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Ya its good ;) Added 16 Aug 2003, ID #10290

Hey its me again! *throws eggs at booing audience* ok then, this game is pretty good its kinda weird though, Terra is the same name as the planet in Final Fantasy 9 O_o.

Um, another similarity there are chocobos in every series *coughs* sorry just wanted to point that out.

The graphics are kinda like gameboy advance but I heard it goes 3D after 6 so I'm gonna try and get 7, 8, 11, anthology and tactics oh ya and 1,2,3,4 and 5! ^-^ dont feel bad if I've wasted your time, cos I'm a Majin and I can do bad things lol j/kin

But seriously, I'm a majin, once i made my bro disappear O.o

baibai! x x x and get
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