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Game Shark Codes

Cloning Pokemon
Entry Location:
Battle Frontier

You can clone any Pokemon

Here's how:

First of all, you must have already "unlocked" Battle Frontier, by beating the Elite 4. Afterwards, fly there and find the Battle Tower. Now, before you can clone your Pokemon, you need to already have it in your party. Go to the PC and deposit that Pokemon, exit the PC and save. Now open your PC again, and get that Pokemon you wanted to clone. Talk to the LINK MULTI BATTLE ROOM lady. Tell her CHALLENGE. Now choose the category of the Pokemon to be cloned and select two Pokemon. Now the lady will say: "Before entering BATTLE ROOM, your progress must be saved. Is that okay?" Say YES. Now you will notice a small time gap.

Your Pokemon has been successfully cloned!

When the text "Would you like to save the game?" appears, tell her NO. Now turn off your game, and turn it on again. You will notice the Pokemon in your party and in your PC.

This glitch works with every Pokemon. Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys and it's completely safe, as long as you follow these steps. Even Rayquaza, Kyogre and Groudon can be cloned even tough they can't participate. The most important thing is that you've got two Pokemon that can.

Berry Master's Wife Codes
Cool Latios: Durin Berry
Overwhelming Latias: Spelon/Watmel I don't remember
Challenge Contest: Pamtre Berry
Great Battle: Whatever you didn't get in Overwhelming Latias

Warp to Location (Note 7)
Faraway Island
Birth Island
Navel Rock
Southern Island

Gain 5000 Exp
P.S if you keep holding R+A you can get your Pokemon to level 100! It worked for me and it will work for you.
Battle Deoxys [R+Sel]

Receive BP [Hold Select]
10C6FC61 E2C9
F64140A2 76A5
10C6FC61 E2C9
10C6FC61 E2C9
79D9F5A5 D6FF

Pokemon modifier

Master Code





Again itís a "WARP TO PETALBURG" thing. WHY PETALBURG!? But with this new "cheat combo" you can stay at the Battle Frontier.

The codes you need for this are simple

Easy win (singles)
Warp to Battle Frontier

For those of you who already know where I'm going, good for you. But if you don't follow these easy steps.

1) Go into the Battle factory with these codes on.
2) Enter in any level area you want.
3) Pick the 3 rentals you want to have.
4) Using the easy wins swap out for the Pokemon you either want or need. But they will not register in your Pokedex.
5) When you win the seventh match. As they say they're defeat phrase press and hold the L button. If you hold it for long enough then you will enter the reception room of the battle frontier. 6) Save your game.
7) Go back for more

Pokemon: 83007D220xxx Replace xxx with numbers shown below example: 83007D220001 which will get you Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur

Note 1: View Trainer Card. Note 2: Press R+A whilst
EXP Gained is displayed. Note 3: Press L+R+Dwn. Use with Starter to
Receive code. Note 4: Use one per load. Use with Receive Starter. Note 5: Press Select+A+A. Note 6: Use with Re-Battle
Use one per load. Note 7: Hold

I have used, all these codes, and they all work.

Added by: xacto14 May 6th 2009, ID#12731 and get
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23 comments, latest first.
thanks working on me.!!

Added 12th Jan 2015, ID #500388

Made mine an egg

Added 17th Oct 2014, ID #459425

i us cloning pokemon but it not work dude!!!

Added 19th Jun 2014, ID #402253

Hw to make pokemon come to level 100

Added 22nd May 2014, ID #387009

i cant clown my pokemons

Added 29th Mar 2014, ID #369344

my lombre,blaziken,kyogre,groudon,and rayquaza was crashed when i do the cloningf thing in battle tower
the moves of their own was a four SKETCH and every one of them.....

Added 27th Feb 2014, ID #359430

I tried using the "steal pokemon from frontier" code, but it didn't work

Added 26th Jul 2013, ID #300425

hey dude.. how about a cheat to get a exp share? mine got lost because my kadabra got glitched.. it turned invisible in the box.... what am i gonna do??

Added 12th Mar 2013, ID #262901

The modifyee code for deyoxys turned my relicanth into a plusle...
I got the deoxys afterwards tho :-) ty for the fabulous codes!

Added 17th Sep 2012, ID #186951

How do i make a backup file of the game if i am using vba

Added 19th Jul 2012, ID #166023

You know the cloning thing i u put an item on the pokemon and clone it. it will clone the item aswell!!!!

Added 26th May 2012, ID #145657

hmm.. did your battlefactory thing and ended up with a bad egg..

Added 7th May 2012, ID #140192

about the master code r those zeros or o's & is it 1 code or 2

Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #136047

clone glitch worked well enough for me
am using gameboid emulator for android

Added 2nd Mar 2012, ID #119673

When i use my gameboid i put gameshark codes and it doesent work

Added 15th Jul 2011, ID #58255

i have tried the wild modifier code, it is risky but does work under right conditions. I am using a VBA

First, make a backup file of the game.

Enter code
Catch it with an empty slot in your party.
DO NOT catch it if it says the name of a pokemon native to that area. remove code or close game and try again.

the common crashes are when you move it to the front of your party. If that works go battle a pokemon or two maybe try levelling up.

access your PC, it may crash there. If not deposit it into an empty box then shut down PC. Re-start it and withdraw it, repeate above testing it out. If no crashes then I think you are ok.

I did this with Jirachi and a masterball

Added 17th Jan 2011, ID #25731

Using Gameboid, the pokemon modifier codes crashed my game, with master code on and off.

Added 5th Dec 2010, ID #20313

Erm, i dont get the "Bulbusaur" thing, what do you do?

Added 24th Nov 2010, ID #19174

the clone glich will mess up your game!
i did it te clone glich and it cleared my
game. if you want to do it still thats your choice
i did try to warn you just be carefull.

Added 30th Oct 2010, ID #16750

How do you use the pokemon modifier. Is the master code and the other one in the same code? Where is the pokemon supposed to appear after you put the code in and start the game.

Added 20th Oct 2010, ID #15736

the modifier codes dont work. even with the master code on they dont work.

Added 23rd Sep 2010, ID #13408

the pokemon modifier crashed my game.

Added 29th Aug 2010, ID #10666

The exp would not stop I turned it and the master code off and it just kept leveling my pokemon

Added 6th Jul 2010, ID #3225


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