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Fun, a good laugh Added 28 Dec 2004, ID #2967
This game is fun though the clapping is rather tedious.It hurts my hands sometimes.I also don't play a great deal of the songs.

Good:All the nintendo tunes,the rock songs,the bongo theme songs and this game is also a great laugh.

Bad:The clapping WILL annoy you unless you like clapping along to music.There's also too many songs I hate on here and this game won't keep you on for hours.

Overall:A good laugh whether you're playing alone or with friends though you won't play it for ages, but you will come back for a quick go often.

79% and get
A dissapointment. Added 10 May 2004, ID #1930
I have not played this game this information is entirely based on my nintend magazine.

This game is a mager dissapointment to the donkey kong series this is too boring.

Seriosly you don't want this game.

graphics:the graphics are alright but not mindbreaking.7/10.

sound:the sound is what this is meant for but somehow its missing something.6/10.

gameplay:after half and hour you will throw this game away and toss it away before you trade it in.4/10.

Alltogether ide give this a 51% out of 100% way to boring and not worth your money dont buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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