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gotmelons27th May 2005, ID #40
Forza motorsport is a collection of Project gotham arcade, Gran turismo career an Need for speed. Basically you can race to unlock cars, race to win moey and win cars an buy them and you can tune u..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review
Mr.Sparkle28th May 2005, ID #49
Basically NFSU meets GT4, just think about that for a minute, sounds good, only better than what you were thinking!!!! Its excellent, you choose the region you wish to live in, you buy cars that yo..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review
zhangziyi7773rd Oct 2006, ID #430
This is a driving simulator at it's fullest. Compared to Sony's Gran Turismo it looks like god. Stunning grpahics and almost perfect gameplay. Can't get bored when you play this driving game. Recom..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

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The best Added 3 Sep 2006, ID #6302
If you want a game that will challenge you and push you to be better than this is for you. I used to love GT 4 for the PS2 but it is collecting dust on the shelve know. The best thing is you can change how challenging you want it to really be. Very realistic damage and the graphics are stunning. Good music and overall will have to buy again cus it is going to be worn out. I suggest everyone buy this game know matter how good you are.
Forza Motorsport review by SKyLineR34 Added 2 Sep 2006, ID #6299
I give this game a 10 out of 10 because it\'s AWSOME!!! It has over 200 cars and you can customize your cars a whole lot better than Gran Turismo 4! You can add bodykits, spoilers and more! Another exciting feature is that you can make your own custom soundtrack and listen to your favorite songs while you play. Also you can go on the Internet with Xbox live and race people around the world! Try it!
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