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Added 12 Aug 2003, ID #3879
Well, for one, this is the best game i have ever had the plesure to play and i give this game a perfect 10. If you ever want a game with a lot of violence and blood, this is the game for you!
ID #490

devil may cry is a dam good game with endless gameplay it is an action game that was going to be the next resi game but it got to good and started its own franchise i would give it 9/10

ID #489

Definately a must have for all PS2 owners!!! Several Enemies, several weapons, several moves, several difficulty settings... it really does last quite a long time!!! And then you can go for trying to get a Devil Hunter Rank of "S" in all missions! If you don't have it already then go and find some cash, get down to a shop and BUY IT!!! It's great!!! I think it deserves a 97%

ID #488

In my opinion it is a definite must have for all die hard game players. It has action graphics and a good story line. Whilst having the good graphics of a game like Final Fantasy X, but it cuts out alot of the constant battles Brilliant!

ID #487

This is the best adveture game on the PS2 console. It kicks Final Fantasy ass!

Made by the creators of street fighter, with various modes bad guys and weapons, graphics so good it will leave you in awe this game is an absolute must have and a definite 10/10.

ID #486


A couple words to say:

Graphics 10.

Gameplay 10.

Story 10.

"On the edge of your seet thrill" 8

Start to finish app. 29 hrs least 40 (if you have not played #1)

Ovarall 9.5

This game RULES next to Final Fantasy X and of coarse Battle Engine Equila.

I recommend this game to enybody because this game ROCKS and if you only like racing games your missing out!


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