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Weapon Mods

These are arranged in alphabetical order.

Assassin's Poison Mod
Found on top of the scaffolding north of the church.

Barbed Wire Mod Inside the workshop where you need to get the boat engine.

Bodily Harm Mod Found beside the gas tank at the back of James Nisira's Bungalow

Blunt Shock Mod In the southernmost cafe, terrace. Find the ladder on the west side to reach it.

Deathstalker Mod This is found in the room where the survivor Damien is located. He's the questgiver for the sidequest “Memories” and he's found on a small room in the second floor of an apartment on the way to the military base.

Deo-Bomb Blueprint When doing the “ER” sidequest, you'll find this under the television shelf inside Stan's house.
Detox Gun Mod On a cabinet inside the pharmacy south of the infested depot, western side of the city.
Detox Rifle / Shotgun Mod The NPC Alex, outside of Geoffrey Nape's warehouse west of the city will sell these to you after rescuing him.
Devastating Home Run Mod This is found on a cabinet inside Sylvia's parent's home. You'll be able to get there during the Chapter 11 sidequest “Family Ties”.
Diamond Edge Mod Inside the Crossroads Bungalow/ Zimakani Rest

Electric Storm Mod Beside the workbench in the military base, northwest corner.

Exploding Meat Blueprint In the dead end alley, under the bridge south of Henderson Ferry station.

Heavy Mod This is found in the ferry station, on a table in the back office.

High Voltage Mod After getting the Medieval Mod, return to the intersection and head straight up. You'll find a vault door past the rubble where you need to crouch to pass through. Breach the door in front of the vault door to find a storage room. Kill the enemies inside then loot the items, including the High Voltage Mod inside.
Impact Mod Complete Harlow's team quest “Jury-Rigging for Harlow Jordan I”. Bring her 6 metal scraps.

Inferno Mod The NPC Alex, outside of Geoffrey Nape's warehouse west of the city will sell this to you after rescuing him.
Justice Mod This is found in the beach house on the shore past the warehouse in Chapter 7.

Lightning Mod Reward from Zoey's sidequest, “Electrifying” Paradise Survivor's Camp

Lightning Storm Mod After killing the Chief Smuggler in the last parts of the mission “The Tunnels” in Chapter 6, you'll find this stuck behind the pile of books beside the key holder.
Liquid Fire Mod Inside the second deadzone where Marcus Villa sends you to get the provisions. This is during the main quest “Where the Dead Live”

Magic Wand Mod Complete Henry Boyle's Team quest to get this mod. Requires suicider meat

Meat Bait Blueprint Inside a small barricaded area southwest of George Serero's apartment. This is just beside where you can rescue the NPC Gianna.
Meat Cutter Mod Inside the infected apartment in southeast Henderson. This is due west of a shop.

Medieval Mod Once you've entered the tunnels in Chapter 6 and after encountering the first set of walkers, follow the tunnel left to find a dead end. You'll find the Medieval Mod blueprint in the corner, beside the crate.
Molotov Can be bought from Wayne in Paradise Survivor Camp, $300

Nail D Mod On the table in the entrance of Paradise Survivor Camp.
Old Smoky Mod Found in Joel Chubalba's motel, beside a metal chest.

Paralyzing Strike Mod On the workbench in the Halai Village Survivor Camp.
Phoenix Mod Inside a small office in the southernmost portion of the map.

Pick-and-ohm Mod Complete Harlow's team quest “Jury-Rigging for Harlow Jordan III”. Bring her 3 rolls of insulating tape.

Piranha Mod Second floor rack of Geoffrey Nape's warehouse

Poison Bomb During the main quest in Chapter 6, “The Tunnels”, you'll eventually reach a massive hall with a radar. In the middle floor is a holding cell with this mod on the table.

Pride Gun The NPC Alex, outside of Geoffrey Nape's warehouse west of the city will sell this to you after rescuing him.
Pride Rifle Mod After entering the fort tower to find Serpo, you'll find this mod on the crate across the workbench.

