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The original rules all others. Added 20 Jan 2005, ID #12451
I think this is probably the best Crash Bandicoot game I've played.It's a totally original idea and it's very fun.It's a bit on the short and easy side though but that means it's great for beginners.I'd give it 83%. and get
Adictive game play Added 15 Feb 2004, ID #11215
I give it 10/10 because it has awsome grahics and adictive game play.
ID #965

Crash Bandicoot is a fun but kind of hard game.

You get hooked on playing it once you get the hang of it.

I'm having a hard time getting all the rystals.

Thanks have a good time playing the game

ID #964

A challenging Game but very fun.

Extremley small children may be a bit scared of Nitrus Brio.

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