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499 cheating101 4th Jan 2007 94% Read Review
568 John Woodman 15th Mar 2007 98% Read Review
658 Hellome2220 4th Jul 2007 84% Read Review
741 guy in oakland 25th Nov 2007 90% Read Review
854 Vasco 27th Apr 2008 100% Read Review
971 dragonx254 17th Oct 2008 94% Read Review
1152 7onewingedangel7 7th Aug 2009 80% Read Review
1171 Lord_of_Pie 20th Sep 2009 80% Read Review
1186 MenaceSG 5th Nov 2009 100% Read Review
1255 roadkillman997 23rd Jul 2010 82% Read Review
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Added 15 May 2007, ID #26461
Here is my review on Final Fantasy XII. I have not completed the game yet however i have done quite a bit and i can tell you this game does not dissapoint. The battle system in Final Fantasy XII is massively different from previous titles in the series however this is a change for the better on my opinion. No more random encounters just as you are about to open a chest you can now see your enemies and choose how to attack them and where to attack them. The world you paly in is enourmous there are loads of places to go and things to do you will never get bored. All i can say is that the latest addition to the Fianl Fantasy series is the best do far. I reccomend if you are considering buying it do so and if you are not considering buying it start doing. Happy Gaming and get
THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!! Added 29 Mar 2007, ID #26050
Dude this game kicks butt! The graphics are so cool and pretty much every thing else is too. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really realy like this game. (I said really so many times because the stupid thing make your thing have to be four hundred letters and numbers and stuff. Well overall this game rocks and I give it a 10 out of 10!!!!!
Final Fantasy XII Review Added 23 Jan 2007, ID #25369
Final Fantasy XII is a great game all around. It has great graphics, great sound, and great length. The storyline is awesome, it keeps you guessing as to whats going to happen, and there are lots of mysteries to unfold. With lots of side quests, you'll be playing this game for ages. And the best part, you'll not be bored until you're done! There are many different skills and magics you can aquire, and tons of places to go. Theres even a fishing mini game which keeps you entertained when you don't feel like continuing with the story. No matter what path you take, Final Fantasy XII is a great game, even for people who don't like final fantasy games. I had never played a final fantasy game in my life, then I decided to try XII, and I loved it. I'll not put this game down until I'm finished every aspect of it. I hope you feel the same way about this wonderful game.
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