Pride Shotgun Mod After getting the mutated monster sample for Dr. Kessler inside the tunnels, check behind the toxic barrels beside the monster by the iron grates to find this mod.

Razor Mod After finding the alternate path to the cellar's stairs, you'll find this as soon as you go downstairs. You'll enter this area during the Chapter 11 main quest, “Crash”.
Rending Claws Mod Inside Jimmy's workshop in Marik's Marina on the top of a wooden crate. You can get inside the workshop by jumping over the broken wooden ledge northeast of the workshop.
Rifle Ammo Blueprint Found in the same room as the Meat Thrower in the military base.
Ripper Mod On the top of the treehouse, on the case containing some books.

Saw Disc Mod This is found on the shelf in your safehouse in the Henderson marina.
Shark Mod The NPC Alex, outside of Geoffrey Nape's warehouse west of the city will sell this to you after rescuing him.
Sharp Edge Mod Inside the Mataka Village Bungalow. Be careful since there's a butcher inside and several walkers and infected. You'll find the mod in the corner of the room on top of a barrel, some blue materials and two LV2 caches. There's also a LV3 cache outside, in the corner behind some wooden crates.
Shock Gun Outside the white medical tent in the military base, southwest.

Shock Mod Found in the rack outside the house west of Ocean View Bungalows, Halai.

Shock Rifle Mod On top of the wooden scaffolding to the northeast.

Shocking Crowbar Mod Found in the wooden scaffolding in the west side of the Quarantine Zone.
Shock Shotgun Mod On top of a crate in the terrace of Villa Henderson. You can find the questgiver survivor, Eva here as well.

Shocking Sledge Mod This is found on the couch inside Motel Safe Haven, before breaching the door.
Shockwave Mod Inside the workshop west of the Ferry Station.

Short-Circuit Mod Found in the workshop south of the marina. You'll come across this on your way to the cinema for the quest “City Newcomer”. You'll find this on the upper shelf near the counter.
Shredder Mod The NPC Alex, outside of Geoffrey Nape's warehouse west of the city will sell this to you after rescuing him.
Slash Mod This is found in the basement where Metzger “Skullcrusher” Sloat is located. Clear the room and defeat him to loot the basement and you'll find this blueprint in the corner.

Solar Flare Mod Inside the workshop in the southwest corner of the map, past Motel Safe Haven.

Sonic Pulse Grenade Blueprint This is found at the back of the concert stage in the Town Hall, on a table.

Sticky Bomb Mod During the sidequest in Chapter 9, “The Darkness”, you'll have to clear the basement of the makeshift hospital. Check the rack behind the door beside the power box to find this blueprint.
Striker Gun Mod Inside the infected storage, west of the quarantine zone entrance.

Striker Rifle Mod Found in the second floor of George Serrero's apartment, on a shelf.

Striker Shotgun Mod Found in the entrance of the cellar. You'll enter this area during the Chapter 11 main quest, “Crash”.
Tesla Bomb Knife Mod Found underneath the bed in the abandoned bunker inside the Biosphere Lab. The lab is accessible in Chapter 4, “Way of Science” main quest and you can go to the abandoned bunker to complete the task for the sidequest “Surplus”.

Tesla Mod Complete Harlow's team quest “Jury-Rigging for Harlow Jordan II”. Bring her 6 Steel rods.

Torch Mod Complete Henry Boyle's Team quest to get this mod. Requires scrap electronics.

Toxic Mod On the raised workbench, south of Dr. JJ Evan's clinic.

Venom Mod At the end of a cave to the northeast corner of the island. You can find this along the way while doing the main quest “Pathfinder”.

Weighted Mod Inside the trailer where you need to rescue the NPC named Alfred. It is located beside the swamp, west of the helicopter wreck. (Northeast of the Paradise Survival Camp)


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