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Troop Selection

There are really two key areas to attacking in Clash of Clans. The first is which troops you decide to send on the assault. You are limited by how many you can take depending on the level of your Army Camps. You can see some information on Army Camp levels and the amount of troops these allow in the Army Camps section of this guide.

It is, of course, very hard to know which units to take when you don't know the layout of the enemy base. If you are attempting a campaign level that you have tried before, of course you are then able to adapt your unit selection. Usually, general purpose troops include a good mix of units to focus on defenses, ranged units, resource gathering and melee combat. You can't take one of every unit, however, as some are important to take in large groups, like Barbarians, and others take up a significant amount of housing space, or space on the 'bus' (or whatever method of transport the troops use to get to the enemy base).

See the Units section of this guide for more info on each unit type and their strengths and weaknesses. Below are a few examples of popular army compositions for general purpose attacks, and raiding:

Unit Composition Strategies

General Purpose Attacks

Defensive Structures:

To combat Walls and enemy defenses, you really need to take a mix of Wall Breakers and Giants. Generally, two or three Wall Breakers should be sufficient, as you will rarely need to make more than a couple of holes in the enemy walls. Giants are great in larger groups, but the amount you can take will depend a lot on what your troop capacity is. The more the better, generally, as they will target enemy defensive weaponry and are superb at taking them down. Try to deploy them in a few distinct groups so that you are not left with one or two structures at the end picking your guys off.

Archers deal good damage but need protecting from enemy defenses
Attacking Everything Else:

With the defenses taken care of, Barbarians and Archers are most people's top picks. If you are not going specifically to raid resources, Goblins tend to be a bit weak for the price. While Archers are also weak, if you deploy them once the Giants are occupying enemy defenses, they should be safe and offer a great attacking threat. Barbarians are strong and superb in large numbers. Use them to deal the damage to enemy structures. It says a lot that two of the best units in the game are pretty much provided to you at the start - don't feel you have to use the newer units once you unlock them.

Alternative General Purpose Troops:

If you don't have much Elixir to spend, skip everything above except the Wall Breakers and Archers - a few Wall Breakers and the rest Archers, positioned sensibly, allow for good damage in an enemy base without the expense of Giants and the like.

For a more balanced selection of troops, go for a mix of Barbarians and Archers, taking up roughly two-thirds of your unit allowance. A large group of Giants, a few Wall-Breakers and some Wizards to fill out the rest, will allow for an effective attack. You can also take a Balloon which is a very good unit to employ right at the end, once all defenses are down - and when you will often be running low on troops. Unless the enemy have Archers or Air Defenses, it will be able to fly around unharmed and mop up anything remaining.


For raiding attack strategies - that is to say those where you are trying primarily to get Elixir or Gold rather than caring about how many stars you achieve - Wall Breakers, once unlocked, are important to be able to get at any protected Storage buildings and clear a path if necessary. You should also take Archers, who, in large groups, deal large amounts of damage and can also effect anything over the top of walls. Finally, for once there is gap cleaved into the enemy base with the previous two unit types, you should take lots and lots of Goblins. These guys are designed to specifically target enemy resource structures, dealing more damage to them and speeding across the map to get there.


Don't forget that you are able to purchase Spells which are regularly used by players to turn the tide of battle. Something like a Healing Spell can be vital to turning your fortunes around. You can see a list of the Spells available below, from the Spell Factory (unlocked once your Town Hall is upgraded to Level 5).

Lightning Spell
Healing Spell
Rage Spell
Jump Spell
Santa's Surprise (limited time only)



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I'm scared it won't work!

Added 21st Mar 2015, ID #531550

I just got dragons arent they good?

Added 20th Mar 2015, ID #530991

thats the strategy my friend for put buildings outside the wall so barbarian and archer will attack them first instead of breaking wall and get in the camp.

Added 1st Mar 2015, ID #522850

i am TH5 and we have a battle war,what troops should i use if there is valkyrie in the clan castle og our enemy?

Added 29th Jan 2015, ID #508798


Added 17th Jan 2015, ID #502926

Im a champion

Added 14th Jan 2015, ID #501534

I'm in early th5 so i use 20 giant 1 wall breaker 3 thieft 15 barbar 15 archer and alot of patient finding the right base to attack :D

Added 13th Jan 2015, ID #500896

If you fo not have high barracks then just fill with archers[color=red][/color]

Added 9th Jan 2015, ID #498800

Wizards r lovely n I use them with giant 2 healing spell I use bout 10-12 giants n 8-10 wiz n rest archer or some barbs sometime n it works well I'm th6 n I beated th10s.

Added 7th Jan 2015, ID #497435

Healers are a must on any attack, preferably lvl3 up. Use 3 lighting spells to decimate air defenses where u plan on deploying.10 hogs 2healers to start.then 10 wiz 2 healers to finish up.a few gobs and archers for surrounding structures so u dont run out of time b4 u 100%.or a drag at the end.With this set up im th8 and have 3 starred th10s

Added 26th Dec 2014, ID #490450

15 gaints,10archer,10goblins,5 wall breaker,35 barbarian.
its my choice...

