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This is a really good game Added 20 Feb 2005, ID #13131
I think that Echo the Dolphin is a a cool and a brilliant game because it is a fun game to play.

It has got good graphics which are sharp
clear and precise. It has got good gameplay and it is a cool game to play.

Its graphics are lifelike and it really looks and sounds like # it is real. Echo the Dolphin is a game which you can enjoy on your own or with a friend.

This game is a challenging game you have to go through diiferent levels and solve riddles, find vitalites and sometimes you will have to find another level in the level that you are in.

I think that Echo the Dolphin is a game which
has got lots of satisfaction at the end of it. And lastly Echo the Dolphin is one of my favourite games along with many others.

This game is absolutley briiliant and cool.

I hope that you will enjoy this game!

If you haven't already bought this game then I recommend that you
go out and buy it!

I hope that you will enjoy this game as much I do watching it!

I hope that you have fun and happy gaming! and get
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