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All known codes of dbz legacy of goku II when i searched.. Hope game shark code for Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II


All known codes of dbz legacy of goku II when i searched.. Hope

North American version

Trunks Infinite Health:
Trunks Max Health:
3CE9F4E8 5E1618C8
Trunks Infinite EP:
672371CB B805A2AC
Trunks Max EP:
FE547170 2759042E
Trunks Max Strength:
121A46D0 C97F0D10
Trunks Max Power:
070CE3E2 7E907332
Trunks Max Endurance:
E9489F40 433A1657
Trunks Max Experience:
B55FF022 582238FB
Gohan Infinite Health:
2F304672 F4A34AE9
Gohan Max Health:
3953FAF1 573932E1
Gohan Infinite EP:
3EF84F50 613F475E
Gohan Max EP:
210A4B55 7F61AB85
Gohan Max Strength:
4DB93C5F B0862597
Gohan Max Power:
1F3E33FB 221E09A6
Gohan Max Endurance:
6B2B9E76 9089D76D
Gohan Max Experience:
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Code Breaker Codes

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North American version

25 Golden Capsules (for Dr. Brief's quest):
330011E8 0019
STR Capsule +1:
330011D8 0063
STR Capsule +3:
330011DA 0063
STR Capsule +5:
330011DB 0063
Power Capsule +1:
330011DC 0063
Power Capsule +3:
330011DD 0063
Power Capsule +5:
330011DE 0063
END Capsule +1:
330011DF 0063
END Capsule +3:
330011E0 0063
END Capsule +5:
330011E1 0063
Senzu Bean:
330011D6 0003
330011E9 0001
Club Sandwich:
330011EA 0001
330011EB 0001
330011EC 0063
330011ED 0001
Scouter Note:
330011EE 0001
Scouter Part (1):
330011EF 0001
Scouter Part (2):
330011F0 0001
Apt. A Card:
330011F1 0001
Apt. B Card:
330011F2 0001
Dragon Ball 1:
330011F4 0001
Dragon Ball 2:
330011F5 0001
Dragon Ball 3:
330011F6 0001
Dragon Ball 4:
330011F7 0001
Dragon Ball 5:
330011F8 0001
Dragon Ball 6:
330011F9 0001
Dragon Ball 7:
330011FA 0001
Grandpa's Key:
330011FB 0001
Math Book:
330011FC 0001
330011FD 0001
City Key:
330011FE 0001
Blue Card:
330011FF 0001
Red Card:
33001200 0001
Autograph (Hercule):
33001201 0001
33001202 0003
33001203 0001
Dragon Radar:
33001204 0001
Gohan Max EXP (Lv. 50):
830010C8 E0FF
830010CA 05F5
Piccolo Max EXP (Lv. 50):
830010E4 E0FF
830010E6 05F5
Vegeta Max EXP (Lv. 50):
83001100 E0FF
83001102 05F5
Trunks Max EXP (Lv. 50):
8300111C E0FF
8300111E 05F5
Goku Max EXP (Lv. 50):
83001138 E0FF
8300113A 05F5
Hercule Max EXP (Lv. 50):
Gohan HP and Ki:
030010B8 FF
030010BC FF
Hercule HP and Ki:
03001148 03E7
03001144 03E7
Vegata HP and Ki:
030010F0 03E7
030010F4 03E7
Piccolo HP and Ki:
030010D8 03E7
030010D4 03E7
Trunks HP and Ki (might not work):
0300100C 03E7
03001110 03E7
Goku HP and Ki:
03001128 03E7
0300112C 03E7
All 7 Nameks found (to get to New Namek):
330011F3 0007

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