Glitch City by moltres4ever
Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition on
				Pokemon Glitch City, v1.0

by moltres4ever

 Table of Contents*
[PRC] Harms your game?
[PRE] Things you need
[GLT] Doing the Glitch
[FRE] Freeing yourself
[END] End?
O                 O
*Press CTRL+F then type in the 3 desired letters with the brackets.*

{==[PRE]==Harms your game?======================}
	No, this is completely safe. Some people
might think, "No, this is wrong! There is no way
to get out." This is wrong. Just read on...

{==[PRE]==Things you need=======================}
	Before we begin, there are very little things we need.

Pokemon that knows Fly(if no pokemon knows fly, you will be
stuck at glitch city. Press CTRL+F and type [FRE] for
more info)
Access to the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City(where glitch
takes place)

Thats it!

{==[GLT]==Doing the Glitch======================}
	Alright...Fly to Fuchsia City and go into the Safari
Zone. Pay the guy there $500 to get in. Once outside, go in
the house thing and say NO to Leaving Early? Do this 2 times.
Go outside, then save. Restart the game by doing 
A + B + Start + Select. Where you saved off, go into the building.
The guy will ask you if you want to play, say NO. Go outside the building,
then walk A LONG TIME(see, you need patience.)The guy will call you,
PA: Ding dong! Your safari is over! You will be teleported to the safari.
He will say, Did you get a good haul? Now walk out... Oh my gosh,
what happened to Fuschia City?(if you did it right) How do I get out? 
Well, this is a just-for-fun glitch, nothing useful. Now, on to getting

{==[FRE]==Freeing Yourself======================}
	Very simple to get out. You need to fly to a city.
See why I said to have Fly? Flying to a city will clear up
that glitchiness, never again to appear unless you do the
glitch again. Again, this glitch is 100% safe. Unless
you do something that causes your game to be harmed like a
Gameshark or something, that will never happen.

	Yeah. No contact information, because you guessed it=
I am lazy, lol. So even if I put the info up here, I wouldn't
answer back on email because.... I'm lazy. THE END.

version 1.0