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Hints + Cheats cheat for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories


Hints + Cheats

Bonus Stories
Unlockable How to Unlock
Riku's story mode Finish the story mode with Sora.

Boss Cards for Riku.
In Riku's Story Mode, your Red attack cards are lost and replaced with new ones from level to level, but you can also obtain Black cards that don't disappear.

To use them, press Select during a battle.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Captain Hook Boss Card Beat Neverland (Level 2,3,4,or 5)
Darkside Boss Card Beat Twilight Town (Level 10)
Dragon Maleficient Boss Card Beat Hollow Bastion (Level 1)
Genie Jafar Boss Card Beat Agrabah (Level 2,3,4,or 5)
Guard Armor Boss Card Beat Traverse Town (Level 2,3,4,or 5)
Hades Boss Card Beat Olympus Colloseum (Level 6,7,8,or 9)
Oogie Boogie Boss Card Beat Halloween Town (Level 6,7,8,or 9)
Parasite Cage Boss Card Beat Monstro (Level 2,3,4,or 5)
Trickmaster Boss Card Beat Wonderland (Level 6,7,8,or 9)
Ursula Boss Card Beat Atlantica (Level 6,7,8,or 9)

Link Mode
To unlock the "Link" feature of this game, you must also fulfill the conditions to unlock "Reverse Rebirth."
Unlockable How to Unlock
"Link" Mode Unlock "Reverse Rebirth" Mode
"Reverse Rebirth" Mode Complete Sora's Story Mode

Ultima Weapon
Beat Reverse Rebirth mode to unlock Ultma Weapons for Sora. (You can buy them in Moogle Shops)
Contributed By: santanian
Unlockable cards
Complete the task in order to get the reffered card.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Ansem Card in Sora's Story Beat Reverse Rebirth and find it in a chest in Castle Oblivion
Bambi Summon Card Lead Pooh to the end of 100 Acre Wood
Blazing Donald Skill Open Key of Rewards Door in Agrabah
Blizzrad Raid Use Calm Bounty in Olympus Colleseum
Captain Hook Card Beat Captain Hook
Cloud summon card Defeat Hades
Darkside Card Beat Darkside
Diamond Dust In Collisieum use key to rewards
Dragon Maleficent Card Beat Maleficent
Dumbo summon card Finish "Monstro" level
Fire Raid Use Calm Bounty in Halloween Town
Genie Summon Card Defeat Jafar
Gravity Raid Skill Open Key of Rewards Door in Halloween Town
Hades Card Beat Hades
Jafar Card Beat Jafar
Lexaeus Card in Sora's Story Beat Reverse Rebirth and find it in a chest in Castle Oblivion
Lionheart In Traverse Town use the key to rewards.
Mega-Elixir Item Card Open the Key to Rewards Door in Destiny Islands (requires 33 points of each type of card and a Key to Rewards card)
Metal Chocobo In Collisieum use key to rewards.
Mushu summon card Randomly found inside one of the doors opened with the golden bar card
Mushu Summon Card Open Key of Rewards Door in Hollow Bastion
One-winged angel In Hollow Bastion or Colliseium use key to rewards.
Riku Card Beat Riku IV
Simba Summon Card Defeat Guard Armor
Spellbinder In Traverse Town use key to rewards.
Stop Raid Skill Open Key of Rewards Door in WonderLand
Thunder Raid Skill Open Key of Rewards Door in Neverland
Tinkerbell Summon Card Defeat Captain Hook
Ursula Card Beat Ursula
Water Splash Skill Open Key of Rewards Door in Monstro

Unlimited Moogle Points
For this secret open two connecting rooms, and wipe out all the enemies inside. The places were moogle points are regenerate after you leave a room and return, but the enemies don't.

Just go back and forth in those two rooms to get all the moogle points you want. I find that you get about 2000 in about 5 minutes or so, depending upon how lucky you are.

Added by: akshay Dec 22nd 2004, ID#3900 and get
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