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dragonx25420th Oct 2008, ID #974
Dragon Ball Z: Buus Fury is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku 2. After Gohan beats Cell, he tries to live a normal life, but he realizes that the normal life he desires is not possible. Goku..

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Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury VS. Pokemon Emerald Added 3 Jul 2006, ID #8484
My comparisions:
Pokemon- 8/10
DragonBall- 7/10
DragonBall\'s graphics are good but are not 3-D even for a second. emerald is 3-D for 20 seconds

Pokemon- 5/10
DragonBall- 9/10
Pokemon background music is cool but default volume is low. Sound of DragonBall is great. Volume is high too.

Pokemon- 10/10
DragonBall- 8/10
DragonBall gets boring at times. Pokemon has fantastic gameplay throughout.

Pokemon- 7/10
DragonBall- 10/10
Buu\'s Fury may be the simplest DBZ game ever but it still beats Pokemon by a long mile.

Game Legnth:
Pokemon- 8/10
DragonBall- 7.5/10
Pokemon games have no comparision when it comes to game legnth.

Pokemon- 8.5/10
DragonBall- 8.5/10
The story of both the games is brilliant.

Repeat Value:
Pokemon- 9/10
DragonBall- 5/10
Atari games lose when it comes to repeat value. Nintendo\'s can be played infinite times.

RPG Value:
Pokemon- 8/10
DragonBall- 9/10
DragonBall is great when it comes to exploration.

Mini Games:
Pokemon- 5/10
DragonBall- 1/10
Pokemon may not have good MiniGames but they are better than DragonBall\'s.

Pokemon- 7/10
DragonBall- 6/10
Pokemon is statistically better, but i say, go for Dragon Ball Z- Buu\'s Fury.

It should be: MY FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Added 3 Jul 2006, ID #8482
tough! extremely tough! extremely exteremly extremely extremely extremely extremely, okay, enogh, in short, extremely tough!

Too much difficulties, i have reached the chapter 8!

I have been playing this game for a year, now, and chapter 8! and now I'm stuck once more! i know this is nothing in front of the legacy of goku- I and II.

But still! its extremely exteremly extremely extremely extremely extremely, okay, enogh once more, in short, extremely tough! this was all i wanted to say!

I am in a very bad mood today because I am stuck once more in this brilliant game so want i di not want to talk any more! bye, and yes, Happy Gaming! hope you dont get stuck in this game!
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