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ID #1319

This game ROCKS! It's three games in one, it's fun, and it doesn't have a lot of bad language or actions! Take it from me, your gonna love this game! Two thumbs and two big toes up! (I ran out of thumbs!)! and get
ID #1318

This game is cool. And all the cheats for it work. Its like 3 in one.


And if any one under 18 wants it. It dont matter because you can turn blood of.

Well im 12 and I play on it.(I KEEP BLOOD ON THOUGH)



Very addicted.

Exellent Added 29 Jan 2005, ID #255

Level passwords:

03 - Triangle, Circle, Down, Left, Square, Square, Up, Up

04 - X, Right, Left, X, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle

05 - Down, Down, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Right, X

06 - Triangle, X, Up, Left, Right, Left, Circle, Triangle

07 - Right, Square, Right, Down, Circle, X, X, Right

08 - Triangle, Right, Square, Square, Circle, Down, Down, X

09 - Up, X, Square, Left, Right, Circle, Left, Left

10 - Triangle, Up, Circle, X, Square, Down, Down, Down

11 - Circle, Circle, Up, Left, Right, X, Triangle, Square

12 - Right, Up, X, Right, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle

13 - Left, Left, Triangle, Circle, X, X, Down, Right

14 - Square, Right, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Down, X

15 - Left, Right, Circle, X, Square, Down, Down, Circle

16 - Triangle, Circle, X, Right, Right, Circle, Square, Down

17 - Square, Up, Up, Right, Left, Square, Down, X

18 - Circle, X, Right, Triangle, Square, Up, X, X

19 - Down, Right, X, Square, Right, Up, Circle, Circle

20 - Up, X, Circle, Up, Left, Square, Circle, X

21 - Left, Circle, Triangle, Down, X, X, X, Circle

22 - Triangle, X, Down, Left, Right, X, Circle, Square

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