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game shark code for Pokemon FireRed


Hey, this code will help you catch your opponent's pokemon.

I mean that if you are in a battle with any trainer , you can catch the opponents Pokemon by using this cheat.

Note: Press L+R before using the Pokeball.

4D83B1BF E0F5F507
8E883EFF 92E9660D
B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
90B4977C C0151DC2

This code is reall cool as you can catch the Charizard of Gary!!!!!!!!

Once you have caught the opponent's Pokemon the match ends there.


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Added by: latiaslatios_dv Oct 2nd 2008, ID#12390 and get
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what s the code name

Added 30th Oct 2014, ID #465223

Pls. Help me i dont know how use this cheat pls. Help me i want to use this cheat

Added 29th Oct 2014, ID #464842

Can we catch pokemon when battle with friend ? If can, is there a risk to crash friend game ?

Added 20th Oct 2014, ID #460800

This cheat is very scary my friend's pokemon is a bad egg I summary then I realized ( I know the effect) his progress crashed I feel sorry for him

Added 12th Oct 2014, ID #457643

ok ive got gba emulator when i try to save it say invalid code blah blah so now what how am i supposed to save it?

Added 30th Sep 2014, ID #453335

thanks bro it worked but sometimes the wrong pokemon is owned. no probs good code
thanks a lot

Added 28th Sep 2014, ID #452531

Help I got 3 BAD EGGS HELP......

Added 21st Sep 2014, ID #450379

I always got bad eggs please help

Added 20th Sep 2014, ID #449805

I always got bad eggs please help

Added 20th Sep 2014, ID #449803

lol u can also run from trainer battle with this

Added 18th Sep 2014, ID #449091

trainer blocked the pokeball(master Ball)

Added 15th Sep 2014, ID #448075

This dose not work for me, I have tried this code so many times, I catch the pokemon by using the code, did the way it says how, and when the battle is over, I check my pokemon that I have with me and the one I got by battle, and the pokemon I got from battle is a bad egg, I don't want it to be a bad egg I want it to be a pokemon that I can start training when I catch it from the battle. this code dose not work for me.
(PS. I'm not being rude I'm just saying its not working and I'm saying its not working for me, I'm not saying about others)

Added 12th Sep 2014, ID #446831

It will not work I have gb4ios and it said" The trainer blocked it." Don't be a theif!"

Added 24th Aug 2014, ID #440362

I cought a Ivysaur with this code thanks!

Added 20th Aug 2014, ID #438651

No it doesn't work. It gives me the stupid bad eggs

Added 12th Aug 2014, ID #435645

If you go to options, set button mode to L=A. Press R then L when you highlight the Pokeball and it should work. I have VBA8 emulator and if the Pokemon I catch isn't the first sent out by the trainer it won't be added to my Pokedex

Added 10th Aug 2014, ID #434147

U have to give them a nickname for the pokemon to get the actual pokemon

Added 25th Jul 2014, ID #424963

It does not work it won't even let me use it is it gameshark or action replay or codebreaer]Help me !]

Added 24th Jul 2014, ID #424613

It is not working

Added 22nd Jul 2014, ID #423275

Really works first i was stupid and forgot to turn on the cheat but it actually worked!!

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414637

This hack is boss once you caught the pokemon you want you can catch a ditto and take them both to a daycare the allows you to take in two pokemon and wait a little then talk to old man and he says the made a egg

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414542

It always shows the same pokemon over and over again when i catch Gary's Pidgey. What am I doing wrong? D:

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413800

It works for me! Throw poke ball of any type then tap L&R like crazy and it works.

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411524

no working....

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411221

it doesnt work on my GBA4iOS , it save the code but it just doesnt work .

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411114

What is the cheat codes name

Added 29th Jun 2014, ID #408866

Hey guys it's as working for me for about a week them alll of a sudden it stopped and now all I get r bad eggs. Please help !!!!!!!!

Added 27th Jun 2014, ID #407453

I almost forgot.. When using my code I just put on here, makesure you press L and R at the same time before throwing a pokeball. You can either catch their pokemon or you can run away from the battle haha.

Added 14th Jun 2014, ID #399321

I keep getting bad eggs

Added 12th Jun 2014, ID #398517

Does. This glitch work or not all i get are bad eggs

Added 3rd Jun 2014, ID #393413

I have alot of BAD EGGS

Added 3rd Jun 2014, ID #393179

Something happened where now the screen is black when I try to load my game. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?

Added 27th May 2014, ID #389651

it doesnt wor dude it just turn into a bad egg

Added 27th May 2014, ID #389485

Ok so here's the thing, I've tried it in many ways and still get the bad egg, tried all the tips in different ways bit nothing... I do believe the cheat works but I'm obviously still doing something wrong.
Could someone help pls

So there's 4 codes right? I've figured that the last one is the one that lets you be able to send the pokeball and not be blocked by the adversary,

90B4977C C0151DC2

What are the other three for?

4D83B1BF E0F5F507
8E883EFF 92E9660D
B6C5368A 08BE8FF4

And what does USA mean?

Also I tried the nickname tip and having a free space In the pokemon I carry and also taking the cheat off once I throw the pokeball...

I really want it to work..
Thanks Dan

Added 16th May 2014, ID #384610

Guys the code isn't bad, do what the instructions tell you and when you throw the pokeball turn the code off(I have gba4ios just go to menu, then cheats, and disable it) the code works thanks dude

Added 20th Apr 2014, ID #376784

Doesnt work, went into a battle and my game reset itself

Added 18th Apr 2014, ID #376195

it gave me a rotten egg >:(

Added 15th Apr 2014, ID #375059

Doesn't worrk help!!!

Added 12th Apr 2014, ID #374166

When I used the poke ball the old guys comes put to catch it & that's the end of it. Where'd my Pokemon go?

Added 5th Apr 2014, ID #371679

It doesnt work it just shows it as ? In a circle and when ithrow apokeball it freezes but there is still battle music

Added 4th Apr 2014, ID #371289

To get it working properly, you need to have ONLY the cheat specified to be enabled. Just keep it enabled, you don't have to turn the cheat on and off. When you are battling a trainer, go to your bag, press the L Button and the R button at the same time, for 3-4 times to be sure. The help screen should pop up for the cheat to become valid. After that, catch it with a Pokeball. If it still isn't doing it, maybe you did something wrong or your copy of the game is broken, etc...

Added 21st Mar 2014, ID #366483

i keep on getting BAD EGGS!!!!!

Added 20th Mar 2014, ID #366199

When I try and throw a Poke-Ball it just hovers there where my Pokemon should be, what's causing this?

Added 3rd Feb 2014, ID #351377


code rater
Added 26th Jan 2014, ID #348469

guys if ur game resets theres a code that gives you all the badges try it and if you know chi in youtube he can help you with ur pokemons you can even use it in other versions for example chikorita is in firered deoxis is in firered[img][/img]

Added 10th Jan 2014, ID #341904

when you catch pokemon its a bad egg

Added 4th Jan 2014, ID #339130

it is working in the battle tower?????

Added 22nd Dec 2013, ID #332556

How do you do this on ios

Added 20th Dec 2013, ID #331671

it woooooorks thnx so much too much and whatever you want !!!

Added 6th Dec 2013, ID #325724

It works well, but everyone should watch out cause sometimes a ???????????? pokemon appears, and if you kill or catch it the game corrupts :/

Added 16th Feb 2013, ID #255022

Hey when i caught a Paras it was on my pc Then i was like WHERES PARAS?
And it was a bad egg
Thanks for making me reset.

Added 1st Feb 2013, ID #248595

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