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Unknown Pokemon

himom asks: Added Jan 26th 2008, ID #108084

Unknown Pokemon

What happens if you catch all the unknowns? I think if you catch all of them there will be two special ones which are the Question Mark Unknown and Exclamation Unknow. Is this correct?

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Vendetta answered:
Added 27th Jan 2008, ID #230068
Well thats not correct, but I know what happens: When you catch all the unknowens you go to the forest with the statues in it and you press A on 1 of the statues and Celebi appears so you can catch it.

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Guest said: 4th Oct 2012 | REPORT
Guest said: 23rd Oct 2012 | REPORT
I am sorry to say but all that hapens is you are able to use the printer in the office to make pokemon forms and yes u cant catch celabi
Guest said: 2nd May 2013 | REPORT
how do you do it in pokemon vortex v2?

Guest said: 13th May 2013 | REPORT
1. Celebi is Unobtainable in silver/gold/crystal aside through cheating. 2. ? and ! Unown were added in Gen IV. and 3. All it does is nothing in silver/gold and you wasted your time
Other Answers
mitsu answered:
Added 27th Jan 2008, ID #230074
I know that there are two unown, that are punctuation marks (question and exclamation) and I do think to get them you need all 26 others... But I don't know for sure...
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Guest said: 2nd Jan 2015 | REPORT
every game differs some games its random you don't aiffentlways need the 26 others to get the 2 last unknown I got the "?" unknown the 2ed unknown I saw in pokemon sapphire then I got the other 25 still looking for the "!" unknown. =) matters on the game.

Blademaster55 answered:
Added 27th Jan 2008, ID #230287
In order too get the two symbol unknowns you first need to collect all of the other unknowns, then once you have collected all of those unknown you are able to get the symbols. Once you have all of the unknown you are then able to catch celebii if I am correct. Eaither that, or you don't get anything at all.
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Guest said: 9th Aug 2011 | REPORT
Im pritty sure you get arceus cause when you get all the unowns you go into the house and then a lady knockes you over then she takes you to sinijoh ruins
clarissasy03 answered:
Added 28th May 2008, ID #256749
I really don't know what is going to happen if you catch all the unknowns... But I think it will going to appear a rare Pokemon like celebi.. I think.
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Guest said: 27th Oct 2010 | REPORT
no you need a gs ball to catch celebi. u have to do that by catching the three birds,moltres,articuno,and zapdos.then catch entei,rakiou,and suicune
plyer45 answered:
Added 13th Jun 2009, ID #312525
The ? And ! Unknown don't appear in this game. They DONT appear untill Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Anyway I don't think that anything happens if and when you catch them.
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Guest said: 16th Jan 2012 | REPORT
yes ! and ? appear when you catch all the unowns you have tou talk to the man at the ruins of alp then walk into the place with the ladder in the middle the wan will rush in and then the two unwown will be unlocked in that area ps i think if you bring arcus when youve finished a a wall will break down and youll be alble to go to the hall of origen
mortalkombatfan1 answered:
Added 12th Aug 2009, ID #317833
I wanna know that same thing but all the answers I read are all wrong and don't help at all
Guest answered:
Added 29th Jun 2010, ID #335772
i have caught them all. no special pokemon appears. in the d/p/pt series the ! and ? appear in a cave that a digger digs cuz he makes a bet that he can dig a tunnel to a cave before you can catch all the alpha unknowns. he dosnt finish till you catch a-z. then in that cave is 1 and ?. so catching all unknowns just leads to more unknowns. then nothing
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Guest said: 7th Jul 2011 | REPORT
you go to veilstone town and go down
Guest answered:
Added 13th Jul 2010, ID #339916
Guest answered:
Added 7th Aug 2010, ID #347250
most people are talking about silver and crystal, on silver nothing happens except you can print them off and have fun with your freinds !
Guest answered:
Added 15th Aug 2010, ID #349689
The reward for all this gaming is nothing!! I may debate killing myself after catching all those unowns!
Guest answered:
Added 6th Sep 2010, ID #354545
you are all wrong what you get is arceus if you have all unknows in sol silver and heart gold.
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Guest said: 6th Sep 2010 | REPORT
and when you hab arceus you need to do the arceus event.
Guest said: 6th Sep 2010 | REPORT
and when you hab arceus you need to do the arceus event and on the arceus event you get another arceus and you get palkia or dialga or girantina from an egg at level 1
Guest said: 6th Sep 2010 | REPORT
and when you hab arceus you need to do the arceus event and on the arceus event you get another arceus and you get palkia or dialga or girantina from an egg at level 1 thats it oh wait and whith action reaplay you can redo the arceus event thanx for whaching.
Guest said: 28th Oct 2012 | REPORT
You doosh you do not get anything I have caght them all and nothing happens
Guest answered:
Added 6th Oct 2010, ID #359679
I have done this with Crystal. Catching all of them IN ORDER will result in Celebi appearing at the statue. Not sure if it works in Silver or Gold though.
Guest answered:
Added 20th Oct 2010, ID #362062
soo.... nothing happens in the old silver version...?
Guest answered:
Added 19th Dec 2010, ID #374029
nothing happens when you catch all the unknows stupid!
Guest answered:
Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #377318
I dont think that anthing happans but, when you catch celebi u need the GS ball which you get from an event.