Added 20th Dec 2014, ID #487057

My setup, 18 lvl 5 Giants, 50 lvl 5 Archers, 50 lvl 5 Goblins, 5 lvk 5 Bombers. Works well for me

Added 2nd Dec 2014, ID #479533

Bonjour je suis francai est j'aimerai avoir des troupe illimiter merci

Added 26th Nov 2014, ID #476641

My army camp level is 4 and town hall level 4 and my troop capacity is 40 how i can increase troop capacity

Added 25th Nov 2014, ID #476127

You should be able to move. Your army when attacking

Added 22nd Nov 2014, ID #474656

I prefer to use 9 level 3 Giants, 40 level 3 Barbarians, 1 level 3 Wall-breaker, and 12 level 3 Wizards. If you haven't unlocked Wizards just yet and you have an army camp capacity of 135, then bump things up to 9 level 3 Giants, 5 level 3 Wall-breakers, and 80 level 3 Barbarians. Such an army works wonders. I see much potential in this web site.

Added 18th Nov 2014, ID #473308

I always use 24 lvl 4 Giants, 20 lvl 4 barbs, 4 lvl 4 wall breakers, 3 lvl 4 wizards and 20 lvl 5 archers and THAT LITERALLY TAKES DOWN ANY BASE I ATTACK....TO ME IT DOESN'T MATTER THE TROOP OR LEVEL BUT THE STRATEGY YOU USE WHEN EXPENDING THESE TROOPS

Added 15th Nov 2014, ID #471925

I always us 20 gobs an 30 arch /25 barbs an 10 giants an 13 wiz 1 barb king an 3 healing spells an always request for 5 hogs that mystrategy and it always works )

Added 13th Nov 2014, ID #471222

I used 14 healer and 1 pekka
Im serious

Added 10th Nov 2014, ID #469756

How can I choose which combos of troops to take? I have just been using what is in the bar when I go to attack, and it seems pretty random. Is there a particular way to queue troops in the camps so I get the right ratios?

Added 2nd Nov 2014, ID #466299

I want unlimited troop please ,i dont know how to cheat

Added 2nd Nov 2014, ID #466149

I use 100 drags 30 pekkas 400 hogs 100 archers 50 witches 80 golems and 2000 lava hounds i am godson wats up my fans catch ya on my new episode peace out ✌️

Added 17th Oct 2014, ID #459647

i use 100 barbs 60 archer 12 wizard 10 drag 3 pekka

Added 13th Oct 2014, ID #458369

I used 6 dragon 1 healer 5 giants 12 hogs 5 barbs and 5 archers

Added 3rd Oct 2014, ID #454411

how we can connect to facebook ?

Added 2nd Oct 2014, ID #453891

I use 20 archers 19 barbarians 9 goblins 10 giants 6 wall breakers 12 wizards 2 healers and 5 minions...... is that ok.

Added 14th Sep 2014, ID #447586

I use half barbarians and half archers (strategy is called barching and some of you may do it) and go for bases where all of the loot is in the gold mines and elixir collectors so I don't have to go inside the base. I also go for bases where a bunch of their buildings are outside of their walls.

Added 8th Sep 2014, ID #445744

i use 16 giant,2 healer,21 archer,6 wall breaker,6 wizard i usually ise this strategy

Added 20th Aug 2014, ID #438505


Added 19th Aug 2014, ID #438054

30 hogs 5 wizards 30 archers and wizards in clan castle never failes

Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436465

I Use 25 Goblins 25 Archers 25 Barbarains 5 Giants 7 Wallbreakers 1 Dragon 2 Pekkas But If U Don't Have Them Just Use Wizards Or Balloons

Added 13th Aug 2014, ID #436066


Added 2nd Aug 2014, ID #429488

I use 2 healers 14 wizards 5 wall breakers 10 giants lightning and healing spell and the rest are archers goblins and/or barbarians

Added 31st Jul 2014, ID #428411

I use 3 dragons 15 giants 1 healer and 11 archers with two heal spells and either a drag or hogs in clan castle

Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426918

what should I use when attacking people

Added 23rd Jul 2014, ID #423878

i use 10 giants, 5 wall breakers, 5 wizards, 2 healers and 29 archers

Added 19th Jul 2014, ID #421276

I use: 2 balloons, 2 wall breakers, 8 giants, 11 goblins and 30 barbarians

Added 19th Jul 2014, ID #421200

I use 49 archers, 20 giants, 4 wall breakers and 2 healers

Added 16th Jul 2014, ID #419507

I use 10 wizards 4 giants and 95 barbarians

Added 13th Jul 2014, ID #417769

I'm only TH 5 so I use 8 giants and the rest barbarians

Added 12th Jul 2014, ID #417111

I use 9 wizards 9 giants 42 archers 42 barbarians and some clan castle troops

Added 12th Jul 2014, ID #416788

I use 10 archers, 10 barbarians, and 13 giants.

Added 9th Jul 2014, ID #415223

I use 50 barbarians, 20 Archers, 10 Goblins, 6 Giants, and 3 Wallbreakers

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411552

I want valkyrie 10
Please i dont know how to cheat

Added 12th Jun 2014, ID #398036

ten giants 12 wizards 2 wall breakers 3 barbarians(i don't have healers)

Added 7th Jun 2014, ID #395188

8 giants, 1healer, 6 wizards, 40 archers,6minions(and if u didn't unlock minions yet, fill the rest if the spaces with goblins

Added 30th May 2014, ID #391091

What is good to use for 130 size army camp unlocked only up till healers

Added 2nd May 2014, ID #380737

I use two healers , six wizards ,fourwallbreakets , and twelve giants. I deploy the giants first right in front of an air defence. Then the wall breakers. When the giants have taken out the air defence , I deploy the wizards and healers. I always win

Added 10th Apr 2014, ID #373359

i find just upgrade my army camps and then go on info and find out what certain troops do and then deploy them in the right areas

Added 18th Mar 2014, ID #365511

Giants target defenses. Than use others

Added 11th Mar 2014, ID #363153

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