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Codes thing game shark code for Pokemon Red


Codes thing


Catch Pokemon (Supposedly Togepi): 01EED8CF (required)

Steal Pokemon: 010157D0 (required)

Buy Masterballs at mart for $0: 01017CCF (optional)

First of all, I tried matt pratt EMAIL's cheat for togepi catching in Pokemon Red. I went into a grass patch. Alas! A pokemon..TRAINER. Yep. I got Koga. Here is the fun part. Note: This MIGHT mess your GameShark. I use my emulator, and ROMs. When you fight Koga, he will have six glitches. I haven't gotten passed two of them so yea. They are really powerful. I caught the first one, using Steal Trainers Pokemon cheat. It turned out to be a somewhat powerful Rhydon. Nothing special. Went back and caught another one, turned out to be a glitch. I affectionately call it -||g


Attacks: Doubleslap, Firepunch, TM 05 (raises EVADE?), poison sting. Stats:

Attack: 24
Defense: 49
Speed: 291
Special: 586 (Yikes!). Type1/Bug Type2/ (blank)

Level: 111

HP: 271/169. NOW. Everyones game is different your glitch may vary. Mine did. Here's the funny part. I fought Koga again. Beat his first glitch, and level went down to 100. Not surprisingly. Now. This is where is gets weird. It starts evolving. It evolves into a Spearow. Then, it goes down to level 96. Evolves again. Into a Fearow. Nothing then after that. Still expirementing. ^_^ So far it's not dangerous. Dunno yet XD Have fun, becareful, and g'luck!

Added by: Ken-Ken-Kun Sep 11th 2007, ID#4726 and get
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