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Missing Chips and Disconnections hint for Double Down Casino


Missing Chips and Disconnections

There are many users reporting that chips they have won while playing Double Down Casino have either been taken from their total, instead of added to it, or gone missing completely. Also, they are getting regularly disconnected from the game's servers.

These are known issues so it is worth contacting support to try to get a resolution.

If you find yourself missing chips or encountering glitches, it is far more likely to be the game than your connection.

Added by: MongooseGeneral Feb 26th 2012, ID#259 and get
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Where's my money! I bought chips and didn't get the money!!!! 😫😩😩😩

Added 18th Nov 2015, ID #626295

Please give me some cips for double down casino
Games, you don't give me enough points on the spin
Please thanks

Added 6th Aug 2015, ID #594514

Help. I added friends to get the additional money and my existing 300,294 000 was completely wiped out,gone. Please contact me asap, thank you

Added 17th Jul 2015, ID #585749

I bet 1 million on a tourney game and it deduced 10,000,000!!!

Added 24th Jun 2015, ID #575086

i brout chips and it took th money out but did not give me my chips,who do i call?

Added 5th May 2015, ID #552310

igt look it up on google

Added 9th Jun 2015, ID #567992

do not give them any more money they are going through something right now I think they got hacked.............its sucks .............I am in the same boat.

Added 5th May 2015, ID #552433

I was playing double down they took 1 million away from friend send me on bonus ting why they take away from me

Added 3rd Apr 2015, ID #537220

weell gives me bonis chips, but does not give them to me


Added 29th Mar 2015, ID #534547

How do you get in touch with the right person to try and get back missing chips

Added 23rd Mar 2015, ID #532199

When I get the codes I put them in in the box that say extra it says I got chips but didn't getting it

Added 3rd May 2015, ID #551367

last Saturday I was playing doubledown casino and had 8 million chips and they were all taken away as I was playing what can I do to get them back

Added 9th Mar 2015, ID #526327

I tried so many time to get my Double Down game on face book, back on my laptop but it keeps saying it is disconnected help please. I do get it on my computer and my I Pad .

Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523295

doubledown casino won;t stay in on keeps freezeing

Added 23rd Feb 2015, ID #520285

i had over 200 million coins and when I came back I. Only had 290,000! I want my coins back I paid for them

Added 31st Oct 2014, ID #465276

I had five million chips taken that i purchase i want them back or i wont ever make anither purchase

Added 9th Oct 2014, ID #456407

I lost almost a million give it back

Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #452223

Yesterday I won over $1billion. I was playing a game, going into bonus and got booted out.

When I got back in, it took $1billion from me

Added 26th Sep 2014, ID #451876

I lose half a million everytime i log in or get booted out. Used to love this game but the frustration has gotten to the point that i cant be bothered anymore

Added 26th Sep 2014, ID #451709


Added 17th Sep 2014, ID #448966

This morning while I was playing I can't member which game it was but I had over 10 million chips on there then it lost connection when I got back it didn't have my $10 million worth of chips at least and it never gave it back to me what do I do

Added 14th Sep 2014, ID #447863

I had 8 mil chips while playing this morning. Changed and wanted to play another game and all my chips disappeared and went to 0. This sucks. I want my chips back. I entered a promo code and it said I was awarded 250, 000 chips but they didn't show up.

Added 6th Sep 2014, ID #445058

It was fine this afternoon, logon tonight, I go $0. But on the bottom, it said I was over 7mil plus.

Added 5th Sep 2014, ID #444821

I had 25 million chips plus on 8/27/2014...and came back into the game and had 18 plus million,,,game starting to suck...would love to have them back,,,took a long time to get that far,,,thinks,,,steve

Added 27th Aug 2014, ID #441537

I had 94 million chips and they just disappearedI would like them back please

Added 16th Aug 2014, ID #437447

Handing a problem !!!!!!goes. To slot menu but won't let me in game goes back to I pad screen???????

Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436444

ii would like my missing chips back i did pay for them ty

Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436421

I had 130 million chips disappear from my account last night. I contacted support and they only returned 2 million chips. This is totally unacceptable. I want all of my chips returned.

Added 12th Aug 2014, ID #435610

i had 60 million chips disappear from ddc. second time in a month. i did pay for some of them and expect my chips to be returned. i will not purchase any more chips if my chips aren't returned. cynthia katz

Added 12th Aug 2014, ID #435272

I have been playing double down casino slots for a couple of years now. I had 97 million chips when I logged off last night. When I logged back on today, every single chip was gone. I would like them back please.

Added 11th Aug 2014, ID #435040

Today is Monday, Aug. 11th. I had $12,634,027 in my account. I left the game, and later when I came back, it shows that I have only $250,000, which is from a code. My millions disappeared. When can I expect to get them back? I can't believe this happened. I also sent an e-mail to DoubleDown Casino. Hoping you can fix these problem soon. I really enjoy the games.
Frances Godfrey

Added 11th Aug 2014, ID #434912

it appears that chips are missing on or about the same date as my missing chips. will this be resolved, and will we get our chips back

Added 5th Aug 2014, ID #431200


Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #430357

I had $15,000,000 that disappeared on me. When I contacted support I got the run around that I needed to sign in on Facebook and not as a guest. I ALWAYS sign in on Facebook. Double Down support finally just closed the support ticket and told me there was nothing wrong, that I should be aware that the "total winnings" is cumulative, which I know. I had problems loading the game a couple of weeks ago and never did successfully do so on the night I had tried. Double Down support is now just running me around. I opened a new ticket and attached screen shots of what I see when I log in and they clearly show that I did not play the chips!

