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Where did it all go wrong? Added 11 Jul 2004, ID #172
The simple question in all our troubled little heads, Where did Final Fantasy go wrong?

I do believe that the film was great in a science fiction way but it doesn't have my vote for for top ten.

A further more where did the story line pop up from, Ok there was bad guys (spirits) and action but you can get that in any other film.

Forgive me if im wrong but I expected a hero and villian battling it out with the use of magic!

A fire bolt there's a thunder strike here.

Isn't that what we wanted to see? Prehaps that was the reason for the big flop.

All tho I am greatfull for Square Enix for making a Final Fantasy 7 film where it takes place after the ending of the game.

I'm still not sure why the first film didnt have the original works of the Final Fantasy series. and get
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