW TO WIN: Thunder his Pidgeot, Surf his Rhydon, Flamethrower his Alakazam. Here's where your birds take a huge role. If you have a Venusaur, send out either Dragonite or Articuno and water down that Charizard. If you have a Blastoise, get out your Moltres and use the most powerful fire attack you have on the Venusaur. If you have a Charizard, get out your Zapdos and use thunder on the Blastose. Use a fire attack on Exeggutor and your special attack on Arcanine after it's life is below 3/4.

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To hard and I have good pokemon.

Added 1st Feb 2015, ID #510513

Hey, how do you expect us to have all those pokemon?
(i mean like dragonite, i don't have him.)

Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #430401

I always lose like all of pokemon on lorelli and never get past Agatha. . My team are all lvl 50 and higher and consist of blastoise, machoke, onix, lapras farfetched and Mr mime.. help?

Added 27th May 2014, ID #389600

put ur team at lvl 55 so that u can lvl them up beating the elite 4 to lvl 60ish

Added 23rd Dec 2013, ID #333124

I just use my level 100 rattata :P every time i go to the elite four

Added 17th Oct 2013, ID #315078

The first time I beat the Elite Four I used Charizard, Jynx, Dragonair, Gyarados, Victreebel, and...Lapras, I think. But after a lot of training and more adventuring, my Lv. 100 Mewtwo was able to beat it all by itself. It knows Confusion, Psychic, Ice Beam, and Flamethrower. So, after beating the Elite Four once, when you get Mewtwo just teach it Ice Beam and Flamethrower (you can also replace Ice Beam with Thunderbolt, but it's easier to defeat Tyranitar if Charizard was your starter pokemon with Ice Beam), level it up a bit and you'll have no problem beating the Elite Four however many times you plan to do it.

Added 27th Jun 2013, ID #293221

It depends on what moves it knows and what moves you choose to use.

Added 27th Jun 2013, ID #293208

kadabra must be traded to evolve

Added 19th Apr 2013, ID #275641

don't copy that use snorlax then add hyper beam to him it will kill dewgon but leave a tiny bit of life what's her name will use a full restore so use gyrose's double chop it will take a bit of life away then use snorlaxe's hyper beam i should kill dwegon use hyper beam on all the others but lapras will have a tiny bit of life left so use gyros to defeat lapras

Added 2nd Apr 2013, ID #269684

you have to trade kadabra to evolve it into alakazam

Added 23rd Mar 2013, ID #266216

Dragon is afraid of ice. I used Dewgong's blizzard twice and Dragonite a super effective way.

Added 26th Feb 2013, ID #258841

HEY! When i won the league, they showed who made the game and all that stuff. But after that the game wrote: THE END. And it startet all over again! What happend?

Added 18th Feb 2013, ID #255624

how do i evolve my kadabra its on level 73 and its not holding any item that would stop him from evolving

Added 20th Jan 2013, ID #244636

for the dragons use ice attacks

Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #211885

I have the zaptos-52, moltres-51, articuno-50, charzard-71, hitmonpee-34 and gyarados-32 what is the best way to level them up enough to beat the elite four?

Added 24th Oct 2012, ID #200713

True, but there are plenty of other Pokemon who you can catch and train that would have a better chance against your rival's starter. Say you chose Bulbasaur, he would obviously choose Charmander. All you need to do is to catch a water type, like Poliwrath or Gyaradose (when they evolve)

And I'm not saying that Blastoise isn't a good choice, he is a beast when used properly, so I see where you're coming from (:

Added 13th Oct 2012, ID #195628

Dudes, the best starter for leaf green is Blastoise.
Because even if your rival choses Venusaur, Blastoise can learn Ice Beam and it can defeat Venusaur easily.

Added 13th Oct 2012, ID #195564

I would recommend evolving Pigeotto into Pigeot, and Kadabra into Alakazam. As for Zapdos, he's not aa necessity, if you can find another strong Electric type, he would work just as well. And if you would post the move sets of those three Pokemon, I'll tell you whether they're good or not.

Added 19th Jun 2012, ID #154334

i have a specific question; if i have all 3 starters through trade is that decent for half the team the others being pideoto, zapdos, and kadabra

Added 18th Jun 2012, ID #154086


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