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What a shame.... Added 2 Jul 2004, ID #2777
This game could have been the highlight to every dragonball Z fan's video gaming life. Could have been. But no. Seeing as the game was made by the creators of the legacy of goku games, why did they scrap the whole game style that they used in Legacy of goku 2?

Before this came out, I was really looking forward to it, waiting to see how they managed to work in Kakarot's Super saiyan 3 ability among the normal super saiyan skills. I was really looking forward to an epic storyline of the Majin Buu saga. I was really looking forward to playing as kid trunks, goten, and Vegetto.

But no. They reverted to the ancient street fighter style, and now, the super saiyan ability lasts a mere few seconds. Akira Toriyama (creator of the whole DBZ stories.) would have a fit if he actually played this game. Yes, it was good that you could play as Brolly, the millenium saiyan for the first time. But that was the only highlight. Oh, and perhaps the fact that they treid to get burst mode from DBZ: budokai into it, and dubbed it the "sky battle".

But it isn't as exciting as the legacy of goku games. There is no storyline. Your only purpose is to unlock everyone, which can easily be done in 3 or 4 hours. Admittedly, the graphics are much better than that of the legacy of goku games, but if you're like me, you'll value gameplay and storyline more than the actual graphics. Legacy of goku 1 had the worst graphics ever to insult the GBA, but it still sold well, because all of us DBZ fans knew that it followed the storyline word for word, and even had a cut scene from the anime itself at the end.

This game very nearly put me off the DBZ universe for good. it's that bad. If you like street fighter, this is a nice change from Ryu and Bison, but if you want a decent storyline, forget it because you are not getting one.

Having seen the trailer and clips for DBZ Supersonic warriors, they've actually built in flight battles really well. That is how Taiketsu should have been. If you haven't got this game yet, don't bother. Hold out until DBZ Supersonic warriors come out. I can tell by the few clips i've seen that it's faster, bolder and overall better in every way.
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