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69 Ultima(elite) 11th Jun 2005 88% Read Review
170 kamon36 3rd Sep 2005 72% Read Review
321 32083 25th May 2006 92% Read Review
458 Chocobo 25th Nov 2006 100% Read Review
961 dragonx254 8th Oct 2008 100% Read Review
962 Kage Hateichi 9th Oct 2008 98% Read Review
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This game is great! Added 19 May 2004, ID #11674
This game is my personal best in the final fantasy series.

The graphics have something to be accomplished.

The game play is great, the battle system is very good just like all the other final fantasy games with Active Time Battle also know as ATB.

One of the things I think could be improvied would be the limits.

So that is all for my review have a great time on this game. and get
The best game ever! Added 7 Mar 2004, ID #11324
Final Fantasy VII is one of the best games I have ever played!

The story line stands out from the rest and the graphics make it what it is (although it would be good if they made the game or a sequal in Final Fantasy X/X-2 type graphics).

I think the movie that they are making for this game looks good.

There are a lot of hidden subguests in the game which make it soooooo playable, and make it last the bit longer than other games.

I like the fact that you can go back and do the mini-games again and again in the Gold Saucer.

I do wish that there was a way to get Aeris back in the game, all of the ways I've seen dont seem to work. My favourite characters are Cloud, Tifa, Cid and Red XIII (Nanaki).
master of all games Added 19 Feb 2004, ID #11240
7 years after this game was released its still in my top 10 games I've ever played.

Stuff the old looking graphics.

It's the most memorable ps1 game ever.100%.

Perfect gameplay.
Hats Off to Squaresoft Added 3 Jan 2004, ID #10975
Square's first game of the FF series playable on Playstation turns out to be the best of the three. Final Fantasy VII is an exceptional effort to capture the hearts of every RPG fan. An addictive turn-based battle system and breathtaking graphics for 1997 mean that a lot of followers have voted it their best FF.

I asked for FF VIII for my 10th birthday and I got this one instead. At first I wasn't too enthusiastic, but I let my brother have a go and watching him got me hooked. I now own Final Fantasies I, II, VI, VII, VIII and IX. My brother even has X for Playstation 2 but I stand by VII as the best FF ever.
The game Added 22 Nov 2003, ID #10774
I think the game is really good for a playstation 1.

It has some good music to go along with it as well. I think the whole game is a wonderful creation.

Well done Squaresoft, you've really outdone yourselves! Brilliant idea!
The best game in the world Added 13 Nov 2003, ID #10721
If it were up to me I'd give this 101%.

I don't care about the graphics.
ID #3416

The Plot is marvellous with the best characters of all time.

The music is excellent with the best backgrounds and quite fitting character graphics.


ID #3415

This game is the cream of the crop. Great graphics a brilliant plot and the most addictive gameplay you will ever experience.

This game is much better than any other game including the other two final fantasy games for the playstation trust me I have played them all.

If you dont have this game then you need your head looked at especially because you can get it for the steal price of under 20 . YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME ... THATS AN ORDER SOLDIER !!!!!

ID #3414

It is so emotional. You feel as if they exist (the characters)and no body who hasn't played it would know + the cat fortune telling machine is funny when he falls over.

2 Questions (Though obviously anybody who is only looking here to find out about the game can't anwser them 1 There are so many different ways to get the golden chocobo which is right, also I got too attatched to Link and Zelda my first chocobos to replace them 2 getting yuffy is optianol right?

So howe come she plays a major part when you go to waitia? BUy it!! Its platinu and great!!!!!!

ID #3413

This game is the BOMB! I got it when it first came out and it still one of my top games. 10 out of 10 on gameplay absolutely GREAT graphics and an exellent storyline.

I've recomended it to lots of people and they've gone out and brought a Playstation just to play this game.

This game has entertained me for hours on end and it is very addictive! the top RPG EVER!

ID #3412

This is the greatest game ever made! It is very emotional and has awesome music!

If you are looking for a great RPG, this is the one for you! The characters, storline, items, weapons, everything is so awesome!

Most of my friends agree that this is the greatest game in the world! I never get tired of playing it!

ID #3411

This game is the best game i have ever played is even surpases is sequel (FF8.)It has kept me entertaned for hours no months it is so challenging but yet so simple It got a rating 10/10 and FF8 only got 8/10 and FF9 only got 5/10 (these are my personal opinons)********************************************************************************

ID #3410

I definately have to say this is my number 1 game!!!!!! The reasons:

1. it has a FANTASTIC story line,

2. it's on a HUGE 3 cds,

3. there's alot of characters- Cloud Strife an Ex Soldier, Red 8 a tiger like

creature, Aeris a flower girl, Tifa a childhood 'friend' of Cloud, Barret the oldest and the leader of avalanche, scruffy Yuffie an annoying thief, Cid an Ex Astronaut, Vincent a sniper & Cait Sith a wierd fortune teller.

4. Good,solid colourful graphics

5. It'll keep you going a while

6.Easy to control

and many more.

It shows plenty of acion, scares, surprises,joy,sorrow, reality (well sometimes) & (groan) romance. It would take to much time to tell the plot, & you'd find that in the manual & on tonnes of sites.


1player around 15-20 (platinum) Made by square. ******************:-)

ID #3409

Ok let me say that i enjoy making reviews a lot. If you would like me to make a review for a game you could look for my name in supercheats (reviewer with a bad haircut)or e-mail me, now on with the review:

FF7 is a pretty old game, but there is no way you could say old games are bad games. The games graphics are very impressive, the gameplay is incredible, the sound also so my overall mark is a


ID #3408

This game is the best rpg you can get.

it has the best story line than all the final fantasy games and i never get bored of playing it.

I hink it is the most challenging out of them all and the longest.

I finished ff9 in a quarter the time it took me to do 7 and i just want to say it is wwwiiicckkkeedd........................!

ID #3407

This is one of the best games I played for playstion. Final Fantasy has awsome characters, sweet music, kick butt graphics. Plus also I give this game two thumbs up.

Finally that some of the summon materia,magic materia and 2x-cut are pretty cool.... thats all I wanted to say about this game. so all the people who never played this game it is an awsome on TRUST ME PLEASE


ID #3406

I love this game it is the best game ever.It is breathtaking.I could play this for ever.

Doomboy`s rating iiiiiiiissssssssssssssss 10/10.

ID #3405

I really enjoy this game when I play it, but it could be better.For example the story line could be better.


the game just jumps into things,which can be confusing.And at the beginning of

the game the video grapics could be alot

better like when could falls from the

platform he looks like a for judgement

Sound 8

playabilaty 9

grapics 8 (the ones at the end save it)

game 9

overall 8.2

ID #3404


Final Fantasy is in my opinion the best FF out there. Everything is done well from the gripping story line to the very easy yet effective way of the Materea.

My only problem is with the graphics which for its time was excellent but at the moment not so good.

FFVII should be re-made with everything the same except for the graphics. Re-vape the graphics and it will be a bestseller again.

In my opinion a 99/100 (Graphics a let down which was the reason many gamers did not even give FFVII a chance).

P.s. I hear that after FFX-2 there might be a FFVII-2 on the way

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