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Die Hard Added 22 Sep 2006, ID #9275
This has got to be the worst Crash Bandicoot game I have ever played.

Gameplay 5/10 : When you first get this game,it is real good,but as you get to the third world, you really don\'t want to play it any more.You can\'t do a single level as Crash without a vechile.
Controls 10/10 : Easy controls.
Multiplayer 7/10 : It\'s pretty good.
Music 1/10 : There is only one song I like.
Extras 4/10 : You can collect trading cards which is pretty cool but that\'s the only extra.
Graphics 2/10 : The graphics would make you want to avoid this game.
Lastability 1/10 : When you complete it,it is so bad.
Overall 3/10 : Mediocore. \'nuff said. and get
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