Added 14th Jul 2014, ID #418497

I had over 20000.00 million taken on on Sunday were r they wood like then back ASAP been playing for months and had 500.000 bones on sat. And 10000.00 on Friday this is not right thanks please give back BG

Added 14th Jul 2014, ID #418327

At Double Down Casino (going in through my facebook account) I purchased 24,000.000 chips for $39.00 on your "Celebrate Summer Joys" double chips promotion, walked away from my computer and now they are gone!! I see by other's posts this happens often. It is very frustrating, maybe even more so to you. Please repost my chips or let me know what I need to do. If this is an ongoing problem I won't be buying anymore. I "DO" want these I paid for back, or my money!
Thank you for your time in this matter. I am waiting to hear from you or see my chips returned.
Thank You

Added 14th Jul 2014, ID #418187

I. Have been unable to get back on double down casino,it stays on loading and can't connect for two days, I' afraid if I delete this app.,I will lose my dollar amount. I'm sure I have lost my daily bonus and will be back to 1again. Can you help.i've turned off the iPad and put it back on , nothing changes.

Added 28th Jun 2014, ID #408320

I had over 70 million chips in double downs casino and now they are gone, what happened to them? I want them back, asap

Added 26th Jun 2014, ID #407145

Ihad been playing for 2 hours on golden goddess. I had over 900,000,000. Went to black widow, lost 300,000,000 went back to goddess, only had 11,000. What happened to my money?

Added 23rd Jun 2014, ID #404866

I had over 65,000,000 an hour ago and now im at zero! where are my chips???

Added 16th Jun 2014, ID #400861

I want my over $320,000,000 in chips back from doubledown casino, from one of your glitches, I would appreciate either my money back or my chips. this happend june 11th my name is SCOTT HANNA. THANK YOU.

Added 15th Jun 2014, ID #399757

I have paid for chips on my kindle several time and they were not credited Also could you do a clean sweep of my regular DD account for missing chips.
Thank You
Carolyn A Rogers

Added 11th Jun 2014, ID #397653

I have lost two bonuses for water dragons of 440k and 364k respectively today bonuses that don't trigger ,disappearing chips, can't even contact as I am not on Facebook nor will I be klatin@

Added 10th Jun 2014, ID #396948

they see your every move if u cheat they will take it back it happened to me ///// DO NOT CHEAT//// an never pay 4 chip NEVER NEVER ////LOOKS TO ME THAT DOUBLE U K IS DONE IF EVERY 1 STOPS PLAYING THE GAME ////THEN MAYBE THEY WILL BE BETTER ////

Added 29th Mar 2014, ID #369424

had 1million 9hundred chips got disconnected came back only had 2500 chips

Added 17th Mar 2014, ID #365167

problem is 403 forbidden message appears when trying to play doubledown

Added 6th Mar 2014, ID #361451

I won a tournament and was to get 1,500,000 in chips and got nothing. I can't even submit the problem because I keep getting a forbidden message.

Added 5th Mar 2014, ID #361328

Just today while playing slots on doubledown, I had over 42 million chips. I logged out and logged back in this afternoon only to find almost 20 million chips missing. Also, while playing American Idol slots, everytime I get a bonus round, the screen locks up after the round and I have to completely close my browser and re-enter the game to collect. I have contacted support on both occasions but for now, I have heard nothing back on either ticket.

Added 11th Feb 2014, ID #354054

I can not get connected, is there a prob? Also it seems whenI hit 25 days I get kicked off and revert back to 1

Added 30th Jan 2014, ID #349808

Is there a problem with double down. It goes to the loading and then goes black. I can't get in on my iPad . It's been two days now. I love this game. Is it down.

Added 6th Dec 2013, ID #325850

About a month ago half the games stopped loading. I choose the game, it starts to load and then the screen showing the chips lining up repeat over and over. I contacted DD Casino help and they basically are clueless and don't know why. I have reloaded the app, reloaded flash player. Still the same. Just curious if anyone else has this issue. I am using Firefox on a MacAir. I am up to date on Flash Player and systems. I have the same issue when I try it with Safari. Same issue when I go to the site instead of FB. It's got me stumped.

Added 27th Nov 2013, ID #322811

I just purchased chips through the new triple promotion for double down casino .. I played on tournament and got disconnected. Now all my chips are gone. I payed $18.00 and got 7,500,000 chips. If I don't get them back I will delete this game and never purchase any chips again.

Added 18th Aug 2013, ID #305546

I do not believe your explanation for my lost chips. There is nothing wrong with my iPad. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me with this game. The first was 2 months ago, for 8mil, the 2nd was today for 12mil. Each time I had a big win I was disconnected for about 10 to 15 minutes,then when the game came back up I only had the chips that I started with. The problem is with you! Please FIX THE PROBLEM and return my chips or you will be disconnected by me! P.S. I have 24 other games on my iPad and yours is the ONLY ONE that does this.

Added 30th Jul 2013, ID #301433


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