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How to beat the first two Gym Leaders with Charmander as your st cheat for Pokemon Red


How to beat the first two Gym Leaders with Charmander as your st

First, start off with CHARMANDER, then level up only CHARMANDER until you get to PEWTER CITY (Level 16 - 20) should be enough!) you can evolve him (level16) if you want, but I managed to beat BROCK with him as CHARMANDER even though he should of evolved into CHARMELEON.

Get some POTIONS (about 4 or 5), then take on the other trainer inside the Gym, after you've done that, heal it at the POKEMON CENTER (don't use your POTIONS just yet, you'll need them when you take on BROCK. Then SAVE before you begin the battle, then if it goes wrong you can resume where you were and battle him again. He will first let out his Level 12 GEODUDE, use CHARMANDERS EMBER attack until it faints, use your POTIONS if CHARMANDERS health is too low after battling GEODUDE.

Next BROCK will let out ONIX (Level 14), don't panic! Just use EMBER all the time until you've won and use the POTIONS when neccessary and HEY PRESTO! You now have the first badge!

HINT: When BROCK's ONIX uses BIDE, just use a non-damage attack such as LEER. Usually BIDE will do double the damage you gave to the POKEMON, but as you don't damage ONIX in any physical way, the attack will miss and CHARMANDER (or any other POKEMON) won't be hit!

To beat MISTY with only CHARMANDER (or CHARMELEON, depending if you evolved him or not), first, beat your RIVAL, NUGGET BRIDGE and all the trainers as you go towards BILL's HOUSE and after you've left BILL's HOUSE, travel downwards until you come to a house which has been robbed (if the man inside the house says ' those miserable ROCKETS!' you'll know that you've come to the right place, go into the back yard, SAVE then go towards the man standing there, and he'll want to fight you.

Beat him, then he will give you the DIG TM, teach it to CHARMANDER/CHARMELEON, then go back into CERULEAN CITY and heal CHARMANDER/CHARMELEON at the POKEMON CENTER, buy more POTIONS (about 5-6 should be enough,depending on how well you've raised him), then use the DIG attack to beat the two trainers in the GYM (DO NOT USE YOUR POTIONS!!), then heal him again, then take on MISTY (SAVING before you do so), keep using DIG and using your POTIONS (when neccessary),then HEY PRESTO !! Your second badge!!

I really hope this helps and you don't have to do this, but I did and I definately found beating the first two trainers easier.
PS- Don't forget to still catch POKEMON on the way!!!

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I'm going to get Mew[legit NO gameshark needed] then level grind up as much as i can see if I can get a pidgey with fly and something else [like Mew] with surf through a trade then [i][b][/b] [/i] Do the MissingNo. glitch on rare candy :D

Added 22nd Jul 2014, ID #423025

Meh it didn't work[spoiler][/spoiler]

Added 20th Mar 2014, ID #366244

It was kind of hard to beat misty my charmander had to fully evolve into charizard and then i full on owned misty

Added 29th Jan 2014, ID #349691

Good advice for the water gym, but just level your charmander to level 15 and he learns metal claw. PAWNAGE'

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Added 15th Jul 2013, ID #297711

In Red/Blue, it really is just a matter of level grinding and then just ruthlessly attacking with some potions at handy. In Fire Red/Leaf Green, Charmander learns Metal Claw, which is super effective against the rock type. It evolves at Level 17, and then it should be a cakewalk ;)

Added 14th Jul 2013, ID #297402

Thanks for the advice!

Added 3rd Sep 2012, ID #182752


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