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Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

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Rare candy cheat game shark code for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition


Rare candy cheat

Type in:

Must type:

Added by: ir Oct 11th 2004, ID#3093

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How do you do it on game boy advanced

Added 3rd Nov 2015, ID #622152

It not works on gbcoid

charmander vs pikachu
Added 2nd Oct 2015, ID #613138

It not works on gbcoid

Added 2nd Oct 2015, ID #613137

What's the rare candy cheat I tried both the above but won't work?????

Added 28th Sep 2015, ID #612319

I used this cheat and no rare candies appeared but when I deposited my items It gave me 40 of them,I have 40 master balls now

Added 25th Aug 2015, ID #602369

It works, but the rare candies replace the first item in your bag. I put a potion in the first slot, though, so it wasn't that bad.

Added 13th Aug 2015, ID #597630

Does thia work on gba4ios?

Added 2nd Jun 2015, ID #564541

Lv 100 pikachu

Added 26th May 2015, ID #561618

I'm playing on a Mac. When I entered the 2 codes, all of my items disappeared, the only thing on the list is Rare Candy x40. Any time I try to use one it just exits the menu and I can't actually use them. Is there any way to just get my items back?

Added 21st Dec 2014, ID #488037

I had the same issues and i'm using windows

Added 28th Aug 2015, ID #603238

you do suck.. you tend to save your game before doing trying anything new... ah man how are some gamers just so... sigh

Added 22nd Apr 2015, ID #546219

you suck

Added 16th Dec 2014, ID #485453

no but I no how2 catch t tho

Added 19th Oct 2014, ID #460348

We're do u u put the codes

Added 3rd Jun 2014, ID #393243

It wiped all my items ahh I had my master ball😡

Added 26th May 2014, ID #389051

Code works, you have to enter both. It makes the first item in your inventory rare candy as long as it is active. Youwill have the same number as before. This works great with the "buy masterball for 0" code : 01017CCF. First use the masterball code and go buy two sets of 99 masterballs and put them into the top of your inventory. Then just type the rare candy code in and the first set of masterballs should now be rare candies. If you leave both on, you can resupply anytime by going to a pokemart. Just buy more free masterballs and move them up to the slot below the rare candy, when the last one is used, the list moves up. So remember that while this cheat is on the first item in your inventory will always become rare candy.

Added 26th Apr 2014, ID #378991

It just poisoned one of my pokemon

Added 10th Apr 2014, ID #373427

code does work. put first one in save it then make new one for second line. both MUST BE ACTIVE for this to work

Added 6th Mar 2014, ID #361524

Do any of you know how to catch Q?

Added 22nd Feb 2014, ID #357873

whenever i click to use a rare candy it just exits outta my items

Added 24th Jan 2014, ID #347292

This isnt for gameboy is it...

Added 5th Jan 2014, ID #339947

doesnt work on mac

Added 9th Nov 2013, ID #318572

Works for me but it's not unlimited.

Added 23rd Sep 2013, ID #310842

It don't work

Added 3rd Sep 2013, ID #308102

What do you do to activate the cheat?

Added 3rd Aug 2013, ID #302346

how do u do this on pc

Added 23rd Jul 2013, ID #299652

how you i use it like where do i type it in??

Added 12th Jul 2013, ID #297053

Sucks. Even after I delete the cheat everything I buy turns into rare candy.

Added 3rd Jul 2013, ID #294786

I typed it in it keeps giving me one at a time

Added 24th May 2013, ID #284941

Someone please help me
I just downloaded the Yellow Version for Mac and I am playing it, but I don't know how to enter these codes. Steps from start to finish please?

Added 22nd May 2013, ID #284557

that cheat works

Added 26th Apr 2013, ID #277821

Works great for emulator bgb thanks

Added 7th Apr 2013, ID #271392

works fine!!!!

Added 12th Mar 2013, ID #263049


Added 16th Feb 2013, ID #255018

dis is a fake... gimme a real one.

Added 28th Jan 2013, ID #247415

I know this is out dated, but it keeps telling me that there is a "time and place for everything" and won't let me use the rare candies. Advice?

Added 26th Nov 2012, ID #212936

WTF yo it's not freaking working for me

Added 12th Oct 2012, ID #195355

how do i type this code in?

Added 18th Aug 2012, ID #177421

To the last comment:
The first code changes the first item in your pack into a rare candy.
The second alters the quantity to 40, permanently if you keep the code on.
Bonuses to this code are as follows: infinite rare candies (obviously), as long as a single rare candy is used before the codes are turned off your base item will be returned with a quantity of 39. This makes this code combo useful as a cheap TM duplicating trick as well.
If people get different results I'm sorry. But this has been my experience since i started using the candy codes. I'm also playing yellow on a GBC emulator for my smartphone. =D If this extra addition to this code helps, you're welcome.

Added 27th Sep 2011, ID #77021

Hey man, I use the john gbc emulator and I can't get any of the codes I find to work

Added 3rd Sep 2015, ID #605062

just an fyi for whoever uses this, instead of using actual candy it takes over whatevers in your inventory and uses the amount of whatever is next for it....make sure you have enough poke balls or something cheap to cover how much you want to level something... and make sure you dont use anything you might need....

Added 23rd Oct 2010, ID #16055


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