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979 imaloony8.0 27th Oct 2008 96% Read Review
983 Xeta 3rd Nov 2008 88% Read Review
1015 shonen jump guy 28th Dec 2008 94% Read Review
1051 ressurection666 8th Feb 2009 84% Read Review
1143 stonez08 18th Jul 2009 72% Read Review
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Pretty Good... Added 8 Jan 2009, ID #3779
Fable 2 is a pretty fun game. It is like Fallout 3, you can choose if you want to go on the good road or the evil road. Also your path chooses what others think about you and how they react to you. I enjoyed the story through the eyes of both the girl and the boy. Just like the other Fable games, your sister dies and you seek out to avenge her death by killing the ones responsible for her death. Will, Strength, and Skill are all very rewarding. I also like the jobs, because I always need money for something, wheather it be a potion or a master cleaver, blacksmith always pays best. You also make many friends (or enemies) along the way and can make a family and even own shops, houses, and kiosks! I love the Fable series and I believe anyone can enjoy these games. Thank you for reading my review, readers! and get
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