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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

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Tons of money Added 28 Oct 2012, ID #5482
THE 3RD room where is the Compass treasure
have a Secret Room use bombs in the walls you will find
There have LOT OF RUPEES THERE collect all Rupees and exit the dungeon and re enter you going to have 999 Ruppees fast!

Easy and Free HeartsAdded 25 Jul 2012, ID #5467
If you need easy health for free, go to one of the side-scrolling dungeon type levels with the Roc's Feather. Jump on the Goomba's and you will get hearts. Then repeat until your health is full.
Fast MoneyAdded 25 Jul 2012, ID #5466
A not so quick fast way to get money is (if the map was gridded... Which it is) go to (4,4)the 4th square up from the 4th square horizontally. When you get there, it should just be a large field of grass. Cut it all and get a small salary... (I never said it was going to be big, did I?)

Happy Mowing!!!1
Get FREE Items (stealing) 2 waysAdded 16 Nov 2009, ID #5104
Easy Way

Walk into a shop and grab an item, (u need the sword, go figure) run around the shopkeeper and when he's looking the opposite way of the door, run out! If you miss timed it, you'll have to restart :3 oh yeah, the next time you walk in the shop, all the items are gone and the shopkeeper will say: "I mean it when you'll pay, now you'll pay the ULTAMATE price!" and he kills you with a ray beam...

Good Timing Way
This way, you'll have to pay (but you get to keep you're ruppes!)
1. Have right amount of ruppees for item
2. Tell the shopkeeper and pay for the item
3. Before you ruppees are disapearing, quickly press R L Start Select! Save and quit
4. You'll have your ruppees back AND the item ifi you timed it right
Enjoy your stealing!
Win the Crane GameAdded 23 Nov 2007, ID #4768
If you position the crane over the left conveyor belt using the B button and when the item you want to pick up gets to the top of the right conveyor belt tap A (it must be the right conveyor belt and not the top) the crane will move down and grab the item.
Kill enemies fastAdded 8 May 2005, ID #3412
Make sure you have bow-wow (the thing that looks like chain chomp).
Stand about 3 paces max away from an enemy.
When they move bow-wow will eat them and hey presto you killed an enemy without moving!

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