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Clans are, as the name of the game suggests, a major part of Clash of Clans. You can easily go through the game never joining one, but once you have repaired the Clan Castle for 40,000 Gold, this option opens up and it is one that is worth exploring.

Once in a Clan, players combine their trophies and fight against other Clans to get the most. These are collated and Clans are placed on a leaderboard based on the Clan's trophy total. Once in a Clan you also have a private chat, and are able to donate troops between each other.

Each Clan has three ranks of player within it: Leader, Elder, and Member. Both the Leader and Elder have the ability to accept and decline Clan invites, while the Leader is also able to demote themselves to Elder and pick a new Clan boss. Many Clans have a certain number of trophies that you should have to be able to join. Once you reach that number, you will be able to send a join request.

TIP: To join a Clan, you can look it up and select the Join button (if it is set so that anyone can join). You can also send a request to join a particular Clan if their status is set to invite only. You could join a friend's Clan, or hang around on the global chat or game forums (like Supercheats!) looking for people recruiting Clan members.

See the Defenses section for more information on the Clan Castle.



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Guest PosterGuest
Added 13th Dec 2014, ID #484146

Join Cookie Monsters

Guest PosterGuest
Added 10th Dec 2014, ID #483013

Join Notcho Clan

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Added 28th Nov 2014, ID #477651

Join Arsenal if you are active, not a clan hopper, archer lvl 5, +50+, mature. clan leader meow

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Added 11th Nov 2014, ID #470357

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Added 14th Oct 2014, ID #458674

Join my clan USA Rocks my username is patchmcginley

Guest PosterGuest
Added 5th Oct 2014, ID #455042

How do I demote myself from leader?

Guest PosterGuest
Added 4th Oct 2014, ID #454524

Join My Clan: Rainbow clan. It is really nice and fun with the wars! [/color]

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Added 2nd Oct 2014, ID #453854

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Added 13th Sep 2014, ID #447118

New clan. "Fokpa Troll"
Will be active war clan with mandatory participation.
Expect reasonable Request:Donate ratio.
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Added 9th Sep 2014, ID #446129

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Added 5th Sep 2014, ID #444834

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Added 4th Sep 2014, ID #444443

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Added 26th Aug 2014, ID #441020

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Added 26th Aug 2014, ID #440929

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Added 5th Aug 2014, ID #431187

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Added 5th Aug 2014, ID #431101

Join the polarisdragon clan

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Added 31st Jul 2014, ID #428507

Yep, I've just created 'facelook' clan. The first three that join will be co head.

Guest PosterGuest
Added 10th Jul 2014, ID #415512

Join foucaultian clan

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Added 9th Jul 2014, ID #415331

I'm setting up a clan check Dragon Slayer with a fire emblem that's red and yellow

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Added 5th Jul 2014, ID #412605

Where is the join button

Guest PosterGuest
Added 26th May 2014, ID #388744

Just made a new clan looking for fun active players my clan is called King's Massacre

Guest PosterGuest
Added 23rd May 2014, ID #387495

In the new update, dropping donated troops refers to the Clan Wars. You can't drop the troops donated to you when you select donate on the Clan Castle. You can only drop troops donated to your War Base.

Guest PosterGuest
Added 22nd May 2014, ID #386959

In the new update, how do u decline troops? And btw, u cant play without updating it. I have an obnoxious clan member who always donates lvl 1 barbs to everyone and i want to say no to him. How???

Guest PosterGuest
Added 19th May 2014, ID #385705

Does anyone know to to hack for gems

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Added 18th May 2014, ID #385452

Hi coc mates. I'm an Aussie & in the last week in April, 2014. Who is is annoyed at the price rise in buying gems. I know you can hack, but im not into doing the wrong thing. To buy 14,000 gems is now $130..but in the US its $99. I'm asking anyone who thinks this is just greedy developers. Yes & i know. Don't buy them, then. I suggest not to buy & boycott against this until they have reasonable price. By the way they make 2.4 million a DAY. Any positive thoughts please.

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Added 9th Apr 2014, ID #372979

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Added 27th Mar 2014, ID #368901

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Guest PosterGuest
Added 14th Mar 2014, ID #364229

How do you join with your clan members to fight against other clans?

Guest PosterGuest
Added 13th Jan 2014, ID #343614

I need more clan members,i am the clan leader and my clan's name is Exterminator with a fire sign,my name is abdullah,and i will make the person a co-leader and elder who comes and joins my clan in first,second,or third position

Guest PosterGuest
Added 3rd Jan 2014, ID #338423

Where is the demote button

Added 18th Dec 2013, ID #330821

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Added 18th Dec 2013, ID #330767

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Added 22nd Nov 2013, ID #320949

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Added 14th Aug 2013, ID #304787

Am leader of wisdom of war. Have noticed lately that people are requesting admittance with gold trophy level who look like thek should be bronze. Low walls low defense low town house. Only thing I can figgured is they've found a hack. How do we weed out those whu work for thier levels and those who steal it

Guest PosterGuest
Added 25th Jul 2013, ID #300111

Join we donate everything I have gotten many minions and healers join Fighting Rage

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Added 16th Jun 2013, ID #290763

How do you play clash of clans without updating it?

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Added 6th Jun 2013, ID #288274

Join our clan: Putte's mignots - today and you'll be a clan elder. See you!

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Added 4th May 2013, ID #280075

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