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Yesterday, I read someone that posted that you should make Lini, the mog knight wich you get from doing a quest with "The Hero Goal" item, BUT, He said that she was one of the best persons in the game to kill the Li-Grim, he said: To beat the Li-Grim easy get Lini to 25+ and get a lot of good stuff on her, she can do major damage to the li-grim because that she has one of the ultima skills... (And now I'm clearing this up)


Using Ultima Attacks wheter it's, Ultima Masher, Ultima Blade, Ultima Shot or WHATEVER, That will not damage the Li-Grim, it WILL at any cost HEAL the li-grim, if you don't belive me, you can just go ahead and check for yourself, Ultima attacks do NOT work on the li-grim, and now back to the helping thing about Marche I was going to say.

1st of all, get Marche the Double Sword Support Skill wich can be obtained by becoming a Ninja(Learning 2Thief skills) And equip the Nosada wich ou get from getting your smiting lvl to 15(Just do materite and adamantite quests)

Then get the double sword support skill, then swich Marche's class to archer, master 2 skills, go hunter and get the "bow that teaches hunters Ultima Shot" I forgot the name sorry, well anyways-

Master that skill, then, go and become a Paladin, and keep the Hunter shortcut skill to your 2nd action command so you can still use hunter skills, then become a paladin(Master 2Soldier Skills)

And equip him with excalibur & excalibur2 wich can be obtained by doing a certain quest.

As for the reason to become a paladin is because the excalibur alone doesn't to much damage, BUT, with excalibur 2, the damage double's!

If, for excample you were to equip excalibur and another weapon wich has the same attack as excalibur2, lets just say 400 =/ But, if you equip the excalibur and excalibur2, the damage DOUBLE'S, because it's the same blade or whatever and it's the blade that paladins are supposed to use, so the damage doesn't become 400 now wich it would be if you used another regular weapon with the same attack as excalibur2, it becomes 800!!! DOUBLE DAMAGE!

And of course, using the Ultima Shot with these to blade'sm I am lvl 56 atm and I have done all the quests, this isn't a bragging thing or whatever you think I'm trying to do, it's just helping to new ppl that wants Marche to do AMAZING attacks(HOWEVER) this hint does not concern if you are fighting the li-grim nor another holy creature, instead of destroying it, it will clearly make it to YOUR DISADVANTAGE, When I fight Llednar I normally do 1200damage to him alone with the excalibur's and the ultima shot, I'm not even going to dare to tell you how much damage I do when I use combo's C.c

Well, thnx for reading if you did bother to read all this stuff that I wrote :P

Until Next Time!
Your Humblest, Sora Aurion.

Added by: Sora Aurion Jul 5th 2007, ID#11057


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