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Catch Mew (CORRECTED) cheat for Pokemon



This is a corrected version of the submission "Catch Mew" by JokeDeity submitted on 3rd May 2006. Step 13 of the procedure had it the wrong way around; rather than walk up directly in front of the trainer, you must be at a distance so they walk to you. I can verify this as I have read another guide of the same cheat on another site and followed it's steps personally. If possible, JokeDeity's submission should be edited with a note indicating the change rather than adding an extra conflicting report. I chose to send corrected information rather than marking his as "Bogus" as it is correct except for one small detail. Thanks for your time. My changes are indicated by [square brackets].

For Pokemon Blue, and Red versions only.
If you're not going to take the time to try it then don't tell me I'm wrong, as I've accomplished this multiple times on multiple games. If you're hesitant about this trick use it on an unwanted game.
1. First start a new game.
2. Select your Pokemon, and start your journey.
3. Get to Cerulean (Misty's Town).
4. Head up the Nugget Bridge.
5. Now this is important! Do NOT fight the boy with the Slowpoke on the path to Bill's house! Avoid him at all costs! Do NOT fight the man to the left of Nugget Bridge hidden in the grass; in the direction of the Unknown Cave! Avoid him as well!
6. Find and catch an Abra. (Teleport move is needed.)
7. Go to the Cerulean Pokecenter (Very important that this is the last Pokecenter you have visited.).
8. Now go to the top of Nugget Bridge. STOP AT THE TOP! SAVE YOUR GAME!!!
9. Once you've saved head to the left, but DON'T go down! Make sure you're lined up with the man in the grass below. Now walk towards him. The moment you come into view of the man (THE EXACT SECOND!) pause the game.
10. While the game is paused go to your Pokemon, and use Abra's teleport move.
11. If this was done correctly once you teleport the man should get the mark above his head as if he were going to battle you, but you should teleport anyway.
12. To be sure it worked correctly try pausing your game once you arrive at the Pokecenter. If you cannot then it is working.
13. Now go fight the boy with the Slowpoke. Do NOT fight anyone else in between the time you teleport and the time you fight the boy. The only warning is you must [not] walk directly in front of him. You [must] go into his view from a distance. You must [not] go directly in front [so that] he [will] have to walk to reach you.
14. Defeat him. Do NOT lose.
15. Start heading back towards Cerulean city. On your way there your start menu will open by itself. Be prepared. Once you close the menu a battle with Mew will start. He is at a very low level, but is none the less still difficult to catch. You should get him to a low amount of life before trying to catch him, as the balls will actually miss.
16. Catch Mew. Its first couple of moves are not very useful. (i.e. Transform, Pound, etc.)
Wether you believe this or not it's a real glitch in the game. I have proven it, and I'm surprised it's not a more common trick by now. Don't tell me I'm wrong just try it.

Added by: Anonymous2 Mar 23rd 2008, ID#4822 and get
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IT Works and also for yellow version ;)

Added 19th Feb 2015, ID #518213

IT Works

Added 19th Feb 2015, ID #518212

Does this one work?

Added 19th Feb 2014, ID #356886

I want to , but I dont have a game I can do that on.

Added 15th Oct 2012, ID #196749

Thanks for fixing my version, I never noticed that I typed it up wrong, I went back and tried to fix the original I guess it's waiting to be approved now.

Added 14th Mar 2011, ID #32594


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