But try and use the unown to spell out CELEBI, put it into ur party and then go to the shrine and talk to it c if it will appear, just saying cos there has to b special to catch all the unown?

Guest answered:
Added 6th Feb 2011, ID #385788
I have Soul Silver for DS but it's not much different. I have just caught the ? And ! Pokemon in the DS version. There are most likely some in the GB version... Anyway I'm trying to figure out if you get a legendary, but I don't think you do. I think you just get a 'good job' and that's it. I'm pretty sure I did all that for nothing.
Guest answered:
Added 21st Feb 2011, ID #388321
Once you have collected ALL the UNNOWN'S, You need to CRACK the name CELEBI from your pokedex Unown section,
Once you know which one is "celebi" take him as 1st Pokemon,THIS SHOULD REVEAL CELEBI, tho Pokemon Blue had 152 pokemons instead of 151 like pokedex said.
Guest answered:
Added 28th Feb 2011, ID #389940
Ok so if you catch all the unknowns you can catch arceus but where?
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Guest said: 14th May 2011 | REPORT
No You Cant Catch Arceus Only If U Got Action Replay
Guest said: 12th Aug 2011 | REPORT
no.u could get it by special event. Or catch all the unowns iv'e heard that u get arceus if u do that.
Guest said: 12th Aug 2011 | REPORT
this is the same person that did the 2nd comment.that was for the 1st comment.
Guest answered:
Added 2nd Mar 2011, ID #390317
If you catch alll of the unown you need an arcues and then you talk to the guy the guy in the house(ruin of alphs)and hen you travel to the sinnoh ruins then you can create a girritina dialga or palkia thats the only thing catching alll the unowns does!!!!!!!!!!
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Guest said: 12th Aug 2011 | REPORT
no u only need arceus which iv'e heard that u get if u catch all the unown. P.S u don't have to yell.
Guest said: 2nd Sep 2012 | REPORT
all you need is arceus cus i have done this event and have palkia in my hartgold game
Guest answered:
Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #431607
Wait mortalkombatfan1 so if you know that all of them are wrong them don't you know what happens?
Guest answered:
Added 1st Sep 2011, ID #437754
In Silver/Gold nothing happens when all 26 Uknown are caught. In Platinum/Diamond/Pearl you must do the bet with the digger, the digger than finishes once you caught all 26. Afterwards you must catch the 2 remaining which are (!)(?). Once that is done, you will be taking underground where Giratina is located at.
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Sep 2011, ID #438182
You are all dumb, when you catch all unknowns, the ruin maniac near veilstone finishes his excavation, go through it and catch the last two unknown and if you look hard enough, you find a hippopitus
Guest answered:
Added 21st Oct 2011, ID #449411
Thumbs up if you read all these and none of them helped

