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Chapter 4 Collectibles | Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough and Guide


Chapter 4 Collectibles


Inside the Brusilov

Inside the Brusilov

Roanoke Collectibles ALL


. In the Starting Room will be the first Three Collectibles.
. There is one behind the wall, as seen in video. You will
need Kinesis to grab it out.
. After the "turn it off scene". To The Right of the dead
body is an Artifact.
. Ahead in the room is the audio log.
. On the table next to the audio log is the text log.

. Go Through the crew access door on main objective pathway.
. Look for CREW ACCESS room to the right, it says storage room
underneath it.
. Go inside and you will find a weapon part.
. You will also find another upgrade circuit

Air Space Greely ALL collectibles

Space Greely ALL

. Head Directly straight through the mines from the shuttle
drop point.
.There will be a metal grate you can shoot and break open
for some supplies and a diffraction tours weapon part.

. Near the GIANT S.C.A.F. Logo. Wrap around it and look
for an entrance.
. You should see some oxygen tanks.
. Space land and go through the kinesis door.

. Inside will be an S.C.A.F. Artifact in the right corner.
. Then open up the chest with either a partner or just
. Inisde the chest will be some supplies as well as a
compact standard frame.

. Finally once you head back to the shuttle for the main
quest. You can pick up the S.C.A.F. artifact in the
Half-pipe piece of destroyed ship.

Terra Nova Air Space ALL Collectibles

Terra Nova ALL

. From the shuttle, head outside into Terra Nova Airspace.
. Be careful of the enemies you may want to take them out.
. Have some med packs as well.

. Head straight into the air space away from the terra nova dock.
. It is hard to find due to there being no up or down in space.
. Your looking for a large silver/grey area or platform. In the
middle will be a chest it looks green and yellow from afar.

. Go to that point, then space land.
. Open up the chest for an upgrade circuit and a
military engine weapon part.

Brusilov Air Space Collectibles

Brusilov collectibles ALL

. Head to the BIG number 6. It is straight ahead
from shuttle point.
. Blast open the 2nd hatch and inside will be a precision

. From the right of that collectible, there will be a
kinesis door. Open it up, pick up the supplies then open
the storage crate for an upgrade circuit.


Greely ALL

. Right when you enter the GREELY by the space helmet
will be a weapon part.
. In the rest room of the GREELY after power is turned on,
will be an upgrade circuit.

. Using a torque bar and kinesis open the locked door.
Inisde will be a blue print for the shotgun. Also there
will be an upgrade circuit.


. In the electrical box room, go to the box.
On the CPU side, you should light up switches
1,4,5 to the right or the CPU side once again.

. This will turn on the power to get the audio

. In the cargo lift room with the purple lights. Go to
the 2nd purple light to the right and pick up the Alien
. In the final room where the encryption code is downloaded.
. Just walk towards the Download point. There will be a weapon
part on the controls.
. Next to the Download point will also be
an Audio Log.


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