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sharker34527th Aug 2012, ID #1433
Ok so I bought this game yesterday (well my gf bought it as a present for me :P lol) but I was like "this looks pretty sweet" so I get home and put it in and I'm liking it and then aftr the tutorial..

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Fight for your life Added 5 Jun 2005, ID #3803
This is one of the best games I so far have ever played with alot of the rappers and you get to see one of the best rapper of all time Snoop Dog as the main bad guy. Once you beat the game you can go for trophies and other stuff. You have to back track alot though which gets really anoying. You also get to make and create your own charactor for the story mode. This is one of the best games ever so I would rate it a 9/10. and get
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