I am from youtube
Guest answered:
Added 14th Mar 2012, ID #489675
Maybe you should specify the version your are playing so that it will help others to solve the problem
Guest answered:
Added 19th Jun 2012, ID #516700
In soul silver you must catch all 26 (like the alphabet) UNOWN. In order to achieve this you must crack the codes for all 4 of the little temples in the ruins. The ruin at the top right, you go in and all the way to the code on the wall. Use a escape rope to unlock it, trust me. Bottom right temple, you go in and all the way to the code on the wall. Have a Pokemon use the TM FLASH. This will unlock this temple. For the upper left temple you must have the Pokemon HO-OH first in your party then you select the wall. To unlock the bottom left temple (water stone needed) go to the walls code and select a water stone from your items and select "use". This is last to unlock the 4 temples. If you have all 26 UNOWN and manage to unlock all 4 temples you've released the ? And ! UNOWN. Firstly you must go back to the research lab next to the ruins and speak to the man in the upper right. Keep talking to him until he says if he finds out anything new he'll let you know. Go back to the main middle temple (isn't considered one of the 4, has the ladder and photographer man in it) then go towards a golden plate in the wall. The lab man will run in and tell you to go back to the lab with him to talk. After you do go back to this middle temple (don't go down ladder) and walk around the room until ? And ! Jump out to you, then capture them!
Guest answered:
Added 22nd Jul 2012, ID #524988
Well in the GBA version there was no ? And ! Symbols. They appered in the later version when Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold and Soulsilver came out.
In D/P/P, the ruin maniac who is digging a tunnel reaches the other side when you catch all 26 letters of Unown. In that room you can find ?/! Unown. Also in the room you find 4 rare and valuable items. There is also a tablet inscribed with the history of something on it. No legendaries or anything special here.
Hg/Ss have a simillar approach. When you find 26 symbols for the Unown you unlock a final chamber where only the ?/! Exist. In here there is once again the history of the Unown and the humans who lived there. A few special and rare items down there too. Now there are no legendaries when this is completed. However, the event Arceus for Hg/Ss reacts in these ruins when you have all 28 symbols. (Or you might not need any even) When you talk to the researcher, Arceus teleports you to another realm. The background has many hieroglyphs of Unown and famous battles throughout Pokemon history. (Like Groudon vs Kyogre. Mew vs Mewtwo. Palkia vs Dialga. And a few other important scenes like the creation of Mew, Mewtwo and Darkrai etc. It resembles the Hall Of Origin in the Pokemon Dungeon Explorer scene.) In this realm Palkia, Dialga and Giratina stand infront of you. Each are level 1, know a special move and you can only pick one. When you do, you battle the rest with your new chosen pokemon. If you win, (odds are tipped a bit as noone has a dragon move except for Palkia.) you keep the chosen Pokemon (and possibly the others). So hopefully this cleared up any confusion.
Oh yeah with the GBA version Celebi was attained differently, I believe it was some form of event triggring Pokemon. Like a Pokemon with a modified game code to unlock something. But that Pokemon was infact an Unown with both ?/! Symbols. (You got two)
Sources: Played every one, got all unown, went to every event.
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Guest said: 24th Jul 2012 | REPORT
so when do you see the ! and ? unkowns in pokemon soul silver
rthyrrrrf876yuf8ir@ said: 4th Oct 2012 | REPORT
rthyrrrrf876yuf8ir@ said: 4th Oct 2012 | REPORT
rthyrrrrf876yuf8ir@ said: 4th Oct 2012 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 16th Jul 2013, ID #596894
Better leave this unown thing and start playing emerald. Its the best. You know!!!!
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Guest said: 17th Mar 2016 | REPORT
i dont know What about crystal
anyone want a battle ive got celibi lugia enei suicune raiku and mewtwo
Guest said: 17th Mar 2016 | REPORT
i dont know What about crystal
anyone want a battle ive got celibi lugia enei suicune raiku and mewtwo goooooo

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