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Even though it is a basic remake of the absolute worst game ever, ECW Hardcore Revolution, ECW

Anarchy Rulz is a little bit more advanced than the last one.

Yes, the controls are the same, yes the outlook is the same, and yes the format is the same.

However, ECW Anarchy Rulz adds a few more game modes that make it a little bit interesting.

For example, You can mix matches(similar to the last)

but with the added matches you can do alot more. Some matches include: brimstone,cage,rage in a cage,backlot brawl,

barbed wire,death match(weapons),dumpster and table.

The big mistake on ECW Hardcore Revolution was that you could mix matches a little too much. The ONE time I rented ECW HR,

the last match I made before returning it was a first blood barbed wire match.

There was absolutely NO point to that match

whatsoever, and I found myself the winner within the first thirty seconds of the match.

If you want a real good wrestling game, I would go for WWF Smackdown 2: Know your Role.

It may be a different league, but I

like it just a little bit more.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me! Happy Gaming!

Robert J. and get
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